REVIEW: Parenthood “Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew’s Therapist” S2 E17

24 Feb

I think it’s fair to say that I am going to need a HUGE box of tissues for next week’s Parenthood.  You all know how much of a crier I am and you know it’s bad when you start crying DURING THE PREVIEW!!!  My husband hasn’t stopped laughing at me.  And he shouldn’t…I’m pathetic!!!


Let’s get this one out-of-the-way so we can get to the big stuff.   And I hate to do this because I have been clamoring for a big Joel/Julia focus for a while now but like I said, I am trying to cut down on the length of these reviews.  Sydney is now all of a sudden a vegetarian.  I think it’s pretty funny for a 6 year-old to decide that but whatever.  J&J have decided to go with it.  It’s probably a good idea because you know what, after a while, she’ll hate it and come back to eating normal food.  And if she doesn’t, then she’ll appreciate the fact that you supported her and it was obviously legit.

As usual, Zeek becomes his typical asshole self.  Instead of respecting J&J wishes for THEIR daughter, he decides what is right and wrong and what the rules should be in J&J’s house.  Now, in general, do I think kids today have too much to say and parents are letting them dictate too much of how things should be in a household…yes.  But for Pete’s sake…she’s 6!!!!  So she wants to eat vegetables instead of meat.  Is that really a hill you want to die on?  I don’t think so.  And I am with Julia that he undermines her as Sydney’s mother when he decides to change the rules that J&J have agreed to.

Camille surprising backs him up and as a result Zeek comes to thank her while she is folding laundry.  They end up making out and getting busy in the laundry room.  So it’s nice to see their relationship moving forward.


Adam seems to be getting his panties in a bunch over the fact that Alex is spending so much time at their house.  I don’t really see what the problem is.  Would he rather Haddie and Alex spending time at their house where they can supervise them constantly?  And instead of whining to Kristina about it, maybe he should sit Haddie down and tell her that Sundays are just for family right now.  He can come over any other time but he would Sunday just for them.  That’s not so hard is it?  Sheesh.


Seth and Drew are getting closer each week and now it seems Sarah is also liking the idea of having him around.  Guess who still hasn’t warmed up though? That’s right.  Amber.  Seth brings her a guitar as an olive branch and she is having no part of it.  Later Drew comes to her room and asks her not to be so mean to their father.  They get into it but Amber tries to explain that he is just going to leave again and she doesn’t want Drew to get hurt.

Before Sarah leaves for work, she is trying to make them dinner but is absolutely brutalizing a chicken.  Seth and Drew come in and help her with dinner.  Then Amber comes down and Seth asks her to go with him and Drew to Alcatraz since he knows how much she likes it.  Well this set her off.  She starts ripping into him about what little he knows about her and all the things he has missed in her life.  She starts crying hysterically calling him a loser for missing out on their lives and tells him she doesn’t want to see him.  It’s grueling to watch Amber go through this but as usual, Mae Whitman hits a home run.  She is so amazing in this scene.  Actually when isn’t she amazing, really.

This also hits Seth right in the gut and after this beat down he receives, surprise surprise, he now has a gig in Seattle and he needs to leave town the following morning.  He goes and tells Sarah at the bar and asks her to tell the kids to which she begrudgingly agrees to do.  I was so pissed at her for that but then she quickly redeemed herself.  When Seth leaves, she storms out after him and tells him that he can’t do that to them and don’t make her the bad guy because she will bad mouth him to the kids for this.  She tells him that he will be at the house in morning to say good-bye to his children.  I wondered if he was going to show up or bail.  I thought he was going to bail.  But he showed up and said good-bye and off he went.  But not before he bumped into Sarah and told her that she is really the true talent and artist…he was just the dumb ass who played the guitar.  You can tell this means a lot to her and is breaking her heart at the same time.  As she said, this guy was the love of her life (still is if you ask me) and she still loves him and sees those glimpses why she fell in love with him to begin with.  So it crushes her just as much as the kids, every time Seth bails.  Do you think we’ve seen the last of him?   Something tells me no.


What is going on here really shows how your actions can sometimes have such huge ramifications on innocent people you never even thought about.  Obviously Crosby and Jasmine are having a rough time and it’s about to get worse since Crosby slept with Gaby.  When Gaby was working with Max, Jasmine showed up at Kristina’s and was apologizing for missing Max’s party and she starts to tell her what is going on.  Gaby overhears and she just can’t take it.  Later that night, she shows up at Kristina and Adam’s and tearfully resigns as Max’s teacher.  A&K are dumbfounded and have no idea where this is coming from.  Kristina goes to see Gaby at her home.  She is so confused by this and really wants to know the real reason Gaby is leaving.  She tells her that she can open up to her even if it is personal.  Gaby basically tells her what is going on and Kristina, who was not expecting that, looks like she is going to kill her.

Jasmine has finally decided she wants to talk to Crosby about what is going on.  She goes to see him on his boat and Crosby is pretty hammered.  He wants no part of talking to her in that condition but she insists, especially when he won’t even look at her.  Crosby tells Jasmine that he slept with someone else.  She wants to know who and he won’t tell her.  He goes to hug her and apologize and she completely freaks out (rightfully so), throws stuff at him, and storms out telling him that she will never forgive him for this.  Oh boy.  While I have not been part of the Jasmine fan club, she did not deserve this.  I would never forgive that either.  You have one bad fight (granted it was pretty bad) and your instinct is to sleep with someone else.  Ugh.  I wouldn’t blame Jasmine if she packed up her stuff and left town with Jabar.

Back at Adam and Kristina’s, Kristina tells Adam what is going on and why Gaby really resigned.   Adam is livid.  He wants to go to Crosby’s and give him a beat down.  Apparently Crosby’s ears were ringing because he walks into A&K’s to apologize for what happened.  He and Adam get into a screaming match.  Crosby apologizes for them losing their babysitter and that just sets them off.  Come on Crosby…babysitter?   Really?  When Adam tries to explain to him that Gaby was more than just a babysitter, that she was his teacher and a specialist who works with autistic children with Aspberger’s and does Crosby get that Max has Aspberger’s, guess who is standing on the steps listening to whole thing?  Max.  If you haven’t been watching Parenthood, Max doesn’t know he has Aspberger’s.  A&K have never told him.  Well now he knows he has Aspberger’s but he has no idea what that means which means A&K are going to finally have to have that difficult discussion with him.   And Crosby has forced their hand.

There were so many relationships destroyed or damaged as a result of Crosby and Gaby’s horrible decision…Jasmine and Crosby, Crosby and Adam, Crosby and Kristina, Gaby, Kristina, and Adam, Gaby and Max, and Adam, Kristina and Max.  Not only would I expect Jasmine to never forgive Crosby but if I were Kristina or Adam, it would be really hard for me to ever forgive him as well.  As a result of Crosby’s actions, Max lost his teacher with whom he was very connected to and this could possibly destroy much of the progress he has made and significantly set him back.  And on top of all that, A&K are forced to talk to Max about Aspberger’s before they were ready to do so.  How do you forgive that?  I know they will eventually but in the immediate future, things between all of them will be pretty strained.  It’s just a horrible situation.

I hope you all go out and buy lots and lots of Kleenex before next Tuesday’s episode because you are going to need it as Adam and Kristina finally tell Max about his Aspberger’s.

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