RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “Like A Virgin” S6 E12

06 Feb

FINALLY!!!  Supernatural is back and it was so worth the wait!!!  Although I personally think the wait was waaaaay too long.  But then again, this is my first time watching Supernatural as it happens vs. being able to watch 10 episodes in a day on DVD!!!  So I made it through my first winter hiatus (barely) and I couldn’t be happier to see my favorite brothers back in action.

When we last left our way too hot for their own good twosome, Sam got his soul back from Death and Dean and Bobby we anxiously and nervously waiting to see if Sam would wake up and if he did, what would he be like?  Great news, although not that shocking, Sam did wake up…and it was awesome.  Sam seemed to be Sam again.   He and Dean finally had the reunion they should have had earlier this season when “Sam” was back.  It so sweet.  There were genuine hugs and real senses of relief that Sam was back.  Bobby was a little apprehensive and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  While I get that “Sam” tried to kill him not too long ago, it wasn’t really Sam.  It was his body but since his soul was gone, you can’t blame this on Sam.  I can also understand Bobby being slightly cautious around Sam because when “Sam” was around, he tried to convince everyone it was really him when it wasn’t.  But anyone can see, immediately, the difference between this Sam and the other “Sam.”    I just wish Bobby wasn’t being so hard on him.  Also, Bobby was really getting on Dean about telling Sam the truth.  I was with Dean on this one.  Can’t the guy have a few days with his brother before jumping into all that?   For all Sam knows, he was gone for a year and half and should be allowed to have a few days to enjoy it.  On the flip side, even though “Sam” was around lately, Sam wasn’t.  So for Dean, he is finally getting to enjoy some time with his brother that he hasn’t in over a year.   So why dump all this on Sam right now?   Plus, as Dean brought up, it could be dangerous for him.  He can’t crack the wall Death put in his head or it could have irreversible damage that could ruin him or kill him.  Remember, don’t scratch the wall!!!   Little did we know that Sam would summon Castiel and Cas and his big mouth would spill everything to Sam.  In fairness, Cas had no idea they were keeping this from Sam.   Sam is devastated over what he did to Dean, to Bobby, to everyone.  When he talks to Dean about it, Dean tells him not to go after the truth and explains to him about what Death did.  I don’t have a good feeling about this and worry that either the memories will come back on their own, or Sam is going to seek them out, or he’s going to scratch the damn wall.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The boys did get a case.   Girls are being abducted randomly and vanishing without a trace.  Turns out dragons are stealing virgins….awesome!!!  Sam and Dean are on the case and head out to Portland!!  I am so happy to see them back and acting as they should with one another.  It was so nice to see after the first half of this season not knowing what was going on with “Sam” and not trusting him.  The Winchester brothers were back to their strong connection and bond with one another and I couldn’t be happier about it.  It reminded me of the early days of Supernatural.   One of the best examples of just how happy Dean is to have Sam back, was when they went to talk to one of the victim’s sister and when she wouldn’t let them in, classic Sam was there to clam her, put her at ease, empathize with her, and help her soften to them.  Soulless “Sam” would have NEVER done that and Dean knows it.  He has this great smile on his face when they go to enter the house showing how pleased he is that things are back to normal…I guess as normal as they can be for the Winchester boys.

At first the boys aren’t sure what is going on, but they make the connection that a dragon is kidnapping virgins.  They turn to Bobby for help on this and he directs them to a doctor who has expertise in this field.  Dean goes to see her while Sam stays behind to research more about dragons (this is when he has his encounter with Cas.)  Dean goes to the doctor’s house and who opens the door but….Ivy Crane!!!  I feel very confident that most of you Supernatural fans have NEVER watched an episode of the now defunct soap opera called, Passions.  Actually neither did I but I was a loyal Days of Our Lives viewer and Passions came on after Days.  So I have seen enough Passions commercials to know who Ivy Crane is.  And I must say, I am so happy to see that she isn’t in a wheelchair anymore!!!  But Ivy wasn’t going to let Dean in until he mentioned Bobby sent him.  She lets him in and we find out that Bobby and she used to have a thing and it didn’t end very well.  She is one of the foremost experts on dragons and explains to Dean that there haven’t been dragons around for centuries and there aren’t many of them.  He breaks the news that one has returned and wants to know how to kill it.  The only way…kill him with a sword embossed with dragon blood.  Again, there are only a handful of these in the world.    Lucky for Dean, she happens to be in possession of one of them.   They go to her basement where the sword is encased in stone and it can only be removed by a true hero.  Now I’m not sure if she was telling him that because she really believed it or she was just playing with him, but either way, to watch Dean try to remove this sword was priceless!  He tried over and over to get that sword out (and had hero music to boot!)   It was frigging hysterical!!!  Finally, the only way he could remove it was with some explosives.  Unfortunately in the process, not only did he break the stone, but he broke the sword and Ivy wasn’t too happy about that!   But it will still work.

With Bobby’s help, they figure out the dragon’s lair is in a dark and damp place….usually a cave.  But there aren’t any caves near by so what’s the next best thing?  Sewers…ick!  They investigate the sewers and find not only a stock piled group of virgins, but lots of gold (which Dean helps himself to) and some sort of journal (that we find out later is made out of human skin…again, ick!!)  When they go to release the girls, fire hand dragon comes in and they fight him.  But then, another guy shows up (I assume another dragon) and the boys are now fighting TWO dragons.  They are able to kill the one with the sword but the other flees.  So they decide to take the journal back to Bobby to see what he can make of it.

Back at Bobby’s he starts to explain to the boys, what is in the journal.  At the same time, we see the dragon who escaped from Sam and Dean meeting up with what I assume is ANOTHER dragon who has a bus load of virgins.   These guys really like their virgins!  Bobby starts explaining that the book talks about a place that is full of nasty, scary bodies and souls that are hungry to get out….that place is called Purgatory.  And this book talks about how to find the portal to not only get into Purgatory, but to let things out.  Yikes.  Dean reminds us of a demon we all knew (and kind of liked) that would have loved to have known that information.  The main entity the book talks about letting out is called “Mother.”   And no this book was not written by Norman Bates.  This entity is known as the Mother of All.   All what is yet to be determined but I assume she is the ultimate alpha from which all things stem like Vampires, Djinns, or Werewolves.  I don’t know if that’s right but that is my guess.  In the meantime, from the van of virgins, the dragons select one “lucky” gal and she gets dragged to the edge of a cliff.    They chant some sort of spell and this ginormous, firy hole opens up below the cliffs.  Then they push the girl into the hole (which we surmise to be the portal to Purgatory.)  The chanting continues and the same girl rises from the portal looking a lot more possessed then when she was last on the cliff.  I would assume this is the “Mother” Bobby was just telling us about.   She tells the dragons on the cliff  “You kept me waiting.   We have so much to do.  Let’s get started.”   Well that can’t be good!   And the new Big Bad for the later half of the season has been introduced.

I said in my last Supernatural post that I hoped this whole Purgatory/Alpha storyline wasn’t just going to die and be forgotten about with Crowley’s death.  I also mentioned how I thought the first part of the season was really a set up for something bigger in the second part of the season.  Well it looks like that something bigger is going to be this “Mother” thing and what her end game is.   Again, this has to tie into the Civil War in Heaven, Balthazar buying up souls, and Death needing the boys help in regards to the souls.  It looks as if some major war is about to happen and “Mother” and her people think the time is right because Heaven is undergoing such unrest that it’s possible they can’t be stopped.  It’s also what makes me think that she is in charge of all these supernatural creatures and their alphas that have been banning together and putting an army together, so to speak, in preparation for “Mother’s” return and what her plans are.  She’s the Queen Alpha!   Maybe that’s why Castiel has been so worried knowing that what is going on up in Heaven could be the impetus for more powerful, evil beings, taking advantage of the situation.   I think this also explains why Sam’s soul had to come back to him this season vs. next season.  In order to fight this large of a battle, they needed the real Sam back.  They couldn’t take on this power with the other “Sam.”  It would be too risky.  So even with one episode back, some things are starting to make sense.  Other things still have me completely baffled but hey, I’m ok with that!

It was a terrific episode back and I am so ready to see where these last 10 episodes go.   What are your thoughts guys?   I know you’re happy Supernatural is back but did you like Like A Virgin?  What do you think of the new Big Bad?   And finally, are you happy real Sam is back…so far?

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