SEASON FINALE RECAP: Episodes “Episode Seven” S1 E7

24 Feb

Really the only thing I can complain about with “Episodes” is that it was way too short a season.   I very much enjoyed this on my Sunday nights and I’m a little perturbed that it won’t be back on again for a while.  Not surprisingly though, the network did end up picking up the Pucks! pilot and so that should indicate that we will be seeing more of Bev, Sean, and Matt with the next season of Episodes.  Please renew it Showtime!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I was quite stunned that Bev slept with Matt.  And not because she has hated him all season because that happens quite a lot.   But other than seeing her husband “wanking” to Morning’s sex tape and Sean hiding the fact that Morning was at the rape event, there was no proof that anything happened between the two of them and she never gave him a chance to explain.  She jumped to a HUGE conclusion and as a result, possibly destroyed her marriage.   Talk about epically bad decision-making!!!

Remember when Bev actually caught Sean wanking (I love that word now and promise to use it more often) to Morning’s video and she started to cry?  It really broke my heart for her.  That feeling for me was 10 fold when Sean arrived back home after seeing Matt (and getting into one of the funniest fight scenes I have ever seen) and confronting Beverly with what he learned about her and Matt sleeping together.  He tells her that she has lichrally (that’s British for literally) broken his heart and he is crying like a little girl who just lost her favorite dolly.  He tells her “you are the one person, in this whole world, that I thought I could trust.”  That one line (and the delivery of it) really shines a light on their relationship that neither Bev nor the audience really understood until that moment.  Even though it seemed like all season long, Sean was going out with Matt and developing this friendship and the cast was really connecting with Sean and Beverly felt like she was being left behind, it wasn’t all that it appeared to be.  What we find out from this heartbreaking confrontation and that one line in particular is that none of what they are doing matters to Sean as much as Beverly does and that he wouldn’t do any of it, if he couldn’t share it with her.   I know Bev has gotten a lot of grief on-line and there are many people who hate her character but I didn’t feel that way at all.  I really empathized with her because she really didn’t want to do this but she knew Sean did so she did it for him.  And all her fears were coming to fruition as the season moved along.  Granted she could have lightened up a little bit and gone with the flow a bit more but I also don’t blame her for being so disappointed in the process and for feeling so alone as it was happening.

Oh and by the way, while they are having this incredibly personal discussion. Matt is still there.  And let’s not forget, Sean and Matt became pretty close during all of this so not only was he betrayed by his wife, but also by his friend.  So Matt is there and while Bev and Sean are crying and talking, Matt’s phone rings.  It’s his agent.  He receives some pretty stunning news and asks if Sean and Bev have heard from the network.  As they shake their heads no, their phone rings.  It’s Merc and Carol calling to tell them that their show screened the best of all the pilots with the test audience and that Pucks! is being picked up by the network!!!  And all Matt can do is scream ‘woooo hoooooo!” and is trying to give them a happy high-five.   Classic!   Well Sean and Bev are having no part of the high-five moment.  So during the most painful moment of their lives comes this “great news” (if you can call it that) that their show is being picked up.  And they realize that they are all going to have to find a way to work together.  Awesome!!!!

I went on Showtime’s website and watched a behind the scenes with the show runners from Episodes, David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, and they talked about that scene with Sean and Bev from the finale.  Turns out, that was one of the first scenes they ever shot for the show.  They said because of budget reasons, the show was shot out-of-order.  I’m not sure why shooting a show out-of-order saves money but what do I know.   Anyhoo, that scene was one of their first.   Major, major shout out to Stephen and Tamsin for that scene.  Can you imagine?  You meet a cast for the first time and right out of the gate, you start with the most emotional, gut wrenching scene of the entire show?  Amazing.  Now from what I understand, Stephen and Tasmin have worked together before so they weren’t strangers but they also weren’t these characters yet either.  My respect level for them just shot through the roof after hearing that.

What did you think of the first season of Episodes?  Did you love it?  Hate it?   I really hope Showtime renews this and we get to see what happens next because I think this show could be one of the funniest 30 minutes on TV if it continues!!



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