REVIEW: Glee “Silly Love Songs” S2 E12

09 Feb

Hello Glee!  It is so nice to see you again and welcome you back with gusto!   Yes, I do remember you.  You are that great show that features interesting characters, decent storylines and incredible music to help tell your story.  Of course I’ve missed you!!

One of the best episodes of the season so far.  It reminded me of Season 1 a little bit…Rachel being insecure, Quinn and Finn hooking up, friendships pulling together, great music that lined up perfectly with the episode, and multiple story arcs for multiple characters.  It was great!!!!  I hope this is more of what we will see in the later part of S2 because this is so much better than what we have been watching the first half of the season (with the exception of Kurt’s storylines which have been phenomenal!)


I loved this dynamic in season 1.  And even though the same 3 players are involved again, this time it’s completely different.  First, what the hell has happened to Finn?  When did he become Puck?  Seriously what is with his new-found cockiness and wanting to kiss every girl in the school?   Just because you can’t have Quinn?  Stupid.  This isn’t Finn.  And the part I really don’t understand, is that he was SO incredibly hurt (and rightfully so) when Quinn cheated on him with his best friend and ended up getting pregnant.  And then he got crushed AGAIN when Rachel cheated on him with his best friend.  So why would he want to cheat with Quinn knowing what it is going to do to Sam?   This doesn’t fit with his character.  I really don’t understand.  And Quinn had the best line…”the first time I cheated, I got pregnant.  The second time I cheated, I got mono.  I think the universe is trying to tell me something.”  It is.   STOP CHEATING ON YOUR BOYFRIENDS!!!  Or just be single so you can kiss whomever you want!!

The most heartbreaking part was when Rachel went to see Finn in the school infirmary.  She is dabbing his head with a cold compress when she starts to ask him about Quinn and if they really kissed or not.  He confirms it.  We start to see S1 Rachel in the sense that she is comparing herself to Quinn and looking at herself as someone who is inferior to her on all levels.  It isn’t true and even though Finn chose her at one point, she still has the self doubts.  Those doubts aren’t helped when she asks what it felt like to kiss her vs Quinn.  Finn tells her about the fireworks with Quinn but it silent when she wants to know if they had fireworks.  It’s the first time in a LONG time, I wanted to jump through the TV and hug her.  It again brings us back to the heart of S1…these Glee kids are outcasts.  And even though they are all beautiful and talented in their own ways, they are still the outcasts.  They still have insecurities in comparison to the cool and popular kids.  Ah, high school.   At least it led to Lea Michelle’s best hit of the year…”Fireworks.”  It reminded me of when she did “Take A Bow.”  Not stylistically of course, but the arrangement, the staging, and emotion behind it.  She was terrific!!!


More MJ this week!!!!  Awesome.  I always liked P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) and since I dig Artie’s vocals and Mike’s dancing, it was a great number.   I like that some of the couples are relatively drama free and if I get to see more Mike Chang dancing while Artie is singing, I am all for keeping these couples together, if that’s what it takes!

On a side note, what the hell was up with Tina’s Funny Valentine?  Was that horrendous or what?  This girl NEVER gets to showcase her talents and the one time she does, you make her wail through the whole song and collapse at the end?   I don’t understand that point AT ALL!!  Schuester’s face and comments captured my thoughts perfectly.  Note to the writers: if you aren’t going to let Tina sing her song like a normal person, don’t have her sing at all.

Bitchface and Sam

No, I don’t mean Quinn (nice try!)  I mean Santana….the ultimate Glee bitch.  Santana’s been a little more toned down this season from the bitchiness quotient and I don’t think I like it.  You can’t have everyone on the show be sweet and nice and you can’t have anyone else crazy like Sue.  But a good bitch is a necessary evil…especially in high school!!!  Another reason why you need a good bitch, to watch the bitch finally get bitch-slapped of course!!!  The beat down Santana got in the Glee room was awesome.  When Rachel told her the only thing she will be a star at is dancing on a pole…outstanding!!!!  What I don’t get is her crying about it.  Quinn’s right, she can dish it out but she sure can’t take it.  And if you’re going to be the bitch, you have to know people are going to hate you and hate you huge.  So suck it up and deal with it!   Eventually she did and decided to get revenge in a sneakier way.  She was able to detect that Finn and Quinn were hooking up.  In order to prove it, she kisses a boy with mono (she’s had it so many times, she’s immune…ha!)  She then kisses Finn at his kissing booth knowing he will hook up with Quinn.  It works because they both show up in the choir room with mono and thus are both found out.  Oops.  At the end of the show when they are all hanging out at Breadsticks, Santana gives a little wave to Sam who eyes her up.   I guess they are going to move to these two hooking up.  Ok.  I still feel bad for Sam though.

Puck and Lauren

I don’t know what to think about this.  I don’t really like Lauren.  I haven’t been given a reason to like her and think she’s a bit of a nasty, grumpy person.  Maybe if I could have had some more insight into her leading up to this, I would have a different opinion but it is what it is.   I like the idea of exploring their relationship and the fact that she is being smart about it considering Puck’s reputation.  It could be really sweet.

The one area where I thought the writers missed a really big opportunity was with the fallout from Puck singing “Fat Bottom Girls” to her in the choir room.  He thought he was doing this awesome song to her but he didn’t get it at all.  She tells him that no one had ever sang a love song to her before and, at the same, no one ever made her feel more like crap.  Then…nothing.  They never revisited that.  I think it was important for Lauren to explain to him why that song was more insulting than sweet.  But it never happened.  If they want me to like Lauren and buy into this storyline, I need to know more about her.  I need to dig deeper into who Lauren is and what makes her the way she is.  Plus, it would have been a great time to show why the song was insensitive to her.  It makes me nervous about how they are going to handle this.   I hope they give it the respect it deserves!

Blaine and Kurt

These scenes were some of the funnier and more heart-warming parts of the episode.  We see that Kurt and Blaine have gotten really close (they even know each other’s Starbucks orders….cute!)  Blaine is asking for Kurt’s help to convince the Warblers to take their show on the road so he can serenade the boy he has a crush on.  Kurt is convinced it’s him so every time Blaine asks if what he wants to do is ok, Kurt answers based on what he would like…adorable!   Back on campus while talking to the other Warblers, Kurt finally learns who the true object of Blaine’s affections really is…an assistant manager at the Gap in the mall.   Poor Kurt!!!  So what’s a depressed gay guy supposed to do…have a sleepover with his girlfriends of course!!!

Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt have a sleepover at Rachel’s and it is my FAVORITE part of the episode.  I love that Rachel has gotten so close with Mercedes and Kurt.  We started to see Rachel and Kurt break down that barrier of competition to friendship towards the end of last season so that wasn’t a surprise.  But to see Rachel and Mercedes so close, is a surprise…a wonderful surprise.  There was still a lot of “diva” tension between those two and since Rachel’s been a little back-burnered this year and Mercedes has been non-existent, I guess their burgeoning friendship happened off-screen, unless I am completely forgetting something.   See, and this is what I have been talking about ALL YEAR!!!  I would have loved to have witnessed the evolution of their friendship.  From enemies/competitors, to friends who respect each other’s talents.  How great would that have been!!!   Ugh.  Both Rachel and Mercedes really needed a good girlfriend since Kurt was at Dalton.  It looks like they found each other….yeah!   It was great to watch them have a normal, teenage discussion about boys and whether or not they like them.  It was also nice to see Rachel being Rachel (turning Kurt’s issues with Blaine to all about her relationship with Finn) and instead of Mercedes getting pissed at her, she reminded her that this about Kurt not her.  It’s like she can respect Rachel is who she is and laugh it off and Rachel is learning how to be a real friend.  I. LOVED. IT.  The only thing that was missing from this scene was a song!!!  Wouldn’t this have been a perfect time for all 3 divas to belt out a tune?  Seriously, what does Mercedes have to do to get a song people???

Blaine, Kurt, and the Warblers hit the mall and Blaine busts out a version of “When I Get You Alone” to his crush.  Everyone is the Gap is loving this, except you know who.   It was so cute when he was outside the store with Kurt asking him if it was too much and second guessing himself.  Up until this point, Blaine has been the “together” student.  He seems to have his life all figured out.  It was nice to see him being just as unsure as the rest of kids.  It brought him back down to earth a bit and I think that’s good.  He was a little too perfect for a while there.  Mr Gap comes out and the first thing I thought was “Oh my God, he’s not out of the closet!”   My husband thought “Oh my God, this kid isn’t even gay!!”  We were horrified to hear what was going to come out of his mouth.  First, he tells Blaine he was just fired.  Are you kidding me?  What jerk would fire him for that?  You know what Mr Gap, if he would fire you for that, you can do better.  Go be Mr Banana Republic!   But he tells Blaine that not only did his boss not like it but neither did he because no one there knew he was gay.  Oh snap!   But the line of the episode happens next from Kurt: “Can I be honest? Just with the hair…I think they do.”  FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!  I don’t do it justice in print because his delivery is what makes it fantastic!   Mr Gap tells him that just because they got coffee twice, doesn’t mean they are dating.  Beside, he would get arrested because Blaine is under age.  Wow.  Mark Sanchez could learn something from Mr Gap!  It was heartbreaking for Blaine but slightly triumphant for Kurt because now the door is open for him!!!!

They talk at Starbucks again and Blaine is beating himself up for reading too much into their connection.  That’s when Kurt is openly honest with him about thinking all the talk about serenading the boy he likes and them always hanging out and singing gooey love songs with one another, meant Blaine was going to ask him out, not Mr Gap.  Blaine responds with “boy I really am clueless.”   Yeah buddy, you are!  He’s not sure he would be good in a relationship because he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend before.  Kurt admits, me too.  So they agree to be friends, really good friends.  “Like When Harry Met Sally” Kurt says.  “What, didn’t they end up together in the end?” Blaine asks.  Yes Blaine, they did!!!

At the end of the episode, everyone is at Breadsticks to celebrate being single and being anti-couple on Valentine’s Day.  I get why Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, Blaine, and to some degree Puck and Lauren were there.  But if this is anti-couple, why are Artie, Brittany, Tina, and Mike there?  That didn’t make any sense.  Sam is still technically in a relationship but I guess you couldn’t have the Santana/Sam as a couple set up if he wasn’t there.   We also got to here an incredible version of Wings’ “Silly Love Songs.”  Final question, is Blaine the only one who can sing solos for the Warblers?  Kurt made this speech about his friends coming out to support him so I was ready to hear Kurt belt one out.  Maybe they are being true to the story that since Kurt is still a rookie Warbler, he hasn’t earned his right to a solo yet.  Still.  I was hoping to hear Kurt for once!

I am just so happy to see the show back to its roots and I pray this is what we will be seeing the rest of the season because it was terrific!!!

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