REVIEW: Parenthood “A House Divided” S2 E14

03 Feb

The gamut of emotions was really run this week on Parenthood.  You had crying, anger, betrayal, paranoia, laughter, silliness, fear, panic, horniness…everything.  It’s what makes Parenthood great.  It’s really grown as a show.  I worry though that we are starting to focus mainly on Adam’s family and Crosby’s family.  Sarah got a lot of attention last year and with Seth (John Corbett) coming into the mix over the later part of the season, I’m sure we will get more with Sarah, Drew, and Amber.  But Julia, Joel, and Sydney are almost non-existent.  It’s almost as if the writers forget about them and add them in when they remember.  Other than the one pregnancy storyline, they really haven’t had anything going on this year.  It’s sad because I really like them.  I would rather have less Zeek and more Julia.  Since I just brought him up, let’s start there.


I’ve never liked Zeek as a character.  I think he’s a jerk.  No wonder Camille wanted to be with someone else, Zeek’s an asshole.  You may think I’m being a little harsh but I really hate characters like him.  First I think he’s sexist.  Last week he makes the “who wears the pants in this family” comment to Crosby about his issue with Jasmine.  This week apparently camping is for men only and not women.  Now, I would have had less of an issue if he told Jasmine when she asked if he took Sydney camping was to say that this is something that he likes to do to bond with his sons and grandsons and it’s a Braverman tradition.  It was the way he said it like Sydney doesn’t belong out there because she is a girl.    That rubbed me the wrong way.  Second, he is sooo ignorant.  He wants to take Max camping, fine.  But he has to realize that he has Aspberger’s and there are things he will need to do differently with Max.  Some people may have thought that Kristina may have gone a little over board with the manual but since Zeek doesn’t really listen to anyone, maybe she wasn’t.  He tossed the manual aside and condescended to Kristina like she doesn’t know what she is talking about, in regards to her own son, because when men get out in the woods (there he goes with the man thing again) it’s different.  I really wanted to punch him.  How could he be so obtuse???  He should know how nervous his daughter-in-law can be when it comes to Max and instead of trying to make her feel better and let her know that he will take care of him, he blows her off like she’s an idiot.  I was thrilled when Max went off and he had no idea what to do.  When they got back he tells Adam that he has a much better idea of what he and Kristina have to deal with.  Well if he ever paid attention to Adam and Kristina when they talked about Max or even paid attention to Max when he was around him, he should have an idea of what he is like.  Granted observing and managing are very different but if Zeek ever cared enough to pay attention to his grandson, he would have been more respectful of the situation.


This is really the dominate storyline going on right now and it is insanely good.  Last week I wrote how I disagreed with Adam and Kristina denying Haddie from seeing Alex.  They could have allowed it and set really strict rules that would have worked because Alex would have made it work.  Haddie acted like a little bitch as usual and blamed everyone but herself for their part in why the relationship between her and her parents is on a bad path right now.  Every time she acts like a 10-year-old throwing a tantrum that she didn’t get what she wanted, then I start to lean more and more with A&K that they were right and he is way too mature for her.  This week, though, it went to a whole new level.

Haddie is still living at Zeek and Camille’s.  I still think it’s wrong for her to put her grandparents in that position but like I said before, Haddie only cares about Haddie.  Every time Adam and Kristina try to talk to her it gets more and more awkward.  They go to the house and ask to speak with Haddie outside.  They want her to come home and she says no, not until she is allowed to date Alex.  Her parents remind her that this isn’t a negotiation.  She wants them to give her one good reason why she can’t see him and when Kristina starts to mention the 4 or 5 good reasons, as usual, Haddie talks over her and doesn’t listen to her at all and says “see, you haven’t given me any.”  Give the writers a lot of credit because they are nailing her as the annoying teenager who knows everything!   She storms back in the house and Adam and Kristina head home.  Back at their house they start talking more about it and Kristina is starting to sense something changing in Adam.  Adam tells her that he thinks they made a mistake.  He really likes Alex and thinks they should give them a shot.   Kristina is now livid and says absolutely not.  Adam brings up the million dollar question….are they digging their heels in because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake?  At this point in the show, I have one answer and at the end of the show, I have a different answer.  At this point in the show, I think Adam is right and part of why they are doing this is to not back down to Haddie as her parents and because they don’t want to admit that they are wrong.   It’s a brutal decision to have to make because even though they made the wrong choice, with the way Haddie has handled it, you don’t want her to think that by acting this way, they will give in to her and give her what she wants.  I am soooooo glad I don’t have a teenage daughter and don’t have to make that call because I don’t know what I would do.

The next day Kristina brings Haddie some clothes and leaves them with Camille.  Things are already strained between them because Kristina doesn’t think Camille supports her.  So Camille takes the opportunity to try to explain that she does support her however, she can try to view this from Haddie’s side.  It’s very valid advise.  But Kristina is so on edge right now that she takes it the wrong way and again as a sign that Camille is not with her.  I love Kristina but she has to give Camille a break.  Later in the show they are at Julia’s for a really over the top Julia’s trying to hard to be fun engagement party for Jasmine that is for the Braverman girls only to welcome her into the family.  While the guys go out and do guy stuff.  Kristina just isn’t herself and she is trying to have fun but is being distant and Sarah senses this.  Sarah tells her that’s she’s been there and that it will get better and that they are taking good care of Haddie.  It was really sweet and I think Kristina appreciated it.  Camille tried to chime in my talking about all the times Sarah ran away from home.  It got funny for a little while but then Camille said “it made me feel like a really rotten mother.”  Oh boy, not a good thing to say Camille!   But I know what she meant it just came out really wrong.  Even Julia made a “did you really just say that mom” face.  Kristina tells her that she doesn’t feel like a rotten mother but she’s sorry she felt that way and Camille tries to explain that she was talking about herself and not Kristina.  Oh this is bad.  Thankfully Jasmine shows up and they move onto other topics!   They get through dinner and then after dinner, when Julia wants to have fun time by having pre-made conversation topics and everyone has to answer (she’s so cute), Kristina tells her she’s going to leave.  They want her to say but Camille whispers to Julia to let her go because she has a lot on her mind.  Kristina then asks Camille to share he whisper with the group and she tells her that she should go because she has stuff on her mind.  Kristina thanks everyone again and leaves.  Camille looks heartbroken and confused.  She goes outside and Kristina is still sitting there because she hasn’t gone home yet.  “Why am I the only one who thinks this is an accident waiting to happen” she asks Camille.  “I just know in my gut Camille that this is wrong.  I just know it.”   Camille very lovingly puts her arm around her daughter-in-law and Kristina finally starts to break down and cry on Camille’s shoulder.  It is such a touching scene.  It was Kristina’s way of letting her know just how much she is devastated by all this and sorry for how she has been towards her.  And it was Camille’s way of saying that it’s ok because she understands and that no matter what she is going through or how she may be acting, she loves her very much and is there for her.  Yes, I got all that from a hug!  I have said it before and I will say it again….Monica Potter deserves an Emmy nomination because she has been OUTSTANDING this year.  They go back inside to rejoin the party and the men show up because Adam has been drugged.  When he was talking to his boss about the future of his company, his boss gave him a lollipop which happened to be laced with pot…ha!!!!  It was probably the FUNNIEST Parenthood soon I have ever seen.  Conservative, always buttoned up Adam, high as a kite, eating all of Julia’s food, eyeing up his wife like he can’t wait to get her home, dancing to 80s music…it was great!!!  Things had been so serious leading up to this moment that it was a perfect way to break all the tension and I think Kristina really needed to laugh.

When they get home, Haddie comes to the door and Kristina is so happy to see her.  When Adam joins her at the door, Haddie begins to apologize to them for being such a douche.  Kristina tells her it’s ok.  Haddie continues by saying that she was stupid for saying she would pick Alex over them.  She loves and misses them a lot.  Kristina is just beaming because her little girl is coming home to her.  Not so fast.  Haddie tells them, respectfully, that they are wrong about Alex and that she is going to stay at her grandparents, permanently.  The look on Kristina’s face is crushing and I burst into tears for her.   She went from being so happy to completely broken in about 2 minutes and it was all over her face.  In my opinion, Monica Potter is one of the best on TV at the amount of emotion she can generate with a single look and how she can so effortlessly and subtly adjust her face to match the wide range of feelings she has at a particular moment.  After Haddie leaves, Adam is getting ready for bed and notices Kristina isn’t in their room.  He goes to Haddie’s room and sees her in there hugging a pillow.  He asks if she is ok (such a guy) and he sees that she is crying.  Kristina reminds him how her mom ran off and married her dad when she was 16.  Adam says he forgets how young her mom was when that happened.  Kristina tells him how miserable her father made her mother everyday of her life.  What if Haddie wants to run off and do the same thing?  Adam reassures her that it won’t happen but you can tell she is so scared because she believes it could.  She tells him that she has no idea what to do and starts crying even harder (so do I!)  He promises her that they will not lose their little girl and that all he wants is her to come home.  Kristina says “me too” tearfully.  This is the point where I change my mind from earlier regarding Adam’s question.  I think HE may be digging in because he doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake, but I don’t think that’s the case for Kristina.  We learned that Kristina has experience from her own background as to why this could be big trouble for Haddie.  She is genuinely concerned for Haddie and truly believes this is a bad idea.  Her gut is telling her this relationship shouldn’t happen.  I have a whole new respect and outlook on it now that I understand where Kristina is coming from.  Having said that, just because her mother made a bad choice, doesn’t mean her daughter should be punished for it.  But I completely feel for her.

For those of you who are parents, what would you do?  Is Kristina right in trusting her gut and denying this relationship?  Or should she give it a chance and find a compromise so she can put her mind at ease but still let Haddie and Alex try a relationship?


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