RECAP & REVIEW: Chuck “Chuck vs. the Push Mix” S4 E13

01 Feb

THE BEST EPISODE OF CHUCK EVER!!!!  Oh my goodness.   I cried, I laughed, I cried again, I cheered, I cried again.  It was awesome!!!!   I don’t know about you guys but it almost felt like a season finale type of episode since everything was wrapped up so nicely.  It makes sense considering Chuck’s had another year of adding more episodes after the season already began (13 was their original order) so I can understand why it felt that way.  I’m curious to see where the season goes from here.

Chuck/Sarah/Mama B/Volkoff/Morgan

We start off with Sarah and Mama B trying to infiltrate Volkoff’s office to find out where he downloaded the Hydra network.  The realize the network is now where the Contessa is.  Hydra was given to the Barefoot Contessa?  I bet Ina Garten could make a magnificent apple cranberry and pear cobbler with it.  Chuck is also frustrated with the idea of Sarah still being undercover inside his organization considering she has had to throw friends out of 10 story windows and such.  So he comes up with a plan, with Morgan’s help, to take down Volkoff and bring Sarah and Mama B home.  And the first step in that plan is to fool Volkoff into thinking Orion is still alive.

Chuck and Morgan kidnap the man who created the Hydra network for Volkoff.  Due to Sarah’s intel about the Contessa, C&M ask him about how Hydra was created, what it is, and who the Contessa is.  They get their information and find out that the Contessa is not Ina Garten, bummer, but a ship where Hydra was created.  C&M head over and board the Contessa.  At the same time, Volkoff has brought Mama B and Sarah with him and their plan is also to destroy the Hydra network.  Neither team knows the other party is there.  Until later that night, when the ship is at sea, that they are both looking for Hydra and bump into each other.  Mama B and Sarah aren’t too thrilled with them there and C&M convince them to work together to find Hydra.  They go into the lower levels of the ship to get to the server room but it is covered with security.  Mama B goes to shoot them but Chuck stops her and shoots them with a tranq gun.  “When we get back, we need to have a serious talk about the benefits of tranq guns”  Chuck says to his mom.  Love it!!!  Morgan lifts a key card from one of the guards and opens a door to a hallway that leads to another room.  He enters the hallway but then the door shuts and lethal lasers pop up that blocks the server door.  Luckily Morgan has been taking yoga and uses his poses to get through the maze.  Hilarious.  Completely unbelievable (both him doing yoga and him using yoga to get through the lasers) but I don’t care.  He somehow gets through and is able to open the server door and turn off the lasers.  As Mama B starts to transfer Hydra to a secure, off-shore, CIA server, Chuck inserts a flash drive into the mainframe.  His mom yells at him not to touch anything and Chuck backs off and removes the flash drive.  I find it humorous that a woman in her 60s is telling a man in his 30s not to touch anything.  He’s a little old for that don’t you think Mama B?  But the transfer isn’t working because it is voice controlled by Volkoff.  Just then, he and his goons enter and he is not happy with Mama B.  He activates Hydra to see what they were doing “Death is the solution to all problems.”  It’s Volkoff’s quote from his favorite poem by his favorite humanitarian, Joseph Stalin…ok that’s wrong on so many levels.  He tells Mama B that what happens next, is all her fault and he instructs his goons to kill Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan.  Mama B grabs his gun and turns it on him and tells C, S, & M to leave which they do while she stays behind.  Chuck is really upset that his mom was left behind and that this wasn’t part of his plan.

Mama B is still in the server room with Volkoff and his goons and one of the goons hits her over the head with his gun.   This doesn’t sit well with Volkoff and he shoots him dead.  “No one touches my Frost” he says.  This guy is a few burgers short of a happy meal!    He helps her up and shows her the screen that says, “Meet me at the Cabin.  Godspeed my love, Orion.”  Mama B is completely confused and Volkoff is pressing her for information about all the plotting she has been doing with her husband.  She honestly says, she has no idea what he is talking about but he doesn’t believe her.  He says he found hundreds of these messages on the server (guess we now know what Chuck was doing with the flash drive) and wants her to admit that she lied to him.  She tells does him one truth: “my husband, alive or dead will always be 10 times the man you are!  And every moment that I was with you, I was thinking of him!”  Oh where are my Kleenex????  You go Mama B!!!  Volkoff tells her he going to meet her husband and promises to bring him back in a body bag to her and then he kisses her.   Yuck!!!!  I hate Volkoff but Timothy Dalton is fantastic!!!!  Volkoff shows up at the cabin and enters alone to take care of Orion.  You see Orion in the chair and when Volkoff greets him, stands and comes into the light…it’s Chuck!!!  Now my husband really thought this was going to be Stephen, Chuck’s dad.  I think a part of him was really hoping he was still alive.  Me too if I’m being honest but this was always Chuck’s plan.  Volkoff is completely surprised and Chuck says hello and promptly punches him in the face…something Volkoff has coming to him for a while!!!

Chuck has Volkoff tied up and they do the typical back and forth repartee.  But then, creepy Volkoff comes out and tells Chuck that if he kills him, everyone he loves, will die and it will be his fault.  Then you see Mama B with guns pointed at her on the Contessa.  One of his goons entering the hospital.  Just then, Volkoff frees himself and punches Chuck and takes his gun.  He gives him credit for the plan to get him there, but then mocks him at how it failed, how he’s his father’s son, and how everyone he loves will not get out of this alive because of him.  Then you see Ellie and the goon coming with the pillow and I am freaking out and yelling at the TV!   But then it shows Casey’s face and instead of going after Ellie, he is going after Casey.   For a nano second I was relieved Ellie was ok but then I was freaking out again because Casey was being killed.   Then he stops struggling and his monitor flat lines.  I’m embarrassed to say but I burst into tears at this point!!!  Especially after all the Alex stuff in the episode which I will get to.  Then the goon says he is going after “the sister.”  Back at the cabin, Volkoff tells Chuck that his men were told if they don’t hear from him, they are to kill his mother.  And they won’t hear from him.  As Volkoff is about to shoot Chuck, Chuck tells him that he can’t believe he didn’t figure out the solution.  “What solution?”   “Gotcha!!!” Chuck says to him as Morgan tells him in his ear pierce that they have the pass code.   Then the walls open to reveal the computer linked to the Hydra network and Volkoff’s voice command unlocking it.  I guess Chuck was getting him to say each word that they needed to record to unlock Hydra.  Morgan must have been keeping track remotely and telling him in his ear what words he needed.    That is genius!!!  Chuck then tells Volkoff that the Orion communique weren’t messages but a virus that his father created that will download the entire Hydra network to his computer.   “Technically I guess you could say that in he end, it was Stephen J. Bartowski who took you down.”  More Kleenex please….STAT!!!!!  He continues: “My father taught me a lot of things.  Like looks could be deceiving”   (flash to Casey being alive and his monitor being unplugged to fake the flat line and bashing the goon’s head in with his Bonsai tree….Thank God!!!!) “fight for your family” (flash to alarms going off on Contessa and Sarah entering the room and killing some goons while Mama B helps her kick some major ass and escape) “and of course, never use a gun, unless you absolutely have to” (you see Volkoff shooting a blank gun!)  My husband and I are high fiving and I’m cheering at the top of my lungs!!!!  Volkoff tells Chuck he made one fatal mistake.  He has a crew of men outside ready to take him down if Volkoff doesn’t leave the cabin.  “You’re gonna need an army to get out of here alive.”  Just then, a knock on the door.  Chuck goes to open it and what is outside?   That would be General Beckman…with an entire army (literally) to take Volkoff in!!!   The cheers and high fives start all over again!!!!  General Beckman arrests Volkoff and tells Chuck that Sarah and Mama B are on their way home!  Just then Morgan comes in and tells Chuck that Ellie is in labor and they need to get to the hospital.  Chuck asks the General to borrow a van and he response triggers another round of tears: “Agent Bartowski, you just arrested Alexi Volkoff and obtained the Hydra network we have spent the last 20 years searching for.  Lieutenant, get this man a chopper.”  I love Beckman!!!

Ellie/Awesome/Baby Clara

While all the spy stuff is going on, a little Bartowski event known as Operation Baby Clara, is happening at the same time.  Ellie, who is usually the neurotic one, is perfectly calm and ready to go.  Awesome, usually the calm one, is an absolute mess.  He feels unorganized and unprepared but Ellie is there to settle him.   They get to the hospital and Ellie is politely telling the nurses what drugs she needs and what dosage to give her.  Awesome keeps rearranging the drawers full of clothes to occupy himself.  When it’s time, Ellie tells the nurse to get the doctor and she tells Awesome to go outside, give himself 5 minutes and pull himself together.  She needs him because he is all she has.  He heads to the nursery where he is still having a hard time coming to grips.  Casey rolls up and asks him why he isn’t with Ellie right now since he heard she was in labor.  ( I don’t know who told him that but we’re going with it.)  Awesome can’t even speak and Casey tells him how he missed Alex’s birth and childhood and there is not a day that goes by the he doesn’t regret it.  It gets through to Awesome and man’s up.  Casey tells him to get in there and Awesome nods appreciation and then power slaps him on his broken back!   Oops.  He goes back in, grabs Ellie’s hand and she starts to push….just when Jeffster takes over the loud-speaker system and sings Salt and Peppa’s “Push It.”   Ha!!!  Mama B, Sarah, Chuck and Morgan show up and meet Casey outside Ellie’s room.  Sarah goes right up to Casey to apologies and he stops her and tells her he’s glad she’s back and gives her an “it’s ok” smile.  She gives the “thank you and I’m so glad you are alright” smile back at him.  The nurse comes out and asks if they are all family and they all say yes!  Only person can go in so Chuck tells his mom to go first and tell Ellie that they are all out there for her.  When Mama B enters Ellie’s room and you see the happiness in her eyes that her mother is there, well you should know me well enough by now to know what I was doing.   I am going to need a Walgreens run after this damn show for more tissues!!!!   And by the way, it was so nice to see the birth of a baby without all the screaming, cursing, and ugliness from the mom!!!  I’m sure that’s more realistic but I liked it this way better.  And Clara is just about the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  Ellie and Mama B are crying and when she hands her to Awesome, who is also crying, his response to his new baby girl is perfect…”Awesome!”    And just when you think you can’t possibly be any more moved (or in my case cry anymore) in this episode, the most perfect thing happens.  While waiting to see Ellie, Chuck and Sarah are sitting on chairs and he looks at her and gets up.  He faces her and pulls out THE ring box.  A janitor is power washing the floor so that is the only sound you hear.  The camera focuses on the power washer but in the distance you see Chuck get on one knee and after a few seconds, Sarah leans in to kiss him.   Best. Proposal. Ever!   None of the pomp and circumstance was necessary.  And when it came down to it, surrounded by family and friends on the day his niece his born, he asks Sarah to be part of it all.  What is more romantic than that?  Nothing!


I really don’t want to belittle this but I need to start wrapping up the review part to get to the comments.  The main thing to take away from this is that with Casey hurt, Alex realizes how much she wants to be in her father’s life and how much she wants him in hers.  The have some really sweet moments ending with Alex promising never to go anywhere and Casey promising her the same.  I really like Alex and love her with Morgan.  I also like the unusual, dare I say, friendship that is developing between Morgan and Casey.   I think at this point, Morgan has proven himself to Casey so although Casey may not like Morgan yet, he does trust him.  Which coming from Casey, is probably the bigger compliment to Morgan.


I was blown away.   I think it’s fair to say that shows can hit a rut when they are on the air for a while.  The beginning of the season fell a little flat to me (especially with all the dumb C&S relationship crap they were going through.)   But it really started to pick up around E8 “Chuck vs. the Fear of Death.”  The payoffs have really come over the last few episodes and I was back to not being able to wait until the next episode was on to see what happens next.

If you do read my blog, you have learned how character driven I am as well as storyline.  But my characters come first.   Chuck has always been about the characters for me with the story making it more entertaining to get to know them.  This was Chuck at it’s best.  And because I have been invested in these guys for over 4 years now, I care what happens to them and it makes an episode like Chuck vs. the Push Mix, a real treat for the loyal Chuck fans who have fallen in love with these characters.

I’m anxious to see where they go next.  It must be brutal for Josh Schwartz because the last 2 season, he gets a 13 episode order only to have it increased after the season starts.   So last season we got the beginning of the Mama B/Volkoff storyline which ended this week.  Now, we will possibly set up for next season over the last few weeks of this season with the same roller coaster to happen again next year.   So instead of it happening over the course of one season, it’s a half of two.  Not that I am complaining.  As long as I get Chuck and this quality Chuck, I will watch every week!   I hope they get a season 5, they deserve it.  But where do they go now?  Other than the obvious of C&S’s impending wedding, Casey continuing to grow his relationship with Alex, Alex and Morgan getting closer, and Ellie and Awesome learning to become parents, it’s up in the air.  Does Mama B become a recurring character?  I hope so.  I don’t think she needs to be a regular but I don’t want her to go away either.  I just wish there was someway we could bring Stephen back.  After all they went through, they deserved to be together!    But I’m looking forward to new missions, possibly a new Big Bad, and the continuing saga that is Chuck.

Sound off people.  What did you think?

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