REVIEW: Mad Love “Fireworks” S1 E1

21 Feb

Dr Elliott Reid is back on TV!!!!  Raise the roof people!!!!!  I’m a loser, I know.  As much as I was happy to see Sarah Chalke back on TV, I wasn’t sure how this show would be.  But it had promise.  Aside from Chalke it has Tyler Labine and Judy Greer.  Both actors who are incredibly hilarious and have great comedic timing.  Their chemistry in the pilot was terrific and I wouldn’t be surprised if over time, their story becomes more interesting than Ben and Kate’s.  The one down side is Jason Biggs.  I have never been a Jason Biggs fan and so far he is living up to disappointment.  But I can live with him because everyone else rocks!

I have to say, when I first saw the show, Ben (Biggs) reminded me a poor man’s Ted Mosby.  He even looks a little like Ted.  He also the straight man surrounded by all the funny actors.  Although in fairness to Ted, he is having one of his strongest seasons this year.  But I digress.   Apparently though, I am not the only person who made a HIMYM analogy in regards to Mad Love.  I read some other reviews about the show and most reviews compare this show to HIMYM.  Some people also went as far to say that it was a HIMYM knock off or a not a good version of HIMYM.  I don’t know if I would go quite that far but there are some similarities.  Either way, I enjoyed Mad Love much more than I thought I would.

Where I have to agree with some of my fellow reviewers is that the best part of the show is Larry (Labine) and Connie (Greer.)  Maybe it helps that I have always been a huge fan of both actors and they both deserve a hit.  So if for no other reason, I want to see this show do well for Labine and Greer and of course Chalke!  Basically, this show is about the love story between Ben and Kate and their best friends Larry and Connie hate one another.  It’s a very simple premise out of the gate but with the comedy prowess of Chalke, Labine, and Greer, it should be a decent show.  You should check it out.  At this point I wouldn’t say it’s DVR material, but if it’s on, I will definitely watch it.


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