REVIEW: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Balcony” S4 E11

23 Jan

Almost caught up on all my shows!  I feel like I haven’t watched Chuck in a year, it’s been off the air for so long!  But I was happy to see it back in full force.  The 2 stories I am going to home in on is the engagement between Chuck and Sarah and Sarah’s new mission that was thrown at us at the end of the episode.

The whole episode’s “side mission” was Chuck trying to find the perfect time to propose to Sarah.  It starts with him in the restaurant and had Morgan bringing balloons and roses, champagne was chilling, a quartet of violinists, and a horse and carriage ride were all set to romance Sarah.   Then she tells him the story how her father did this elaborate engagement for her mother and all these things went wrong and they ended up think it was a bad omen for their marriage since it fell apart.  So Chuck decides to call off the dogs and not do the proposal in this manner.  They get a mission in France so the proposal is completely scrapped for the time being.  However, once they get to France, Morgan is helping Chuck to think of a time or place in France to propose to Sarah.  Something mission related always seems to get in the way so Chuck thinks that maybe this is a bad idea.  He keeps going back and forth but Morgan keeps reminding him that he can do this, make it romantic, and Sarah will love it.  It doesn’t work out but not all is lost.  When they get back to castle, Beckman gives them another mission and they are going back to France.  Meanwhile, Sarah knows Chuck is trying to propose and gets in touch with Morgan.  She is taking over the side mission and will help him help Chuck propose to her.  Awesome!  After the mission is complete, Chuck asks Sarah to meet him on the balcony where she really liked the view and have a glass of wine together.  She agrees.  Morgan, now joined by Casey at castle, are watching them on the security feed and Morgan can see how nervous Sarah is.  To calm her nerves, he gets on her earpiece and talks her through it and in a really sweet moment, gives her permission to marry Chuck.  It was a great scene and since you know how much Chuck means to Morgan, it was perfectly acceptable for him to do that.  It was great and it was just what she needed to hear!  So Chuck is finally going to do it except for one probably, he dropped the ring on the ground and doesn’t know it.  Casey notices this and tells Sarah.  She able to distract Chuck to the point that she gets the ring back in his pocket.  The moment has come and Chuck is about to pop the question!!!!   As he gets on one knee and Sarah is beaming, CIA security comes barreling onto the scene to arrest Sarah for treason to the surprise of everyone watching.   WHAT?????   What the hell just happened?  Sarah?  Treason?  No freaking way!!!  Something must be up here because there is no way Sarah is a traitor.

Before the first mission to France, Sarah stays behind after everyone is dismissed to tell the General that she will do anything to help bring down Volkoff and get Chuck’s mom out from under Volkoff’s hold on her.  General says her request is noted.  After Casey, Sarah, and Chuck return from the first mission, the General gives them the 2nd mission to go back as rogue agents and drop this tracking chip to Pierre.  When they all leave, the General has Sarah stay behind.  She tells her that she wants her to be the one to make the drop.  I thought this was odd but went with it.  They go to France, Sarah makes the drop and goes to meet Chuck.  As the proposal is happening everyone looks so happy (Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey) and I just know something is coming.  I thought it was going to be that Chuck realizes since all this proposal stuff isn’t going and Sarah is already weirded-out by the idea of marriage, that he was going to commit to her but not propose to her out of respect for her wishes.  What happened instead I had no idea was coming.  CIA agents descend on them and arrest Sarah for treason.  As happy as everyone looked 5 seconds ago, those same people look equally stunned over what just happened.  Back at castle, Chuck is going crazy over Sarah’s arrest.  He tells Casey he was going to propose because he had no idea Casey was watching them on the security footage!  Casey tells him how he once proposed to Kathleen and the best part of it was not the location or the mood or the atmosphere, it was the look on her face.  “All you need is the girl” he tells Chuck.  So Chuck leaves to see Sarah in her cell.  When he gets there, General Beckman is in the cell with Sarah and immediately leaves.  Again I find this very strange.  Chuck goes in to see Sarah and gets ready to propose, again.  She stops him and says she’s leaving.  She tells him this was all part of the plan to have her go deep under cover as a double agent to Volkoff.  Chuck is devastated because this is what happened to his mother.  He doesn’t want her to do this but she says she is doing this to save his mom and bring her back to her family.  She is doing it for them.  He understands but it is breaking his heart (and mine I might add.)  Sarah gets taken away in shackles to her new mission.

WOW!!!!  I had no idea that was coming but I think it’s going to be awesome!!!!  Do you think Sarah knew even before she went to France that this was happening?  She looked to be surprised and upset by the news when she was telling Chuck but was she upset because she knew Chuck would be upset or because she didn’t know what the CIA had in mind for her?  I’m not sure.  I think this is a great storyline and I can’t wait to see how this plays out the rest of the season.  Chuck came out of the box a little slow this year but this episode reminds me of why I love it so much…intrigue, action, romance, tender moments, humor, and Jeffster!  It had everything that makes Chuck great.  Can’t wait for tomorrow night!


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