QUICK REVIEW: Off the Map “Smile, Don’t Kill Anyone” S1 E2

23 Jan

This will be short and sweet.  This episode was not very good.  Most of the characters took steps backwards for me instead of forward and the stories are so cheesy and unbelievable I can’t buy it.  The writing has not been very good and even a decent cast I don’t think will be enough to save this show.

Otis and Zita are fine but I still don’t know enough about them to care about them as a couple and from a medical standpoint, neither one have done much yet so they are kind of bromidic.  Tommy’s still an asshole but keeps complaining that everyone judges him too quickly wants to be better.  It’s not hard to judge you when you are disrespectful to the locals and their beliefs and walk around like an elitist snot.  It appears to be that Tommy will be a jerk for 40 minutes of the episode but the last 2-3 minutes he will whine about no one giving him a chance and he wants to change his life. Wah wah wah.  No time for him.  Mina went from being to likable to bitch in 1 episode.  I don’t know where her I’m-the-greatest-doctor-ever-and-you-all-better-back-off-me attitude came from but wow was she nasty this week towards Ryan.  Ryan was just trying to help and get to know her better and Mina wanted no part of it.  Apparently Mina is all-knowing (even though she didn’t bother to learn ANY Spanish before going to South America) and no one can teach her anything.  Starting to have no time for her either.

Lily and Ben.  It’s obvious they are trying to make them the Derek and Meredith of this show and it’s too forced.  When something doesn’t appear natural, it doesn’t work and this isn’t working.  I also don’t buy stupid storylines and 2 of them revolved around Lily.  The first was Ben trying to tell her not be so in control of everything and to learn to let go and go with the flow more.  This was in reference to the fact that she still carried her cell phone around with her that had the last message her fiance ever sent to her, in a text, on the day he died.   The text was “Smile, Don’t Kill Anyone.”  After this brief conversation with Ben, she decides to throw her cell phone (and his message) away.  I’m sorry, there are other ways I can let go of my control issues but throwing away my cell phone that had the last message from the love of my life, isn’t one of them.  You would have to pry that cell phone away from me in my cold, dead hands.   The other was yet another week where a dying patient needs to do something personal before his life can be saved. Last week it was the spreading of the patient’s wife’s ashes.  This week it was the patient proposing to his girlfriend before surgery.  I get the impression that because of their limited resources in the jungle, that time is of the essence.  So every week are we going to delay assistance so we can have a sappy moment?  I don’t mean that to sound unfeeling but I think that is absurd.  It’s one thing to have it happen last week because Lily wanted to make sure the patient was able to do what he came to South America to do.  But now she’s stopping surgery so a guy can propose.  Wouldn’t Ben, Otis, Ryan, or Zita have to tell her that they can’t postpone treatment every time she wants  the patient to have a memorable moment?  Isn’t the patient’s life more important?  Now in both cases the patient ended up being ok but the point is, if you want me to buy how dangerous and challenging practicing medicine in the jungle can be, don’t have this be the norm every week.

I think I am going to give this show one more chance.  But if Off the Map is going to be the same thing, three weeks in a row, I will be done with this show.

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