Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab…Finally

28 Jan

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Two and a Half Men is going on Hiatus until further notice due to Charlie Sheen entering rehab in an undisclosed location earlier today.    Two and a Half Men show runner Chuck Lorre confirmed that the show is supporting Sheen’s entrance into rehab and will go on production hiatus effective immediately.

What does this mean for the show?  Who the hell knows.  If this were a show like Outsourced or $%#! My Dad Says, there is no way the network would put up with it and the show would just be pulled.   But when you are the #1 comedy not only on your network but on all of network TV, you get a little latitude.   So I have no doubt that after this rehab stint, Two and a Half Men will be back.  I doubt it will be back on this year but it should be back next season barring any MAJOR developments.

This could be good news for a show like $%#! My Dad Says.   Usually CBS drops it’s worse performing comedy every year, which would be that God awful show.  But if things with TAAHM get worse and if something should happen where it can’t come back right away. $%#! is performing well enough, that CBS could keep it around for another season as a just in case.

The saga continues so stay tuned!!

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