QUICK REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Garbage Island” S6 E17

23 Feb

One big revelation was revealed in this episode and one huge question was raised, again.  Zoey is not the mother…thank God.  My husband was emphatic that she was and I wasn’t sure but I leaned towards no.  Either way, I’m glad she’s not.  Not because I don’t like Zoey, I just don’t see any chemistry with her and Ted.  It feels very forced to me.  I thought there was more chemistry with Ashley Williams’ character from Season 1 or 2.  I forget her name but she was the cupcake maker.  I liked her.  Anyhoo, now that we know Zoey isn’t the mother, what do they do with her?  I certainly don’t want to waste anymore time exploring their relationship since we know it won’t go anywhere.  So my assumption is that within the next few episodes, we will see how they end badly (like future Ted told the couple he bumped into at the airport) and Ted and Zoey will break up.  We also know Ted will meet her at the mysterious wedding later this year.  Which leads us to our big question again….whose wedding is this?

There has been so much debate on the web, in my house, at my friend’s house, about whose wedding this is at the end of the year.  My first gut reaction in the beginning of the season was Barney and Robin.  And most people thought the same thing.   Then we had the funniest episode of the season, “Glitter,” that introduced us to Ted’s friend Punchy.  Punchy’s getting married and asks Ted to be his best man.  I really think this is an anomaly though.  First off, it looks like Marshall is in the wedding and Punchy and Marshall aren’t friends.  And when Lily comes out to get Marshall and Ted, she appears to be in a bridesmaid dress and I’m sure Punchy’s bride isn’t friends with Lily.  So the natural assumption is Barney and Robin’s wedding (since we didn’t see either of them) and not Punchy and Mrs. Punchy’s wedding.  Now we have scenario #3…Barney and Nora.   (Deep exhaling sigh.)  I don’t know what to think about this.  I like Nora.  She’s smart, she’s gorgeous, and she loves Laser Tag!!!  I could see Barney being with someone like her.  But can you see Barney progressing through this relationship fast enough to get married in a few months?  I don’t think so.  I almost wish Nora could be the mother because I really like the actress!  I am still holding out for Barney and Robin.  Robin doing all these things to help Barney get Nora, I think will open both their eyes to how much they really care about each other.  Unfortunately, Nora may be collateral damage here.  I think it was so obvious that it was Barney and Robin’s wedding in the beginning of the season, that the writers are throwing up all these red herrings so it would take attention away from B&R.  But I refuse to do it!  I am still holding my ground that it will be B&R getting married at the end of the season.


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3 responses to “QUICK REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Garbage Island” S6 E17

  1. Allie

    February 23, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    I really, really, really, want it to be robin and barney, but i dont think it will be. they’re the two people with realtionship issues. it would make much more sense for them to get married in vegas or something if they did get married this quickly. wait, now i change m mind. i dont want it to be robin and barney because i want to see how thier relationship plays out, but i think nora is the mother. she’s awesome and cool and not blond.

    • fortheloveoftv

      February 24, 2011 at 3:03 pm

      I’m with you. I don’t want Barney and Robin to be rushed. However, I would rather have a rushed B&R vs. Barney with someone else or Robin with someone else.

      There is also still the possibility that this wedding is something we don’t see coming at all. I don’t think it’s likely but you never know!

  2. Allie

    February 23, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    on yeah, and im so glad its not zoe. i like jennifer morrison, but shes not good at comedy.


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