QUICK REVIEW: Criminal Minds “Valhalla” S6 E17

05 Mar

I know I haven’t done a CM post in a while but with this Emily Prentiss storyline really kicking into gear and the fact that I finally caught up on CM, I wanted to quickly give my thoughts.

I was pretty pissed when TPTB at CBS/CM decided to cut A.J. Cook from the cast and limit Paget Brewster this season with the rumor that this will be her last.  Recently though, both Deadline and TV Line both reported that CBS offered Paget a contract to return for next season.  But she does have the flexibility right now to audition for pilot season.  Since I haven’t heard her name attached to any project yet, maybe that’s a good sign for us CM fans who love Emily that she may be coming back.   But it’s all up in the air right now.  Frankly I couldn’t be happier about that because that means I have no idea what is going to happen to Prentiss.  If she was definitely leaving the show, I would say she’s a goner.   But if she definitely staying, I would think she survives Doyle’s revenge.   But we don’t know what Paget is going to do so therefore Emily’s fate is completely up in the air at this point.  It’s very rare in this day of technology that we really do have no idea what will happen.

I’m torn about the way Emily has been handling this situation.  When it was still no where on her team’s radar about her past and what was going on, I could see why she wouldn’t tell them so that she can protect them from any harm.   But after “Valhalla” the team is onto Doyle.   They are coming close to her connection with him due to her days at Interpol.  So why won’t she tell them now?  She knows they’re the best and that they are going to find out, so why keep them in the dark?  Also, she has so much information about Doyle that I don’t understand why she won’t share it with her team?  It could help them catch Doyle and therefore, save her life.  It really doesn’t make any sense.  Not to mention you are not only around some of the brightest people in the world but for God sakes, these are profilers!!  The best behavior analysts in the world.  Did you think they weren’t going to sense something is wrong?   Reid sees it.   Morgan sees it.  Rossi sees it (kind of.)  Hell even Garcia sees it.  I really don’t understand why she won’t talk to them.

I think Part 2, titled “Lauren” airs in 2 weeks but I’m not 100% sure.  And guess who is back for this episode?   JJ!!!!!  I can’t wait to see her although it will remind me how much I miss her, but that’s ok.  I’ll just be happy to have JJ/AJ back on my screen!  I really hope CBS/CM find a way to keep Paget Brewster on board and therefore I hope Emily will be alright.  CM has always had one of my favorite ensemble casts on TV.  Since we’ve lost JJ, I really don’t want to lose Emily as well.  So I am hoping for the best and Emily and the BAU will be able to bring Doyle down!

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