REVIEW: The Good Wife “Great Firewall” S2 E16

05 Mar

I know I talk about how awesome The Good Wife is all the time.  But what happened in “Great Firewall” was fantastic on so many levels.  I went into the episode about 95% sure, Diane wasn’t going anywhere and Bond would be out.  But then Julius (the very underused Michael Boatman) went and gave me a freakin’ heart attack!  And just like that my 95% went to 51%.  But that is why TGW is so great.  Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the writers do something very clever to make you rethink what you know.  And it wasn’t a cheesy gimmick.  It was an honest to goodness jaw-dropper I didn’t see coming that was a legitimate road block to what I thought I knew.

The Case

I have to say I am a bit mad at myself.  I didn’t follow the case as much as I should have from the beginning (I was doing some work and watching the show at the same time.  What can I say, I love to multi-task!)  Therefore the impact of learning that the client from last week being the main reason Will took the case, was much less.  I had to re watch it to really get what was going on.  I’m glad I did re watch it because it was one of the best cases this season because it had its own twist that again, I didn’t see coming, and it FINALLY revealed to Alicia what a true douchebag Will is.   But more on that later.

Shen Yuan (brilliantly played by Ken Leung…Miles from Lost) is suing Neil Gross’ (the wonderful John Benjamin Hickey) social networking company for releasing the IP addresses of Chinese dissidents.  Yuan was blogging on democracy in China and Gross’ company turned his IP address over to the Chinese government which resulted in him being imprisoned and tortured for over 5 years.  The most insane part of this whole thing is that unfortunately, Gross’ company did nothing illegal.  In fact, they would have broken Chinese law if they didn’t turn over Yuan’s IP address.  And if you are going to do business in China, you have to follow their laws.  It isn’t right and it’s reprehensible but it is the law and they followed it.   They run into some issues with their case when they find out that Yuan’s ex-wife plans to testify against him.  When they moved to the USA, he met an activist and had an affair with her and his wife left him.  She is going after him because she is hurt and Alicia goes to Yuan to see if he can convince his wife to recant her testimony.  While talking to him, she notices Patrick Edlestein (the client from last week who runs a Facebook type site) walk into her office building.  She follows him in and sees him talking to Will.  At home, she does some research on the web and sees that Edlestein is trying to get into China but hasn’t been able to yet.  Alicia finally makes the connection.

She goes to see Will in his office the next day and confronts him on this.  She asks if the real reason LGB took Shen Yuan’s case was so they could get Gross’ company out of China to open the door for Edlestein’s.  He balks at first but explains to her that either way, they get the result they are looking for…Gross’ company to stop handing over names to the Chinese government.  But Alicia reminds him that it’s the wrong reason.  He tells her that no one every does anything for the right reason.  Alicia looks horrified and asks if he really believes that.  He says yes and is surprised that after all her time there, she doesn’t believe it too.  When she asks if Edlestein’s company, once the get into China, will turn over names, Will simply replies…it’s the law.

When they are in final discussions for settlement, they get what they wanted….no money but Gross’ company agrees to stop turning over names and pull out of China.  While on its face, it is exactly what Shen Yuan wanted, it won’t be because once Edlestein moves in, he will do the exact same thing.  It does make you want to take about 5 showers after watching that scene.  I guess what it all comes down to is, if you want to do business in foreign markets, you have to play by their laws.  It sucks but that’s the way it goes.  But Alicia was right, the way they went about this was so slimy.

The best part of all the sleaziness was that Alicia FINALLY got to see the Will I have been seeing all season.  I read this comment about her on another blog and I think it sums it up perfectly…Alicia has built up Will in her mind to be a better person and bigger deal than he really is.  It’s true.  She is still ooohing and aaahing over the guy she knew in college.  We didn’t see Will in college but my assumption is that he isn’t the same person now that he was then.  In Alicia’s defense, we have been privy to certain dealings Will has had that Alicia has not been (liking asking Blake to go after a witness that could hurt their case and Blake ends up putting him the hospital.)  But there are some tactics that Alicia has seen (like lying to the son of a wealthy client to get him to flip on his girlfriend.)   I think up until now, she has compartmentalized them and looking at each as individual situations.  But I think all these sides of Will are going to start to pile up in Alicia’s head.  And you can clearly tell that she was disgusted with him over this case.   Yeah!!!!

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am Team Peter all the way!!!   So as a Team Peter fan, I was thrilled to see that Alicia is starting to see the Will we see.  But I also understand that while she is thrilled that Peter could win the race for State’s Attorney, she is also nervous about it.  She tells Kalinda that she doesn’t want things to be the way the were.  Can’t fault her there.  Now that Childs’ is out of the race and it’s down to Peter and Wendy, I think it’s pretty obvious that Peter will win the race and set up an interesting dynamic of LGB vs. Peter in the SA’s office. I hope they show Alicia and Peter having a moment after he wins (assuming he wins) where she tells him that now he is back in office, she wants things differently and doesn’t want things to be the way they were because I would really like to see her give her marriage a real chance.  And Peter, a word of advice from me….don’t screw this up!!!!   All signs show that Peter has changed and is truly sincere about making his family his top priority and making his marriage work.  I really believe that he loves Alicia.  But you never know what will happen if he gets back in office.

As a final note, I just want to mention how pleased I was that Cary kissed Kalinda this week.  I have been screaming that Matt Czuchry is being wildly underused this season.  While I love the dynamic he brings being against LGB, most specifically Alicia, I wish there was more of him on my screen.  The chemistry he has with Archie Punjabi is unreal.  I always thought they would be a good pair and I wouldn’t mind seeing that explored a bit more.

The Vote

Wow wow wow wow wow.  You knew this day was coming.  Bond has been plotting against Diane all season and Diane and Will (once clued into Bond’s devious ways) have been plotting to one up Bond at his own game.    I’m surprised that the vote came so early in the season and wasn’t the season finale or the penultimate episode of Season 2.   It makes me think that maybe we haven’t seen the last of Derrick Bond yet.  I guess we’ll see.  But the vote came down and really was anyone surprised that Diane stayed and Bond was ousted?  I doubt it.  But the WAY in which it finally happened was beautiful!!!  Let’s talk about my man Julius.

When Julius turned Benedict Arnold on Diane and Will and started telling Bond the whole plan, it was ugly in my house.  I was screaming all kinds of obscenities at him..I think I even made up some words I was so pissed.   And if anyone caught of any of my tweets during the show, you know I was so mad I actually called him Julian a couple of times!!   But after I stopped hurling bottles of Coke and remote controls around my room I stopped and asked this just a ploy to lure Bond into a false sense of security and really is still with Will and Diane?  For Julius’ sake, I hoped so.

Leading up to the vote, Julius was very tough to read.  At point, I really wasn’t sure whose side he was on.  It bugged the crap out of me!   But then we get to the actual vote.  Everyone is in the room and Diane calls the meeting to order.  Once pleasantries are out-of-the-way she turns it over to Bond.  He announces to the group that Diane has been stealing clients and equity partners to start her own firm and asked for her censure and removal as name partner.  The motion is seconded and by a show of hands Diane asks who votes with Bond.  People raise their hands and at this time the camera shows Julius shake his hands and leave them in his lap as he stares down Bond.   When Bond gives him the why-the-hell-isn’t-your-damn-hand-raised glare, Julius just smiles back at him.  At this point, Bond knows he’s been had.   YES!!!!!  He only has 20 votes so the motion falls short.  He leans over to Julius and says “you had me fire my head of litigation.”  “Yeah” Julius responds.  “Why” Bond asks.  “I don’t like you!” Julius informs him.    Ha!!!!  At this point I look around my room of fountain coke and batteries everywhere and shrug my shoulders.  Bond is out and Julius played him like a fine tuned Fender Stratocaster.  You’re the man Julius!!!  You are the man!!!   At this point, Diane calls for the vote to censure and remove Bond as name partner.  23 hands go up including David’s, Julius’, and Will’s and Bond is voted out.

Michael Boatman was fantastic and played his part beautifully because I really wasn’t sure where he was at.  My heart told me he was still with Will and Diane but that was my heart talking.  It had nothing to do with anything I saw on-screen because he was perfect.  Now can we please get this man more air time!!!

I must say I will be sad to see both Michael Ealy and Titus Welliver go.  I love both these actors and they played their roles so well on the show.  But the Bond storyline eventually had to go this route because once you paint Bond as a conniving fraud, you had to go all the way.  There was no way the writers could flip him and have Will and Diane ever trust him without it coming off as a gimmick to keep the actor on board.  Same with Welliver.  He wasn’t going to win the SA’s title and his time has played out.  Again, this is why TGW is so great.   They always stay true to character.  Although wouldn’t you just love Glenn Childs and Derrick Bond to form their own firm in Chicago and have them go after both Peter and Lockhart Gardner?  They could hire Rita Wilson because I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her.  Now that would be great!!!

So what did you think?  Was the result from the vote that they have been building to all season worth it?  Let me know your thoughts!


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3 responses to “REVIEW: The Good Wife “Great Firewall” S2 E16

  1. Kiki

    March 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Great review!!

    Episode was great! I loved it! Probably one of the best of the season!
    I love that you are Team Peter, cause I am too! So glad we are finally seeing Will for what he is! I mean he is not a saint and neither is Peter, is about time the writers level out the triangle, cause it always seems Will was better, now we see he is not.
    I want to see the AP develop so badly, thats the reason I tuned in to see how a marriage survives this scandals. I cannot wait until its examine more!
    I loved the D/W interaction, they are great! That final scene was great, I love when they work together!
    I cannot wait until the show comes back!! 3 more weeks 😦

    Great review! look forward to reading more 😀

    • fortheloveoftv

      March 5, 2011 at 10:44 pm

      Thanks Kiki!!! I’ve always said that I think this show is so great it doesn’t even need the Peter/Alicia/Will love triangle anymore. And for me, it was never really there.

      I’m with you. I would rather the show focus on Alicia and Peter repairing their marriage than this fraud of a “love story” between Will and Alicia. I don’t find any chemistry between them, romantically but I like them as friends and colleagues.

      Like you said, Peter is no saint and he certainly has his faults. But the show has time and time again shown Will is such a poor light that I’m not sure why Alicia would be so attracted to him. That’s why I am really hoping this week was a jump start to her forgetting all about Will in that way and focusing on Peter!

      But we’ll have to see. Sucks we have to wait 3 weeks though!!!

      • Kiki

        March 5, 2011 at 11:02 pm

        Yup! I totally agree with you!!! Gosh, so happy to find someone who likes AP as much as I do! And I agree, I never saw the AW attraction, it was something the Kings just threw out there, which sucks, cause it has really taken a way from a lot of story lines! And the AW friendship was so great, and now is awkward.

        I am crossing my fingers that the Kings have finally decided to move away from that story line and allowed AP to develop more!


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