REVIEW: Perfect Couples “Pilot” S1 E1

21 Jan

This was not a bad as I thought it was going to be.  I pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate.   Sounds like a ringing endorsement huh?   I wouldn’t walk away saying I loved Perfect Couples but it was entertaining enough that I will watch again.  Some parts worked well and other didn’t but overall, not too bad.

Dave and Julia

Of all the couples, they were my favorite and the most realistic.  Dave and Julia (played by the very funny Kyle Bornheimer and Christine Woods) are a normal couple who are trying to celebrate their wedding anniversary with some alone time.   Unfortunately their friends don’t really want that to be the case.   Having friends just like that, I completely empathize with Dave and Julia.  Right away I believed in this couple.  You can tell they genuinely care about each other and would do anything for each other as long as their friends didn’t screw it up.  Case in point, they finally have some alone time and Vance calls because he locked himself into their secretary’s bathroom and he needs Dave’s help to get out.  He refuses because he doesn’t want to upset Julia and Julia knows, with Dave being the loyal friend that he is, that it will kill him to not help Vance.  Instead, while she offers to take their dog out, she goes and gets Vance and brings him back to the house.  Dave can’t believe it and while they begin to argue, the creepy friends show up with Vance’s girlfriend and everyone is shouting.  Dave and Julia argue about how she always tries to be the cool wife and he usually plays dumb to when she is really upset.  The scary thing is, it sounded just like an argument my husband and I have had!   She’s pissed at him and he knows just the way to get her to release the anger.   The go to demo a house that a demo team was supposed to do for DAve and Vance’s firm but never did.  So they bash up cabinets and staircases with sledgehammers and bust through dry wall and look to have a really good time.   Two thumbs up on Dave and Julia.

Rex and Leigh

Two thumbs down here.  I didn’t find them funny or charming or even quirky.  I found them to be annoying.  How are these people friends?   I think Rex may be Julia’s brother but I’m not 100% sure.  These 2 are very cult like with their chanting of relationship jargon when they have a conflict.  The one thing that did make me laugh about them was how they always have to be doing something like game night or a wine/dinner cruise.  Again, we have friends just like that but they aren’t as bizarre and Stepford as Rex and Leigh.  I hope they tone it down a bit and luckily they aren’t soooo bad that they take away from the show….yet.

Vance and Amy

As crazy as these two were, they cracked me up.  Their scene during game night where they fought her voice being too awful for American Idol and him crushing her dreams was great!   I guess these two will be the fight-like-cats-and-dogs-but-have-mad-crazy-sex-afterwards-to-make-up couple.   Amy is hysterical.  Vance is fine.  Sometimes he can be over the top (like when he was wearing Julia’s dead mother’s robe and when he was trapped in Isabella’s bathroom) but then he can really funny (the game night scene and the scene where he is heartbroken over Dave choosing Julia over him.)

I will definitely watch the show again.  I wasn’t the funniest 30 minutes of TV but it did make me laugh out loud a few times and certainly wasn’t as bad as Running Wilde.  So I say check it out and see what you think.


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