REVIEW: Supernatural “Unforgiven” S6 E13

12 Feb

Damn you Supernatural!  Just when I was so excited to have my Sam Winchester back you give me an episode that reminds me just how awful and un-Samlike he was.  Unforgiven takes us back to Bristol, Rhode Island and an old case “Sam” and Samuel worked together a year ago.  5 men mysteriously disappeared and “Sam” and Samuel were on the case.  It appears as if “Sam” has killed someone but we don’t know who.  Before “Sam” and Samuel get out of dodge, they get pulled over by a local cop who greets them pleasantly (since they were posing as FBI agents.)  But when the cop gets suspicious seeing blood all over “Sam”, he goes to arrest them and “Sam” beats the tar out of him and they leave.  We don’t know the whole story but we get bits and pieces in flashbacks.

In present day, Sam gets a strange text message from a number he doesn’t recognize.  The text is a bunch of numbers and it turns out the numbers are coordinates.  Dean looks it up and the coordinates are to Bristol, Rhode Island and he also finds information that 3 girls have gone missing.  Sam wants to go and Dean thinks it’s a bad idea since he has no idea where this text came from.  But they go and as they are driving up, they drive by the “Welcome to Bristol” sign and Sam starts getting flashes of a time with Samuel but he isn’t sure what to make of it.  Dean notices and asks him what’s up.  He tells him nothing.  I hate when the writers play this game.  Dean’s not dumb, he knows something is wrong with Sam, he’s going to find out eventually anyway, blah blah blah.  But Sam doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to worry Dean but he will eventually tell him what is really wrong blah blah blah.  Why don’t they skip over all that crap and just be honest with one another?  Ugh.

They stop to get something to eat at the Buccaneer and when Dean goes to the restroom, a couple come over to Sam and say hello to the “Agent.”  He doesn’t remember them but they obviously remember him.  When they go to leave, she gives him “cougar eyes”, as Dean calls it, and Sam flashes to a bathroom where he and the wife are getting it on.  I am so glad real Sam is back.   The more I see of “Sam” the more I hate him.  Meanwhile, when Dean is leaving the bathroom, he notices a wall of pictures highlighting all the pictures of people who gorged themselves on huge pieces of meat.  In one of the pictures, he sees “Sam” in the background.  They get back to the hotel and Dean wants to leave.  Sam doesn’t.  Both boys make valid points.  Dean says that one of dad’s huge rules was don’t hunt in the same place twice because you usually leave a huge mess behind.  Sam reminds Dean that another one of dad’s rules was finish what you start, which apparently “Sam” didn’t do before.  Sam wants to clean up the mess he made and Dean eventually acquiesces.  I think I have to side with Dean here.  It’s too dangerous for Sam to do this even though it may be admirable.  And if Sam wanted to fix every bad situation “Sam” created, they will never move forward and that wall in his head will come down faster than an imploded stadium.

Dean goes to question the last missing girl’s roommate and tells Sam to stay back.   He finds one of “Sam’s” FBI cards in the apartment and asks more about the agent.  She tells him he was there questioning them because one of the men in their building was one of the kidnapped men from a year ago.  She also tells Dean that he was quite fond of her roommate, in the biblical sense.  And we have a new name for “Sam”….”Whore Sam.”  Dean tries to call Sam but gets his voicemail.  He leaves him a message telling him that the missing girls all have one thing in common…they all banged the same dude, you!  Ha!  I love Dean.  The reason Sam didn’t answer his cell was because he went to the police station and promptly gets arrested by the cop he beat up a year ago.  Why Sam would do this is beyond me.  You know you know you have been here before and you are flashing on some bad things you did.  Do you REALLY think it’s a good idea to go to the police station?  Come on Sam!   While in jail, the sheriff’s wife, Brinna, comes over to talk to him and she is stunned that he doesn’t remember her or her missing husband.  She lets him out so he can find out what happened to Roy, her husband.  We then flash to couple from the Buccaneer (bathroom sex woman) and while heading into her basement looking for more box wine, she gets attacked and kidnapped by whatever this thing is.   Looks like Dean was right.

Back at where ever they are staying (which doesn’t look like a hotel room) they hear about another disappearance.  Dean wants to go investigate but tells Sam to stay put considering he just got arrested.  It’s not safe for him to be out.  Does he listen?   Noooooooooo.  He goes to see Brinna to talk more about Roy and what happened.  Sam starts getting flashes again and starts to slowly remember is connection with Roy and Brinna.   He asks to see the case files and he and Brinna start going through them together.  She tells him that she has come to terms with the fact that her husband is dead.  She just wants to know what happened.  Sam tells her that whatever happened, I’m sure he died a hero.  While going through the files, Sam flashes more and we see that he and Samuel thought it was an Arachne (spider) who was taking these people but didn’t know why.  Back in reality, Sam notices evidence that matches that theory and asks Brinna if he can take the evidence with him and she okays it.  With Dean’s suspicions confirmed, he thinks whatever is happening is a trap for Sam and wants to leave.   He meets Sam at Brinna’s and wants to get out-of-town.  As they are leaving, Sam notices the same spidey web crap on Brinna’s porch that he saw in the evidence box.  Could it be that Brinna is the Arachne?  I guess we’ll see!

While packing up, Sam tells Dean his suspicions about what is taking the girls and tells him about the Arachne and what he remembers about his investigation with Samuel.   But to make Dean feel better he tells him, hey, at least I don’t remember anything about hell!  As you can imagine, this doesn’t settle Dean at all!  If anything it makes him more insistent on wanting to leave but it makes Sam more insistent on wanting to stay.  Sam, I love you, but you are driving me crazy!!!  Really, I understand you wanting to right all these wrongs.  I get it.  It’s what makes you, you.   But what is more important, trying to find out wrongs you committed so you can right them (which I don’t think he could do) and possibly kill your self or moving on, accepting it was awful, and doing things moving forward that are good and right and will save your life!  Use your Ivy league education my man!  My pleading doesn’t work and they decide to stay.

Sam’s flashes start getting more detailed with the last being the most disturbing.  He flashes to a plan he had to use Roy as a decoy to attract the Arachne.  Unfortunately, Roy has no idea he is being used as bait.  It works and the Arachne takes Roy.  Samuel wants to hustle to find him but “Sam” says no.  They can track him on his cell phone GPS and find the Arachne’s lair.  Samuel comments about how cold “Sam” is and “Sam” just brushes it off.  They find where Arachne is keeping the men and they are wrapped up in the webbing but are still alive.  While they are trying to cut them loose, Arachne shows up and starts attacking them.  Samuel shoots her but it doesn’t stop her.  “Sam” pulls out a machete and cuts her head off.   That seemed to work just fine.   Note to self, method to kill Arachne, decapitation.  Samuel wants to free all the men but “Sam” tells him no.  He says they are slowing dying painful deaths and the right thing to do is put them out of their misery.  He starts with Roy and tells him he is dying a hero.   That sounds familiar doesn’t it?  “Sam” then goes and kills everyone else while Samuel cringes.  “Sam” then tells Samuel to get the gasoline.

Back in present day, Sam tells Dean everything he has flashed on and what happened.  Sam gets a call from Brinna who has asked her to stop by her house.  When he hangs up he tells Dean something is wrong, so they head to her house.   When they get there, Brinna lets them in and Brinna tells Sam that she knows what he did to Roy.   Just then, at very scary looking Roy comes out and attacks them and cocoons them.  Roy then tells them how he is still roaming around.  Thank God because I was very curious myself!  The reason the female Arachne came to town was that she wanted to breed with them.  So she has already turned them when “Sam” and Samuel “killed” them.  Then Roy makes a rookie mistake and he James Bonds him.  Meaning he tells him word for word how he is going to destroy him instead of actually doing it.   Dumb.  Dean is able to get free and goes after him.  Sam is still trapped and surprisingly, Brinna frees him so he can save Dean.   He grabs a machete and in Groundhog Day form, chops Roy head off.  When they go to leave, he tries to apologize to Brinna for what happened and she slams her door in his face.  This is why I was surprised she helped him.  If she was that pissed he set her husband up to be killed, wouldn’t you rather have you husband (even though he really isn’t Roy anymore but a spider) kill him vs. helping to free him so he can kill Roy?  I know her husband as she knew him is dead, but still.  I thought it was strange.

Packing up to leave, Sam tells Dean he was right.   Yeah no shit we have all been trying to tell you that for a while assface!!!   Ugh, he drives me nuts sometimes!!!  Dean says at least they were able to kill the Arachne.  But that comment made me think…what about the other 4 guys from that day?    Aren’t they still out there?   And what about the girls?   They may have killed one but it seems there are many more out there.  I’m just saying.  But when Dean is talking to Sam, he notices Sam collapse to the floor having a seizure.  We get to see inside Sam’s head and we see Sam in hell being burned alive.   Yikes!!!  This is going to end badly, I have a feeling!


I hope this isn’t want Part 2 of this season will turn into…Sam constantly wanting to make up for what “he” did and Dean trying to stop him but eventually relenting and supporting Sam.   I know I say this a lot, but I agree with Dean 100%.  Sam wasn’t Sam last year.  He didn’t do these things, his body did.  Personally, I fully believe that you aren’t who you are without your soul.  Your soul is everything that makes you, you and your body is just the vessel used to express it.  And that’s what happened.  Sam without his soul is just “Sam” the vessel, not the real Sam.  So Sam is wrong when he says it doesn’t matter if his body had his soul or not because he still did those things.  No he didn’t.   He is 100% wrong.  If his body didn’t have his soul, he didn’t do those things…it is that simple.  But I can appreciate that it’s still hard to come to terms with because other people who he has wronged don’t know that.  They see his body and accuse him of being the horrible person he was because they don’t know the story (nor would they believe it if they heard the truth.)  Hopefully after this experience, he will listen to Dean and stay away from ANY areas he was once in so he doesn’t have to deal with the memories and risk “scratching the wall.”  This is one area Samuel could make it up to them for screwing them earlier in the season.   Samuel should tell Sam and Dean every place they went over the last year so Sam can avoid them at all costs.

So what did the end of this episode mean?  The boys are Supernatural so I feel 99.9% comfortable is stating that I don’t think Sam will die (permanently.)  We just spent the first half of the season with “Sam” and from some other sites I read who comment on the show and also read the comments other fans post, it seems not too many people liked first half “Sam” and are happy the real Sam is back.  I would be really surprised if the writers eventually lead to the end of this season with Sam going back to “Sam.”   I have to think Dean, Sam, and Bobby will find a way to keep Sam safe and maintain real Sam.  I don’t know how at this point but there will be something.  That’s obviously expected so it would be interesting if they went another direction but I doubt that would happen.

What do you think?  Should the writers take Sam in another direction or back to a darker Sam like before but maybe not as extreme?  Or was what happened at the end of Unforgiven just a smoke screen to keep us on our toes?

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