Superbowl Thoughts

07 Feb

I am a HUGE football fan.  I live in the Philadelphia area so I am a BIG Eagles fans.  Needless to say it is still difficult for me to watch the Superbowl knowing my team isn’t in it.  However, I am married to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan so I had a slight rooting interest last night.  But enough about the game…how about the other stuff like anthems and commercials and halftime shows!!!!

Pre Show

Wow.  Talk about 2 very different renditions of patriotic songs.  First, Lea Michele from Glee sung America, the Beautiful.  I haven’t been too impressed with her live performances (did anyone else see her crazy scary Tony Award performance last year?   Yikes!!)  and I think she can be a tad bit overdramatic when she sings.  But I thought she was wonderful last night.  First off, she looked stunning in a cream-colored coat with khaki slacks.  Secondly, her pitch and tone were spot on.  Thirdly, she sang the song normally but with her personality and twist.  I really liked it and thought it was very tasteful and appropriate.

The second performance was Christina Aguilera singing our National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.  I know what you are thinking.  I am going rip her for singing the wrong lyrics.  Nope.  Although I must say that if you are going to sing the National Anthem, please make sure you know the words.  And don’t give me nerves.  This woman sings in front of tens of thousands of people all the time.  But everyone does make mistakes and it was an honest one I’m sure she is embarrassed about.  What I am going to rip her on his her rendition of the song.  I don’t mind putting your slight spin on the National Anthem to make it your own, but don’t change it to the point it doesn’t sound like the National Anthem anymore.  It was horrible.  You can ask my husband, right before she went to sing, I said to him “she is going to belt the shit out of this song and it’s going to be awesome.”  Ah, that would be a no.  I hear this in a lot of songs with younger singers where they try to riff a song to the point where it’s unrecognizable and you can’t understand what they are saying and it takes away from the song.  I usually love CA’s music because that girl can sing!   But last night was certainly not her night.  If you want to hear the BEST National Anthem from a Superbowl, click below.  No one has been able to top her yet.

Also, here is another incredible version from the Yankees/Rangers ALCS Game 6 from 2010:

That incredible voice you just heard was from Broadway star Kelli O’Hara.  And if you want to hear her sing the BEST rendition of God Bless America I have ever heard, click below:

See. You can sing the National Anthem in a normal and classic fashion and still leave with goosebumps!!   You want to talk about being able to sing with riffs, no one did it better than Whitney!   And talk about a powerful sensational voice in Ms Kelli O’Hara!!!  Wow.  Now that’s how you do the Anthem!!!

Halftime Show

I haven’t read a nice thing about the halftime show yet.  I didn’t hate it the way other people did but it didn’t blow me away either.  Not to mention the sound was awful.  By the way, who was in charge of checking Fergie’s mike before she went on?  Seriously?  Make sure the woman’s mike works!!  I like Fergie and the BEPs, but I like them better on iTunes than live.  Especially Fergie.  She’s not great live.  But I have to ask.  Was I the only one living under rock because I had no idea that Slash and Usher were performing in the halftime show or was that the best kept secret of the year?  I was like, “oh look, it’s Slash.  What is he doing here?   Oh wait.  Here comes Usher out of the Jumbotron! ”  Like I said, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it.  It was fine to kill the time until the second half.

The Commercials

Really disappointing this year.  First off, no Clydesdales!   Really!  Unless I missed them, they are usually the best of the commercials.  So that bugged me.  Lots of the same old companies (Pepsi, Doritos, eTrade, Snickers, and same old commercials.  I did have 2 that I absolutely loved!!!  The VW/Mini Darth Vader ad and the Bud Light product placement ad.  Both were just terrific!  There were some other decent ones but mostly unmemorable.

So what did you think? What did you like or not like about Superbowl 45?

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