QUICK REVIEW: The Chicago Code “Gillis, Chase, and Baby Face” S1 E3

24 Feb

I’m still catching up so this will be quick.

How difficult is life for Teresa Colvin right now?  She has to deal with an extremely powerful and corrupt alderman in Ronin Gibbons.  She has to deal with the fact that many of the cops under her command and have little to no respect for her and hate her.  And she has to deal with the mother of Antonio suing her because of his death.  How that woman isn’t drunk all the time is beyond me.

I am loving the chess match being played between Colvin and Gibbons right now.  Gibbons is starting to realize that he doesn’t have as much “control” over Colvin as he thought he would so he is setting some things in motion.  He sets up her Chief of Staff so he can be fired and Gibbons can place one of his people in her office to stay one step ahead of her.  Colvin is on to him though and she decides that this could benefit her because she can feed the information to her new CoS that she wants Gibbons to hear.  Each player is thinking a few moves ahead and each one thinks they have the leg up on the other.  It’s really fantastic to watch.

Delroy Lindo is terrific as Alderman Gibbons.  He is the perfect mix of perceived class, sophistication, and intelligence mixed with greed, violence, and sleaze.  He is truly a bad ass and a bad guy.  He made the top Irish Mob Boss putty in his hand when he set him up as a child pornographer after Gibbons didn’t take a liking to a tone that Killian was taking with him.  It showed that the alderman is not some one you want to mess with.  He can get to anyone at anytime and come out looking like the hero.  Prime example, he sets up Colvin’s CoS on a bribery charge and then he goes on TV to talk about how he is going to clean up the corruption inside the CPD.  No wonder Colvin started hurling objects across her office!

I am also really enjoying the developing partnership between Caleb and Jarek.  Jarek’s a great cop and I really respect his loyalty to Colvin, his ex-partner, even though he is risking his own reputation within the CPD.  As I mentioned before, lots of veteran cops are not on Colvin’s side and since Jarek is, other cops are giving him a hard time…to the point that they put he and Caleb and a 6 year-old girl in terrible danger but not responding to his call for backup.  But as Jarek has Colvin’s back, so far Caleb has Jarek’s.  And that’s tough as a young detective trying to make a name for yourself to be aligned with one of the best but one of the most mistrusted currently in the CPD.  I give Caleb a lot of credit for that because that takes guts.  And Jarek is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters on TV.

The ratings climbed a little this week for the Chicago Code which is encouraging but we need more people watching because this is the best cop show on TV right now.

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