QUICK REVIEW: The Cape “Kozmo” & “Scales” S1 E3-4

26 Jan

This will be very quick and short since I really need to get to my real job!!   I am still enjoying the Cape the very much.  But, as predicted, the ratings aren’t very good.  The Cape is losing viewers each week so that doesn’t bode well for the show.  It’s really a shame that these out-of-the-box thinking shows can’t make it on network TV.  I don’t know why but I guess if you aren’t a reality show or CSI 20: Helsinki, you don’t make it.

I like all the characters (except for Marty you Benedict Arnold) and I think the show is doing a job of creating the good (The Cape), the bad (Chess, Cain, Scales, Marty) and the questionable (Max and his crew and Orwell.)  I put Orwell in the questionable because even though she wants to help Vince take down ARC and Chess (aka Peter Flemming) I’m not sure what her motives are.   It looks as if she may be Chess’ daughter so there has to be some juicy back story to what happened there.  But she has been to prison and she isn’t being very forth coming with Vince.  I think she’s good but I want a little more proof before I make a full determination.  I hope Gregor the Great also comes back into the fold because he was a good bad guy!

I like how they keep incorporating Dana and Tripp into this and not forgetting about them.   But seriously, how many of you were screaming at your TV set when she started to tell Marty about the vagrant around the train tracks that saw what happened to Vince that night?  I know I shouted a few times because you knew he was going to tell Fleming about that and get rid of all those people.   But she did get the pictures Orwell and Vince took so hopefully her suspicions will stay heightened.  I think they are building some good tension there because when Dana does find out (and she will) that Marty betrayed her and Vince, she will completely crushed and will want revenge!!!!   I kind of like the idea of possibly seeing a bad ass Dana.  Also, what do you guys think of her boss at the law firm?   I don’t know about him yet and I don’t like him trying to insert himself into her life so quickly.    Back off four eyes!!!!   I’m sorry that was mean.    But it broke my heart watching Vince watch her from a distance, when they were in the garage, and not be able to talk to her.

Do I think the show can be a little cheesy at times….yes.  But watching the Cape is supposed to be like reading a comic book of his life so it should be slightly cartoony.  Ultimately though, this is about Vince and his quest for all that is right and getting back to his family.  And if I have to put up with some fluff, so be it.  I just hope Marty gets his.

If you haven’t checked out the Cape yet, catch up On Demand, and start watching Mondays at 9pm on NBC.  It really is an entertaining show and we need to get some more people watching!!!



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