RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Silly Season” S2 E12

03 Feb

A Matt Czuchry/Cary Agos centric episode.  I loved it!!!  I loved seeing the ASA interaction and how they have their own issues going on behind closed doors as well as LGB.   And maybe we learned why LGB wins so many cases…they simply have the money to put certain people on cases that the States Attorney’s office doesn’t.  Now that’s not a knock on their lawyering abilities.  But it does help when you have the funds to get the best people in the business (like Kalinda) to get you the information you need to win your case.   A lot happened this week (although I feel like I say that every week) so let’s jump in.

The Case

Joey Church is on trial for the murder of another inmate.   The SA office is saying the reason this happened was because the victim called Church the “N” word and Church snapped.  The defense doesn’t think Church would have done that considering he only had 2 weeks left on his sentence before he was released.  It’s a back and forth but the SA office gets the leg up after securing a witness who saw the murder take place and they are able to set up Alicia to walk into a trap during her cross-examination.  When Bond comes to see her in her office and she tells him what is going on, he tells her not to worry about it and he and Blake will handle it from there.  She isn’t too happy about this considering she is the lead attorney and he isn’t clueing her in.  Bond, Diane, and Will are meeting in Diane’s office and watching a surveillance tape.  Alicia comes in and asks what the tape is.  It shows Church being visited by someone in a hat with a picture of his daughter.  Bond wants her to use it and Will asks Alicia what she thinks.  She defers to Bond since he said he would take care of it.  They still want her opinion anyway and she asks if what she is seeing is true?  We never get to hear whether it is or isn’t.  It’s a risky move but Alicia uses it.  Church confesses that he did kill the other inmate because he was threatened by the man in the baseball hat.  The man threatened to kill his entire family if he didn’t take care of the inmate.  So he killed him to protect his family.

Cary and Geneva are now behind the 8 ball.  They go to talk to a former investigator, who is now a stay at home dad, and ask for his help.  He agrees.  The first thing they find out is that while the murder took place and the baseball hat guy showed up, the same cop was involved by the name of Rubio.  They find that a bit odd, as do I.  Turns out Rubio used to work for a very powerful man who is also alleged to be involved in one of the biggest drug rings in Chicago….Lemond Bishop.  Winston (the killed inmate) was to be transferred to another jail to be questioned by federal prosecutors.  They think he had something on Bishop.  So they want to prove that Church was in on the scam from the beginning to make it look like he was being threatened but he really wasn’t.  The first thing they need to do is find a connection between Church and Bishop (besides their religious last names.)  Mr. Mom finds the connection.  Church was the coach of a youth soccer league and that league was sponsored by one of Bishop’s legit businesses.  They bring this information to Child’s and the attorney in charge of the Bishop case, Nathan Landry.  Landry wants to turn the case and use Church to bring down Bishop.  Cary and Geneva are having no part of that since they built such a strong case against Church.  Landry says Church is the small fish and they can use him to get the shark…Bishop.  Geneva reminds him that he has been trying that for 5 years by turning lots of other cases and he failed.  Cary also reminds Childs that they are going to be doing a thinning out of ASAs and they can nail Church but Landry can’t get Bishop.  Childs tells Cary that if he talks to his investigators about Kalinda (more on that later) he will secure him a better position in the SA office.  Cary agrees.  But that doesn’t mean he will back down from his case!

Mr Mom is able to get Bishop to the courthouse under false pretenses and Cary is able to talk to him about the Church case.  The next we see, Bishop is on the stand testifying against Church and claiming that the man in the hat was his associate and that he was only telling Joey that his family was fine and being taken care of, even bringing him a picture of his daughter to prove she is alright.  So basically Church confessed to the murder on the stand and Bishop blew up the reasoning for why he did it.  Cary and Geneva win their case!  Landry was in the courtroom for the Bishop testimony and berated Cary after the decision came down.  He was furious at him and Cary blew him off for not being able to make his case stick when Cary did.   You go Agos!!!   He then goes to see Childs and Childs says he would like to keep him and offer him a position.  I guess we have to wait and see what that position is!

Diane and Will

Diane and Will are still moving forward with their plans to take out Bond.  While they are meeting to discuss strategy, Bond and Blake are meeting with Lemond Bishop.  We learn that the only reason they took the Joey Church case, was so they could secure favor with Bishop and hopefully get his business.  They figure out that they need 23 equity partners (out of the 44) to vote Bond out and right now they don’t have it.  So they need to start putting the pieces in place to make that happen.  As Bond’s meeting with Bishop breaks up, he walks by Will’s office and nods to him and Diane.  Will says they shouldn’t be seen together so much and they stage a fake fight in front of Bond.  Will yells at Diane and she yells back at him while she turns and smiles as she enters her office.  I love the fact that they are on the same side again and I can’t wait for them to take down Bond and Blake!


Kalinda seems to be headed for a rough patch.  Not only is asshole Blake looking into her past, but now it seems the SA office is investigating her as well.  We already know that Kalinda isn’t who she seems to be but we don’t know who she was or why she is running or hiding from her old life.  I’m as curious as everyone else to find out more about her but I don’t want to see her go down for anything and I certainly don’t want to find out through Blake.  Unfortunately, Blake seems to be the one whose the hottest on her trail.  He confronts Kalinda about some information he found.  Leila Tahini died in a house fire in Toronto 8 years ago but her body was never found.  She appeared to be in trouble with local police.  He asks her to confirm his information and in true Kalinda fashion, tells him to shove it up his ass and figure it out himself.  (Ok I added the shove it up the ass part but I know she was thinking it!)  Meanwhile, Childs wants to use Cary’s former connection with her (he has no idea they are still friends) as a way to further his investigation.  He wants to look into how she is getting all these leaks from cops, judges, even lawyers inside the SA office.  This puts Cary on edge and therefore wants to minimize his time with her so he doesn’t get caught as one of her leaks.  Knowing Cary is ambitious, Childs uses that against him and promises him more money and security if he helps him.  For now, Cary agrees.  I have no idea what Cary is doing at this point.  I think he really respects Diane and wants to go back to the defensive side of the board but I think he likes sticking it to Alicia and Will a little more.  I think as long as he has a secure job with the SA office, he will stay there.  But who knows.  As long as I get more Cary, I don’t care what team he is on.

Peter/Alicia/The Campaign

Wendy visits Alicia at her office to talk to her about the nasty, racial fliers that are going around about her and her family.  She then threatens that if Alicia does help put a stop to it that she will release and equally damaging flier about her son Zach and his girlfriend having an abortion after getting pregnant with his baby.  Alicia doesn’t take this very well and throws Wendy out.  She then goes to see Eli and demands all the nastiness stop.  Eli looks into it and it turns out that the fliers are coming from Peter’s side but it’s from his pack (whatever that means.)  All I know is that this pack is his new source of revenue for the campaign and that without them, his campaign is bankrupt.  It also seems like they have very little control over what they do and sometimes, don’t even know the stunts they are pulling.  Eli is really torn about to do.

Peter and Alicia confront Zach about the flier and he tells him that he didn’t get Becca pregnant and he hasn’t had sex with her.  It’s a really uncomfortable moment for all parties involved but everyone handled it well.  Alicia then enlightens Peter about the condoms she found in Zach’s room and how she confiscated them and told him that if he ever needed them, he was to come and talk to her about it.  Zach has had more than his fill of the sex talk with the parents and assures them it wasn’t him.  Alicia doesn’t believe Zach and when Peter asks her why, she says “would you have told your parents?”  He reminds her that he didn’t tell his parents and she gives him a funny look.  He tells her about when they were young and at his parents house for Christmas vacation and they were supposed to sleep in separate rooms.  She laughs at the memory but tells him that they were older than Zach.  He reminds her that kids are growing up way too fast.  It was a nice moment.  He then tells her that he could have told him about the condoms.  She smiles again and says “yeah I could have.”  If you don’t recall the reference, last season, Peter found the condoms in Alicia’s drawer and thought they were hers.  She was so angry at him, she didn’t correct him and let him believe she may have been cheating on him.  Now Peter knows the real reason she had them!  He asks if he can move back into the bedroom with her.  For 20 years, his parents slept in separate bedrooms (knowing Jackie, I don’t blame Peter’s father) and he doesn’t want that kind of marriage.  Alicia agrees but says she needs to think about it.

Eli goes to confront Becca about the fliers when he realizes it was her doing.  This is when Alan Cumming is at this best.  He manages to be incredibly respectful while intellectually bashing her into a pulp.  It was brilliant to watch!  He gets the dirt that it Becca really was pregnant and really did have an abortion.  But it wasn’t Zach’s.  So he shuts her up and she agrees to knock it off.  I don’t know what her beef is with the Florricks or Zach in particular, but I always like having her on the show because we get some Eli Gold beat down time as a result!!!  Eli goes to see Alicia, who is really having a bad considering she just lost her case, and tells her that the abortion rumors are false in regards to Zach.  She is incredibly relieved and grateful for the information.   He also tells her that the Wendy flier did come from their pack and that as a result, Peter is telling them to take a hike.  Alicia is surprise because she knows what this means….Peter is out of the race because he has no more money.   Peter has chosen his family over the campaign.  Maybe Peter is maturing and growing.

When Alicia comes home, Peter is pouring her some wine and he tells her he loves her.  “I know.”  She replies.  I feel bad for Peter, somewhat, because he does seem to be trying and she still isn’t giving him anything.  Just then, she goes to the bedroom and opens the door and leaves it open.  Fade to credits.  I assume that was a sign that she is leaving the door open for him to join her?  If so, I think that’s a good sign.  I think the show should start moving in a direction of Alicia picking Peter or Will.  You all know how much I hate Will so I would rather Alicia stay with Peter.  Plus, this show is so good, it doesn’t need the Peter/Alicia/Will triangle.  It just doesn’t.

This is can’t miss TV folks.  I hate that we only have 10 episodes left because I could watch this show every week for an entire year and never get tired of it!


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3 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Silly Season” S2 E12

  1. Kiki

    March 5, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Awww I love how much of Team Peter you are!! I soooooo love them together, but I honestly do not know if Alicia’s heart is with Peter but I hope she gives them a chance at least, cause is obvious Will is not a white knight!
    And you are absolutely right, this show is too GOOD to have a triangle LOL, they do not need it, they should just move on on that damn triangle!

    • fortheloveoftv

      March 5, 2011 at 11:02 pm

      I agree. I feel like the only reason Will and Alicia are a potential “item” is because the writers are telling us so. Do you sense any sexual chemistry between them? I sure don’t. Now Kalinda and Cary, hell yes! Kalinda and Blake have more sexual chemistry than Will and Alicia. Although I think Archie Punjabi could have sexual chemistry with a brick wall.

      I just think it’s enough already. Let it go and let Peter and Alicia get back to their lives together!

  2. Kiki

    March 5, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Nope, I honestly do not see any attraction between them, I see NOTHING! I like Will on his own, but not with her.
    Also I like C/K as well, but I am more into Kalinda being on her own, exploring different relationships! I also love how she uses her sexuality! I love he with Donna and Lana!
    And indeed Archie could have sexual chemistry with a brick wall indeed LMAO

    And amen to your last statement!


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