REVIEW & RECAP: Private Practice “Blind Love” S4 E13

11 Feb

I know what part we really want to get into but let’s get the other cases and storylines out-of-the-way so we can dive into what happened with Charlotte tonight.

Baby Natasha

I really didn’t like Pete in this one and it confirms why I would never want him as my doctor.  He makes so many decisions based on his heart instead of what is right.  And while it’s a somewhat admirable quality, it can cloud his professional judgement a lot of the time.  In this case, a solider has come back from Iraq after her fiance was killed from a car bomb and that same car bomb caused her to lose her one eye and semi-blind her in the other.  She has a newborn baby named Natasha.  Pete has asked Amelia to help out on the case since there may be a chance for her regain her sight in one eye.  She has shrapnel lodged in her brain that is causing the blindness.  Amelia thinks if she can remove it, there is a chance she may be able to see out of her one eye again.   While explaining this to her, they notice Natasha turning blue due to lack of oxygen they successfully resuscitate her but realize that Lizzie (the mom) was suffocating her but didn’t know it.  This starts to cause a rift between Amelia and Pete.  Amelia calls Eric’s (her dead fiance) mother and she wants to take Natasha with her if the surgery isn’t successful.   Pete is furious with Amelia but Amelia said she is looking out for Natasha’s best interests.  She performs surgery and when it comes time to see if it worked…Lizzie tells them all the colors in the room that she sees…the surgery was a success!!!!   Or was it?  Turns out the surgery didn’t work and Pete coached Lizzie on what to say to make it seem like it was success.   IS HE FOR REAL?   Did he really think so little of Amelia’s intelligence and abilities that he coached the patient to lie and think Amelia would never find out?   That is beyond appalling to me!  The guilt finally eats at him and he does the right thing and tell’s Eric’s mother the truth.   She and Lizzie come to agreement that his mom will stay and help her as long as she needs and Lizzie agrees.

I am so floored by what Pete did I can’t believe it.  If I were Amelia I would never work with him again and insist that they have a meeting about whether or not Pete should stay in the practice. How could he do that?  This woman had no family, friends, or money to pay for help to assist in raising her baby.  In front of them, she showed how dangerous that is with her almost suffocating the baby.   Amelia was simply looking out for the baby’s best interest and safety and Pete was making her feel like she was an awful person.  There have to be so many ethical medical rules Pete broke when he came up with the genius idea to have the patient lie about her true health.  Was he not concerned for the baby’s safety at all?   Just because she’s her mother doesn’t mean she’s the best fit for raising her in her condition with no help.  I really don’t understand how he didn’t see that.  And I really don’t understand why it was an all or nothing deal….either the baby was with Lizzie or her grandmother.   If Lizzie really had no family or friends around to help her and she wasn’t working because of her condition, then why not move to San Diego to be closer to Eric’s family so they can help her?   Wouldn’t that have been the best and easiest solution?   Lizzie would still be her mom everyday but his family would be able to be in her life more often by helping her.   Seemed like a no brainer to me.   Seriously though Pete, you are now the person on this show I most dislike.


Continuing from last week, Susan is rushed to the hospital and after he announcement to Addison last week about how she signed a DNR, you know where this is going.  They are able to stabilize her but when Susan wakes up the next day, she can’t breathe.  Addison goes to help her and Susan reminds her not to take any extra measures.  Just as she is crashing, Bizzy comes in.   Now remember, Bizzy has no idea about the DNR, which is another issue I will get to.  Addison doesn’t bring the crash cart in and follows Susan’s wishes and allows her to die.  Bizzy is furious and blames Addison for the whole thing…how surprising and uncharacteristic of Bizzy (cough..sarcasm…cough.)  Knowing Bizzy the way she does, why would she tell Addison about the DNR but not Bizzy?  She should know that if Addison doesn’t help her, Bizzy is going to blame her for it, which is exactly what happened.  Susan should have told Bizzy the truth.  The only person who was spared any pain from that decision was Susan.  But she made it 20xs worse for Addison and Bizzy.

Addison is devastated not only over losing Susan but that her mother is so angry with her.   She goes to see her in the chapel and tries to talk to her but it doesn’t work.   Bizzy is still furious with her and won’t let her forget it.  She storms out and leaves Addison there.  Later Addison goes to her hotel room where Bizzy’s room is in complete disarray and Addison tries to help her.  Bizzy just wants her gone but Addison refuses to go.  Bizzy finally stops and tells Addison how alone she is going to be without Susan and she finally starts to ease up on Addison and let her off the hook.  Addison tells her that even though Bizzy’s never told her this, she will tell her: “I love you” she tells her mom.  Does Bizzy tell her “I love you too?”   Nope.  But she hugs her and instead of agreeing to let Addison spend the night with her asks her to meet her for breakfast in the morning.  Addison agrees and she looks really happy when she leaves because she and her mom have made peace.  Now at this point, I knew when Addison came back that she wouldn’t be happy.  But I thought it was going to be because her mom left.  I had no idea what was really going to happen even though all the signs were there.  Addison does come back, but later that night.  When she walks in Bizzy’s room, she drops everything and runs to the bed.   And now I know exactly what is going on.  Bizzy has killed herself.

I’ve never liked the Bizzy character and I really hated her after this.  Not only did she do this, knowing her daughter would be the one to find her, but when they were having their conversation earlier about saying I love you, I think Bizzy knew at that point what she was going to do.  And instead of her giving her daughter the one and only thing she has ever wanted from her mother, to tell her she loves her, she didn’t do it.  I think that’s awful.

Charlotte and Crew

I know I have mentioned this before but I still think it warrants mentioning again that I think KaDee Strickland should be up for an Emmy this year.  She has been simply sensational and she brings it again this week.  I also think Paul Adelstein and Brian Benben deserve consideration as well because they have also been terrific.  Just when it looked like, over the last couple of episodes, that Charlotte was slowly starting to show some signs of her old self again and let her guard down slightly, reality smacks her right back in the face.  Guess who was rushed to the hospital with a stab wound to the chest?   Lee McHenry!  You know why he was stabbed in the chest?  Because he was beating the tar out of his girlfriend and she needed to defend herself or he was probably going to kill her.  Sam is the doctor in charge of treating him which I find to be a great choice considering what we learned about Sam earlier this year.  He goes and tells Charlotte that he is in the hospital and why.  Her first instinct…let him die.   That would be mine too.  Sam has basically told Charlotte that whatever she wants him to do, as the Chief, she needs to let him know.  It looks like she is going to want him to die.  Again, me too.  When she bumps into Cooper back at the practice she tells him what is going on.  Cooper, shockingly, wants her to tell Sam to let him die.  She enlightens Coop on a very difficult dilemma:

“If I tell Sam to kill Lee, that’s on me, forever.  If I tell Sam to save Lee, he’ll always be out there.  Either way Coop, I lose.”

To get away, she hides out in Sheldon’s office.  I really didn’t like Sheldon when he first came on but now he is one of my favorite characters.  With all the insanity that is on this show, Sheldon always seems to be the rational voice of reason.  Charlotte starts to talk to Sheldon about this and how she wants to inflict pain on the man who destroyed her world.  He gives her the best piece of advice in regards to how she should handle this: ”

“You make life and death decisions for patients every day.  I see you do it.  You’re logical and brilliant and dispassionate and if I ever had an emergency, I would want you to my doctor.  If you saw him on the street and he tried to attack you again, I believe you could kill him but when he comes into your hospital needing help, that’s different.  He took a lot from you Charlotte.  But you can’t let him take what makes you, you.”

That was brilliantly stated.  And I also agree that if I were in need of medical attention I would want a doctor like Charlotte King to treat me.   Sheldon is 100% right.  If she okays this, it would be understandable but it doesn’t make her any different from Lee.  She would be taking away someone’s husband, father, son, brother, whatever.  By law, even though we all know it isn’t true, she would be taking an innocent man’s life.  Again 100% justifiable.  But Charlotte King isn’t like that.  She’s better than that and Sheldon is just reminding her to look past her pain and deep into her soul to remember that part of her.

At the hospital, Sam is checking on Lee when Cooper comes in ready to rip Lee to shreds.  Sam is able to stop him and calm him down but you can see the devastation, anger, contempt, fear, sadness, and disgust all over his face.  Cooper tearfully asks Sam why he isn’t letting him die and Sam doesn’t answer him.  He tells him that he can’t see Charlotte get this hurt again after starting to get her life back on track.  Sheldon comes in and backs Cooper off Sam.  Cooper gets in Sheldon’s face and tells him to back off since he has nothing to do with this.  Sheldon (again the voice of reason) reminds Cooper that yes he does and that by the way, he and Charlotte are friends and is devastated at the fact he feels that he has let his friend down.  Cooper realizes he is right and apologies to him and to Sam.  But before he leaves politely asks Sam to let Lee die.

Now I know everyone’s emotions are on overdrive here and rightfully so but no one ever stopped to think about what they were asking Sam to do and the position they were putting him in.  They were basically asking Sam to betray his Hippocratic oath and either let the man die or outright kill him in surgery.  Talk about putting Sam in a horrible spot.  What makes it even more horrible is that Sam was already in this position before (with the child molester) and he chose to let the man die.  It has been haunting him to this day.  In fairness, I think the only people who know this are Addison and Naomi.  But still.  It’s a little much to ask Sam to do this and then to try to make him feel guilty if he doesn’t.  Obviously, it’s not people’s intentions to do that but that’s exactly what they are doing to him.

Outside of Lee’s room, Charlotte is watching Lee’s wife Nancy stand vigil by his side.  She can’t understand that at all and neither can I.  Naomi (the other voice of reason on the show) comes to talk to her.  Charlotte is still going back and forth over what she should do and Naomi reiterates, to some degree, what Sheldon already told her.  Basically she told her that if she allowed him to die, would that really bring her the peace she is looking for?  Charlotte asks her how she is supposed to know that.  Naomi says she doesn’t know but for her, when the man who almost killed Maya and Olivia was in the hospital, her gut told her that the only way she could let go of all of her anger and find true peace, was to forgive him.  Wow.  I don’t think I could do that and I can’t see Charlotte forgiving him.  I can see her doing the right thing, but forgive him?  I don’t know.   When Sam comes to see her, she tells him she’s made a decision…do what you can to save his life.  That’s my girl Charlotte!!!!

Before the surgery, Sheldon is still trying to calm down Coop and when Coop sees Sam getting ready to go in, he stops him and asks him one more time not to save him.  Again, do you realize what you are asking this man to do?  Sam tries to remind him of the oath they took and how he doesn’t have the right to do this no matter how bad this man is.  He tells him that Charlotte wants him saved.  Coop still doesn’t understand how Sam can do this and Sam tells him, because it’s wrong and where does it stop once we start.  Where is the line drawn?   He’s right and I know deep down, Coop knows he’s right too.  Coop leaves and Sam goes in.  Sam is prepping him for surgery and Charlotte comes in.  She goes and puts her face right in front of Lee’s.  It was so tense and at one point I could feel my breath catch for a second not knowing what she was going to say to him.  He looks absolutely terrified which is fantastic!!  She tells him that just in case he didn’t survive surgery, she wanted to be sure that the last face he saw, was hers!   She then looks up, confidently, at Sam and nods her head to move forward.  It. Wa. Awesome!   I love seeing Charlotte get her power back!

Nancy comes to see Charlotte.  There was a part of me that just wanted to throw things at her, like beer, and scream at her for being so incredibly insensitive to Charlotte.  But the other part of me felt so bad for her because she probably lives her life everyday in fear of this man.  She asks Charlotte if Lee is going to be ok and she tells her she has the best doctor working on him.  She looks around her office and asks if this is where it happened.  Charlotte now realizes she knows all about the rape (and is still with him anyway!!!!)  She apologizes to her and turns to leave.  Charlotte asks her just what she is sorry for.  That her husband raped her, that she’s too gutless to leave him, or that the male role model in her son’s life is a monster?   She tries to tell Charlotte how sweet and gentle he can be when he wants to.  Are you kidding me?  This woman, with a battered face so swollen and bruised she can barely see, is trying to tell the woman he brutally raped and beat, how GENTLE he can be?  I really don’t know how Charlotte kept her composure.  She tells Nancy that her relationship with Lee is going to end badly and she has one of two options.  The first one being trying to kill him again when he goes to attack her again, which he deserves.  But that won’t do her or her son any good.   The second one, is to take her son and run.  Run as far away from Lee as she can.   Nancy gives her a look and turns and leaves.

Now comes the scene of the episode.  When Lee wakes up from surgery in his room, it’s very dark.  He goes to life his arm and he sees it’s handcuffed to the bed.  Charlotte is standing by his window and you can only see her silhouette.  She comes toward him and tells him his wife called the police and told them that he admitted to raping Charlotte.   Thank God Nancy came to her senses!!!!  Lee asks Charlotte if she is going to hurt him and she laughs in his face.   And she puts him in his place in quintessential Charlotte fashion:

“If I wanted you dead, you’d be gone by now.  I spent all this time building you up in my head as some big bad monster.  Truth is, you’re nothing.  Nothing but a sad little man who has to beat and rape women to make himself feel big.  You got no power over me.  I’m not afraid of you, but I do pity you.  And I forgive you.”

Charlotte, as calmly and as powerfully as she made her statement to Lee, walks out of his room, shuts the door, turns around, holds her head high, and walks away.  Utterly amazing!  I have to say, I am SHOCKED she forgave him.  I knew she would put him in his place but I never thought she would forgive him.  I thought the writers did an excellent job of handling this and staying true to character.  There was no screaming or crying.  No ranting or raving.  Just a cogent, strong woman getting her ownership back and letting the disgusting, vile thug know, that she is just fine and that he is nothing to her.  From start to finish, this storyline was handled so beautifully and respectfully.  Not only do all the actors, in particularly KaDee Strickland, deserve mad props for their portrayal of this, but the writing team was outstanding!

In the end, Coop comes to find her in her office and asks how she is doing.  She is smiling and she tells him honestly that she’s ok.  Her office is just her office again and for the first time in a long time, she really feels like everything is going to be alright.   They hug and it’s a wonderful moment for the two of them.  I am so happy for Charlotte and Coop and think this was handled exactly how they wanted it to and on their terms.  You’re probably thinking, wait a minute…not on Coop’s terms because he wanted him dead.  I still say that Coop got what he wanted because deep down, all Coop wanted was for Charlotte to be alright and get the peace, she needed.  Not him.   Coop probably also realizes that with Lee going to jail, what will happen to him in prison being a rapist and wife beater, will be 50xs more horrible than what they would have ever done to him.

I am looking forward to seeing Charlotte and Coop rebuild their relationship together after getting some closure with Lee.  I think there will still be work that needs to be done, but with one enormous obstacle out of their way, I think these two can handle anything life throws at them!!

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