REVIEWS COMING SOON: Glee, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Traffic Light

09 Feb

Have to do my real job today people.    Sorry!   But later tonight I hope to get to all these reviews.  Some quick thoughts:

Glee: now this is the Glee I fell in love with.   This was sooooo much better than the Superbowl episode and got back to what makes this show great…the relationships and the music tying in so perfectly.  There were parts I loved and parts I still raise my eye brow towards.   Which ones were which?   Come back later!

Traffic Light: another comedy about 3 couples and their friendships vs. their relationships.  Didn’t this show basically premiere on NBC?  Perfect couples?  It was fine, wasn’t great.  More later.

The Good Wife: Alex P. Keaton is back!!  Another stellar episode and again, there is much to get into.   Many interesting facts were revealed tonight but there were still many points that kept you guessing.  And next week’s preview pissed me off.  I’ll tell you why later…although if you saw the preview and read my blog, you already know why!

Parenthood: I think this show has really hit its groove.  The Haddie/Alex storyline has really been in the forefront lately and it wrapped up (a little quietly for my taste considering all the fireworks) last night.  But Seth coming to town is finally going to put Sarah back in the mix and I don’t like Lauren Graham on a back burner.  She’s too good.  Plus there was the whole Crosby Jasmine dynamic…wow!!  Another show with lots to get into and I have lots to say…but it has to come later!!

So check back later tonight or tomorrow for these full reviews!!!

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