REVIEW: Castle “Lucky Stiff” S3 E14

08 Feb

Usually when you have an episode as amazing as “Knockdown” the next episode tends to be a letdown.  I am happy to say “Lucky Stiff” was not a let down but did return to the basics of what makes Castle great…the wit, the humor, and the charm with which the case gets solved.

This case was about a lottery winner ($117 million) who was found dead in his apartment.  Turns out, even though victim, Jay Hixton, does play the lottery, the winning ticket was not actually his.  We know this because he admitted as much to his butler who then told Castle and Beckett.  How can you not love an episode that has an English butler in it???  The winning ticket actually belonged to his neighbor and when he went to see him (I forget why) he saw that he had passed away.  He also noticed his winning ticket and swiped it.  That’s horrible!  As most people do, when they win the lottery, they start buying things, fun things!  Hixton certainly did that but then started to feel guilty.  C&B thought the guilt was “winners guilt” but it was really because he knew what he did.  So he started giving all his money to charity..soup kitchens, homeless people, you name it.  Well unfortunately for Hixton, his neighbor did have a son who found out about this and  went to confront Hixton about the money.  The son was a drug addict and didn’t seem to the nicest of people and Hixton didn’t want to give him any money for fear it would all go to purchasing cocaine.  He was going to keep it and keep giving it to needy people.  Needless to say, the son snapped and killed him.

It was nice to see Lanie in this episode.  I don’t like that she was missing from “Knockdown.”  I get the impression that she and Beckett are sort of friends so I would have thought she would have been there if for no other reason, than to support her friend.  Oh well.  But she was back (for about 2 minutes) and Esposito finally learned that their affair is no secret and that all the 13th knows about him and Lanie.   Ha!!

The two best parts of the episode had to do with C&B but for very different reasons.   The first was the scene at the club.  At this point in the investigation, they thought a drug dealer was possibly responsible for the murder considering the connection to the victim through his daughter.  His daughter had a drug problem and was buying her drugs through this man.  To get close to him, Beckett dressed up (although not with clothes that left much to the imagination) and pretended to be soliciting drugs from him.  Castle is there as her date and when they first walk in and she takes off her coat, she starts dancing with him very seductively, and then tells him to get them drinks while she heads over towards the dealer.  Castle can’t take his eyes off of her (and her ass) and she catches him when she turns around to see him eyeing her up.  In typical Castle form, he stumbles over his words a bit and goes and gets them drinks as she smiles and walks away.  His face was hilarious and you can see he was turned on and a bit confused as to how much is really her and how much is her just doing her cover.  I think it’s both.  Come on, after that kiss last week???   Please.  By the time he gets drinks and meets her in the area where she is with the drug dealer, she has already done what she needed to do.  She kicked his bodyguard in the groin, stomped the dealer’s head on the table, and is ready to arrest him.  She stretches her hand out to Castle who then goes to give her one of the two martinis he has in his hands.    Ha!!   “Handcuffs!”  she tells him and he puts down the glass and hands the cuffs to her.  It was quintessential Castle!!!   The second was a more touching scene at the end and the only homage we got to last week.  All episode long, people were talking about what they would do if they won the lottery.  Castle kept trying to pry out of Beckett, what she would do and she would never give in.  At the end of the episode he finally realizes what she would do with the money after seeing what his mom was doing with money her boyfriend Chet left her after he died.   He goes to Beckett’s and he storms in to tell her what he discovered.  She would do something to honor her mother’s legacy.  So on his way over to her house, he called the dean of her mother’s law school and ask if they could set up a scholarship in Joanna Beckett’s name.  A full ride to a student who plans on dedicating their career to helping people who don’t have a voice.  The kind of people her mom championed.   So with Beckett’s permission, Castle wants to host a fundraiser to kick the program off!  KLEENEX MOMENT!!!   When she says “you just can’t stay out of my personal life can you?”  he looks really upset because he thinks he upset her.  But then she smiles and thanks him for what he is doing.  Of course he gets all excited and can’t wait to plan it!!!  I loved this moment with them.

These two scenes clearly indicate two very different sides of their current relationship and the potential deeper relationship that we ALL hope will form.  The first one shows the hot, steamy, I-really-want-to-get-in-your-pants side because of the attraction to each other.  We also saw that last week with the kiss.  The second shows an even deeper more important connection.  He is starting to know her very well and as a result is doing things for her so incredibly touching that neither one can miss it.  Not only does he understand how much her mother meant to her, but he is also showing that he knows what was important to her mother..helping people who couldn’t help themselves.  And by helping to keep that legacy alive, he is keeping Joanna’s spirit alive for Beckett.  Can you think of anything more romantic and loving than that?  No box of Russell Stover Chocolates or Dozen Roses could hope to compete with something that moving.  That may be the most romantic “Valentine’s Day Episode” we see all week and I’m sure the writers didn’t mean for the episode or that scene to come across that way or didn’t even realize it would at the time.  But it did for me!

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