QUICK REVIEW: The Good Wife “Silver Bullet” S2 E15

23 Feb

This will be a quick one because for once, not a whole moved forward this week but it looks like next week will be the big showdown in the firm!

The case saw the return of Diane’s love interest Kurt McVeigh (guest star Gary Cole) as he is being sued because of his testimony in a case where a suspect was wrongfully accused.  Diane defends him with Alicia and he is found not guilty because his testimony from the earlier trial was found to be correct based on information from a video of the murder.  He also asks Diane to run off with him to Costa Rica and she sadly declines.

Meanwhile, Bond is starting to get suspicious of Diane thinking she is onto their plan.  He confronts Will with this news and Will calms him down saying it isn’t true.  Either way, Bond wants to rehire some of the people he fired last week.  So much for that plan panning out.  Next week though, it looks like this all comes to a head and the vote is going to happen.  I don’t think there is going to be that much suspense.  Does anyone think Diane will get voted out and Bond will stay?   Nah I didn’t think so.  But I still can’t wait to see this play out.

I don’t know what to think about the Grace situation.  She looks to be rebelling to some degree but also seems to be very confused.  She befriended a girl who is religious (and maybe a little over the top with it) and now she is watching videos of people taking Christianity and spinning it into a twisted platform to be able to manipulate young, impressionable kids into rebelling against their parents and the “system.”   Now Grace seems to be a smart girl to me so I’m not sure why she would be so gullible as to buy into what garbage the Mustard Seeds were spewing.  But she is and her mother is as confused as Grace is but in a different way.  She wants to help Grace but she isn’t sure what Grace wants because Grace doesn’t know what she wants.  Regardless, Alicia will always be there for her daughter and help her in any way she can.

The Eli Natalie dynamic was quite interesting.  Was the show trying to pose them as romantic interests?  It seemed like they were.   But I tried to take it more as Eli seeing a little bit of himself in Natalie and since he has daughter right around her age, I think he felt slightly protective of her.  In trying to find holes to poke in Wendy Scott Carr’s campaign, they found a nanny, Natalie (guest star America Fererra), who is in the country illegally and Carr knew it.  Worse, when she realized she may hurt her in the campaign, she fired her.  Eli poses as a man looking for a nanny and goes to interview her.  During his interview, he realizes she’s a good, smart kid and knows that if he goes after Wendy using her, he is going to destroy her as well.  He is really torn about this but he ends up using the information.  It was nice to see a human side to Eli.  Until this point, he has pretty much been shown as the no holds bar, no conscious campaign manager.  We know that isn’t the case (maybe) but this week really showed a different side to him.  He saw how is actions can impact other people and not just the candidate.  Even though Natalie was a great kid trying to get her citizenship (which Eli helped move along) she used someone else’s Social Security Number to get into college.  So as likable as she was, she did break the law.  But it doesn’t mean she deserved to be ambushed by the media the way she was.  And Eli was sick about it, you could tell.

Tune in next week people.  The main showdown takes place and The Good Wife can really use some ratings help!

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