REVIEW: Traffic Light “Pilot” S1 E1

09 Feb

I feel like when it comes to new comedies, I am reviewing the same show over and over again.  Here we have another comedy about 3 couples where the guys are college friends and are working on the balance between keeping their friendships going same as always and dealing with their relationships.    The show follows Mike, Adam, and Ethan.  Mike is married to Lisa and they have a baby.  Adam and Callie are just moving in together.  Ethan is single and uses his British accent to pick up women.  There was a 4th friend, Ben (who loves Chumbawamba’s Tub Thumping), but he passed away.

The characters were fine and there were some laughs here and there but this show seems to be going after the stereotypical laugh.  Meaning, the guys are always trying to find ways to see each other but since their wives/girlfriends are such shrews, they have to make up ridiculous lies and excuses to get out of the house to see each other.  Although, the one girlfriend, Callie, seems ok so I don’t know why Adam feels the need to have to lie to her.  The wife, Lisa, is a total bitch so I can see why Mike has to lie to her.  She apparently is so awful that when his friends call him in the car, he has to set up a code to let them know when she is in the car so they don’t talk in front of her.  In one scene, he promised Adam to help him out with his boss’ son’s Bar Mitzvah but he also told Lisa he would have lunch with her and her boss.  Instead of telling her how he promised to help Adam to keep him from getting fired from his crazy boss, he has to lie to her.  He eventually gets caught in the lie and she is going to make him pay through the ringer for it.  I guess it’s funny but it’s also a little unoriginal.  Plus Lisa is so unlikable that I find it hard to laugh at their scenes.  Instead, I feel bad for Mike that he’s stuck being married to her.

As I always say, I like to give shows a few episodes before making a final decision and lots of times these pilots are just setting up the characters and it gets better over time.  Hopefully that’s the case with this show.  I didn’t think it was awful but maybe I’ve had my fill of shows like this and I’m not giving it a fair chance.  I just hope it gets more creative with the comedy.


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