REVIEW: Supernatural “And Then There Were None” S6 E16

07 Mar

I’m not going to lie.   This was not my favorite episode.  In fact I was a bit disappointed.   Not only did one of my favorite characters get killed but the way the Mother of All/Eve was reintroduced to us seemed a bit silly (having people running all over the cannery not trusting who was under her control.)   Not to mention, it seems people got killed in this episode for the sake of being killed.  I don’t know if that was the purpose but that is how it came across.  It was just a very odd episode.

This is the first time we have seen Mother Eve since the virgin episode.  I understand this is the scary big bad, but I’m not buying it.  I’m sorry but she is no Azazel (the Yellow-Eyed Demon) or Lucifer.  Maybe because there hasn’t been a whole lot of time dedicated to her up until this point but I’m not sold on her yet.  And we only have 6 episodes left.   I know there has been a build to this all season but we only got introduced to Mother Eve 4 episodes ago in “Like A Virgin.”  In my opinion, I think if she was going to be the big baddie, we should have been introduced to her, way sooner in the season than episode 12.

The quick version of what happened this week is simple.   Mother Eve sees a trucker at a gas station and shoots the nastiest looking worm you will ever see into his ear from her mouth.   Gross!  Then he goes home and kills his wife.  While investigating that, another man goes on a shooting rampage at a cannery and kills several people.  The shooter gets killed by the cops.  When Bobby goes down to investigate, he bumps into Rufus…..yeah!!!  They do a Supernatural autopsy and find some kind of thick black muck in the guy’s ear.  They’ve never seen (or smelled) anything like that before.  But they figure out the connection between the 2 killers is the cannery.  So all 4 go to the cannery to see what they can find out and guess who is already there?   Gwen and Samuel…..ugh.  There are no pleasantries exchanged (actually more death threats are levied) and Team Winchester starts to question Team Campbell about what they are doing there.  Samuel starts to explain what he knows about Mother Eve and that she hasn’t been around for over 10,000 years.   But she’s back and she’s really pissed off.   She is the Mother of all the creatures that roam the earth (Vamps, Lycans, Ghouls, etc.)  How does he know all that?  I have a lot of respect for Bobby.  Bobby has been around so long he has pretty much seen everything or if he hasn’t, he’s at least heard about it.  This Mother of All was something he knew nothing about and it wasn’t until he had the book made out of skin that he was able to figure out who she was and where she came from.   So how did Samuel know?  Why were he and Gwen at the cannery?  Is he still working for someone to try to get Mary back?  It makes no sense to me.  I don’t trust Samuel a lick and I think the man is up to no good.

Anyhoo, the 6 of them are now in the cannery and guess who is with them?  That nasty little creepy crawler that’s who.  It somehow gets into people’s ears when you are either alone or passed out.  First it attacks Dean since he was sent outside because they couldn’t get him to calm down around Samuel….really who could blame him.  After Gwen gets enlightened to the creep that Samuel is, she goes to talk to Dean who then shoots her in the stomach and takes off.  This starts a domino effect of the group running around in the episode always wondering who has the worm in his ear.  It also starts the domino effect of using this to kill off characters.  As a result, Samuel and Rufus are both killed.

Both deaths piss me off for different reasons.  First, Samuel’s death.  I wanted his death to come from Dean’s hands.  I felt completely gipped.   I knew Samuel would die at some point.  I just think it was complete crap that this is how it happened.  I was really looking forward to the showdown between Dean and Samuel and now we will never have it.  First, it seemed like Sam killed him.  Then he came back to life when Rufus stuck a cranial saw in his head, then Bobby throws him into a faulty outlet and he get electrocuted.  BORING!!!   I can’t believe that is how Samuel met his end.  After everything Dean has been through and after what that bastard did to him and Sam, Dean should have been the one to kill him.  It was wrong on so many levels.  Now let’s talk about Rufus’ death.  I was angry about this because it felt like he died for no reason other than upping the body count.  I really like Rufus and I was really interested in his back story with Bobby.  Now he’s gone.  You brought him back, just to kill him and it suited no purpose.  What was the point of that?  Was it to make me hate Mother Eve more because it didn’t work.  Having the big bad create a worm to do it’s dirty work doesn’t make me fear or hate her more.  It just frustrates me and makes me lose faith in where this storyline is going.

The only thing that came out of this episode was how Bobby and Rufus first met (but still no more insight into what happened in Omaha) and the fact that Mother Eve is here to kill every human and have her creatures ruling the earth over human kind.  Ok.  At this point I say, whatever.  I hate that I have that mentality right now but it’s true.  There are 6 episodes left.  This Mother story really has to start picking up steam and for me, “And Then There Were None” did nothing to advance this story or make it any more intriguing for me.   I have faith in the SN team but I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous about how this is going to play out.  For a final show before a 5 week hiatus, this episode really missed the mark.

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