REVIEW: Castle “Setup” S3 E16

22 Feb

I don’t think there are enough words to describe how insanely awesome Castle was last night.  Just when I think this show can’t get any better, it blows me away.  There are so many incredible plot lines to get into but since I am trying to not have my posts go over 3,000 words, I will only highlight the big big stuff.


Even though these relationships are secondary to the main relationship between Castle and Beckett, they are just as powerful when highlighted in the right context.  It’s no secret how much Castle loves his family and he will do whatever he can to keep them safe.  There was another episode where there was danger and he did something to protect Alexis and Martha and tonight he did it again.  Martha had plans to go to a spiritual retreat with Alexis and Alexis did not want to go.  So Castle helped her out and told her she had to stay home and study for Physics.  But after certain events unfolded in the case (mainly a nuclear bomb that has gone missing in the city) he tells Alexis that she should go with her grandmother and spend that quality time together.  Alexis isn’t stupid and knows something is up.  But she also smart enough to know that it must be something big so don’t question it.   Great family dynamic!

The Case/Agent Mark Fallon

A muslim cab driver is found murdered and the evidence surrounding his murder is oddly suspicious.  As they dive deeper into the case, we find that the victim is being tied to terrorism when they connect information in his cab to a storage locker that is holding explosives, artillery, and the components to construct a dirty bomb…and the bomb itself is missing.  Department of Homeland Security Agent Mark Fallon (played by the wonderful Adrian Pasdar) is brought into the 12th to assist and eventually take over the case.  Fallon, early on, comes across as a douche (Beckett’s words, not mine…however I concur) but I think there are still more levels to Agent Fallon that have yet to be revealed.  The main scene that jumps out displaying is douchery, is when he is questioning the victim’s wife about her knowledge of her husband’s activities while she is holding her newborn baby in her arms.  The questioning soon turns to berating and he threatens to have her baby taken away from her if she doesn’t cooperate and tell him the truth.  She is beside herself and Beckett doesn’t like how this is being handled but Fallon backs off and tells her he believes her and lets her go and promises that no one will take her baby.  After she leaves, he talks to Beckett and tells her that it went well.  Her house is being bugged and it was important that she know Fallon believes her so she will let her guard down and hopefully reveal something.  While it came across and cruel and unnecessary, I think it was perfectly appropriate because you never know who is lying and sometimes things have to get ugly for the truth to come out.

Fallon is convinced the victim and his brother, Jamal, are terrorists (especially when they watch video of Jamal moving a crate they believe has the bomb in it) but Castle isn’t so sure.  He asks for Beckett’s help to investigate a lead and she agrees.  I’m going to get more into this in the Castle/Beckett section but this really showcased Beckett’s level of trust in Castle.  As much as we all love Castle and think he is absolutely an asset to the 12th, there is NO WAY a civilian should be questioning suspects in a homeland security investigation.  And a cop as good as Beckett should have NEVER let him do it.  But there is something deeper going on here that we will discuss in a minute.  Anyway, Castle and Beckett are found out and both thrown off the case.  C&B decide to “go rogue” and investigate their lead on their own while Fallon and the 12th go after the Alhabi brothers.  C&B find a connection with Kevin McCann, another cab driver that knew the victim, and go to look into it on their own.  It leads them to a warehouse where, eureka, the stumble on a van.  Meanwhile, Fallon, Captain Montgomery, Esposito, and Ryan, are going after their lead which is a moving truck where they believe the bomb is.  They open the truck, C&B open the van and guess who was right?   C&B of course!!!!!  C&B see the bomb with a countdown clock and suddenly shots ring out.  They are trapped but they find a door as an escape and they enter.  It isn’t an escape but a freezer.  Beckett thinks the terrorists are going to come in after them and she has her pistol aimed at the door.  Instead, they lock her and Castle inside (along with Jamal Alhabi’s frozen dead body.)  Oops.  With C&B locked inside, the terrorists (who we still have yet to see) take off in the van and head towards downtown NYC.

Unfortunately the previews for next week don’t leave you hanging for long because they show Castle and Beckett back in the 12th helping to find the bomb.  We don’t know how they get out, but we know they get out (I think we all know that was going to happen anyway!)  I just hope the next episode titled “Countdown” doesn’t have Fallon getting killed.   I have a bad feeling that is exactly what is going to happen, but I hope it doesn’t.  But I can’t wait to see the resolution!!!!

Castle and Beckett

This episode more than any other we have seen, really showed the fans where their relationship stands and how deep their feelings run for one other.  We got so much insight with just a few little things here and there, it was awesome.

There is obviously something going on with Beckett and Josh, and it isn’t good…yea!!  She isn’t talking about it or opening up because, like Esposito says, she plays things close to the vest, but you can see she is upset and a little distracted.  When C&B are investigating the storage locker, her radiation detector goes off (who knew she had one of those on her person) and C&B are placed in quarantine.  During this moment, Beckett opens up to Castle about what is going on with her and Josh.  We also learn, more importantly so does Castle. what Beckett really wants.  She wants someone she can trust and someone who will be there for her when she really needs them.  Sounds easy enough.  But if you know Beckett’s history, you know trust does not come easy to her and you really need to prove yourself to her over and over again.  Josh seems like a great guy…hot, a doctor, hot, working with struggling countries to assist with medical treatment, hot, smart, hot.  You get the picture.  But with him going on another stint with Doctors without Borders, Beckett starts to learn that this is how life with a saint will be.  He will always be off on the next mission to save the world but where does that leave her?  Beckett doesn’t want to be with someone she can’t count on.  Right as Castle was going to say something to her, they were removed from quarantine.  And believe me, I was just as upset as he was.

I think the big reason Beckett won’t “go there” with Castle (aside from the writers saying it isn’t time yet) is that he is her only true friend and confidant.  Think about it.  Beckett really doesn’t have any family.  You never see her hanging out with girlfriends.  All she has is herself.  Must be pretty lonely sometimes.  But in Castle she has found a true friend and someone she can trust, be herself around, and really open up.  She is probably afraid that if she crosses over into the romantic element and it doesn’t work out, she is going to lose not only her best friend but her only friend and only person in this world that she truly trusts.  That must be very scary for her.   Castle is a very smart man.  I’m sure he also senses and sees this as well and that’s why he isn’t pushing it with Beckett.  It shows how much he really loves her.  You could also see it in the scene where Fallon is talking about making sure everyone’s loved ones are safe and away from the city.  Ryan and Esposito are talking about keeping their significant others safe and the only person Castle is looking at, is Beckett.  You can see it in his face that all he wants to do is grab her and whisk her away to the same spiritual retreat Martha and Alexis are on so that she can be safe.  But he knows he can’t do that.

At one point, after listening to Fallon and disagreeing with his direction, Castle asks to speak with Beckett.  He tells her his theory and that they should investigate it further but in another direction on their own.  He asks for her help and she agrees.  This is when he went to speak to the foreign ambassador.  In her gut, Beckett had to know this is wrong.  But Castle has earned her respect and his outside the box thinking has been helpful to them in the past.   But she didn’t even blink.  When he asked for her support, she never hesitated and agreed.  This again shows a level of trust and connection that she simply doesn’t share with anyone else.  She wouldn’t have let anyone else do this but him.  And when they both got tossed from the case, they picked right back up on their lead in his house and went right back to work as a team.  There was no bitching at Castle by her that she was thrown off the case.  She didn’t like what she saw from Fallon and she has Castle’s back so she had no problem going rogue with him.

I really felt like this episode highlight the richness and complexity of their relationship.  To me, when I watch something like this, as much as I want them together, I completely understand why they are apart.   Beckett will eventually break down that wall of fear and go for it.   But she isn’t ready yet and I think Castle sees that and understands.  That’s what makes waiting for them to get together a non-issue for me.  It’s very different from Bones where Hart Hanson is just finding stupid ways to keep Brennan and Booth apart at this point.  I can still be patient with C&B because it makes sense.   But don’t make me wait too long Andrew!!!!

Another fantastic episode.  I can’t wait for the conclusion on Monday night!!!


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3 responses to “REVIEW: Castle “Setup” S3 E16

  1. Rich

    February 24, 2011 at 2:14 am

    This was filled with the best insight I’ve read concerning the Beckett Castle relationship, and I can add nothing to this great piece, but, I must admit I feel an aching when I watch the show, or at least lately, that it’s time to move on.

    Your perspective is interesting, but as a man, I see it differently. And Castle love or not, is a patient man. I love the show, but I must admit, I am growing tired of wondering just what it is that Beckett is thinking.


    • fortheloveoftv

      February 24, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      Hi Rich,

      That’s an interesting take on it. I can see how people get frustrated with the whole “will they or won’t they” dynamic that many shows utilize right now.

      I think “Castle” is handling it the best of any show right now. There are legitimate reasons C&B aren’t together. However, it’s still only season 3. If we get to the point where it’s season 5 and nothing has progressed and now they are finding dumb ways to be apart, then I will be right where you are.

      Now I may be reading way to much into this but I think last season when Beckett was going to make a move and Castle showed up with his ex and they left for the Hamptons, I think that crushed Beckett a little. And if she can feel that much hurt with just attempting to start something, imagine the hurt she would feel if it falls apart. I think that’s where her head is at right now. For her, I think there are more reasons than not, to not go for it with Castle. Right now.

      Thanks for the reply and reading the blog. Come back anytime!

  2. War Blogger

    March 1, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Overall a great episode with great tension, but I’ll be going on a rampage if they end up using the cheap “24” cop-out of the real bad guys behind it being some white militia dudes or an equally white cabal of pseudo-Republican businessmen. That “twist” has been done to death.


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