RECAP & REVIEW: Harry’s Law “In the Ghetto” S1 E8

09 Mar

There hasn’t been a lot of love for Harry’s Law in the media.  On blogs, in columns, and on podcasts, I’ve heard people really rip this show.  In fairness, I did at first but for different reasons.  I never thought Harry’s Law was a horrible show not worthy of Kathy Bates.  I was bugged by DEK forcing his political agenda on us in lieu of telling a good story and character development.  But I am happy to report that it is severely toned done and now Harry’s Law is about Harry’s Law (as it should be) and not DEK’s agenda.  But other people talk about how terrible this show is from a creative standpoint.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Now what do I know, I’m just an annoying blogger, talking about TV for fun not a profession.  So I am by no means an expert.  I just know what I like and what I don’t like and I am starting to LOVE Harry’s Law.  You know what I like best about Harry’s Law?  It doesn’t forget about interesting storylines and characters it creates in previous episodes and continues to tell those stories to us.  I hate when shows introduce potential stories and then drop them.  Harry’s Law is revisiting a one big storyline this week…the gang wars.

During “Bangers in the House” we met the two gangs that Harry had to mediate to settle a dispute.  She also meets Jamal who was looking to leave one of those gangs but feared for his life.  As Harry and Malcolm help the gangs work through their issue, she also tells them that if any of them murders anyone who wants to leave any of their gangs, she will go after them with every fiber of her being.  As a result, Jamal is granted permission to leave but he is beaten within an inch of his life.  Harry is devastated by this and Jamal tries to explain to her that she saved his life and now he is out of the gang and able to start a productive life for himself.

We open “In the Ghetto” with Jamal out of the hospital and walking with Adam talking about a case Jamal is helping them with.  Next thing you know a car pulls up and opens fire on Jamal and shoots him about 4-5 times.  It’s a horrible scene.  I felt sick for Adam who could do nothing but watch and scream and beg for help.  All of a sudden, two kids who look like they should be on the Disney Channel, basically save Jamal’s life by removing the bullets, cleaning out and stitching up wounds, and injecting him with adrenaline to keep him breathing.  By the way, I will be referring to him from now on as the Disney kid.  The ambulance finally gets there and Jamal is headed right back to the hospital.  As the Disney kids run away, police chase them down and arrest them.

So you have Jamal in the hospital fighting for his life, the kids who helped to get him this far in jail, and the bastards who shot at him sharing a Shamrock Shake at McDonalds probably.  You see what’s wrong with this picture?   Turns out Jamal will need a liver transplant in order to survive because it was damaged so badly in the shooting.  No one is a match and the administration board at the hospital doesn’t want to put him on the donor list because of his previous life style.  Jamal will have to find another way to get a liver and it comes from the most unlikely of donors…his former gang members.  Little D and his crew enter Harry’s firm and announce that they all want to help him.  Harry is stunned by this but Little D tells her that they genuinely like Jamal and want to help.  They all go in to get tested and Little D comes out as the perfect match.  When Harry brings this to the admins, they don’t want to move forward because they question the legitimacy of the donation.  Harry, as I, can’t believe what we are hearing and she throws up her hands at this point.  But you know who comes to her rescue?   Jim Walsh!!!  I knew as soon as I saw Brenda and Brandon’s father in that room that he would help Jamal!!!    As Chief of Staff, he tells Harry to get the court order and he will make sure the procedure happens.  She goes to see Judge Coulis (the magnificent Amy Aquino), you know the judge that tried to have her disbarred?  Judge Coulis grants her the court order and the procedure will take place.  Both Jamal and Little D go into surgery and the procedure is a success!!!!!   Yeah!!!!   But it’s not all good news….not for Little D anyway.

While Jamal is fighting for his life, the Disney kids are being prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license, running an unlicensed clinic, and giving medical help to killers and other criminals.  It doesn’t look good for this good samaritan.  But there is a deal to be made.   Turns out they found bullets in his possession that match other bullets removed from a cop who was killed.  The Disney kid tried to help the police officer but could do nothing to save him.  If Disney turns over the cop killer to ADA Kim Mendelsohn (the divine Camryn Manheim), they drop all charges against him.  I love seeing Ellenor Frutt as a DA!!   It’s slightly strange yet awesome at the same time!!  Disney really wants no part of this but he realizes that if he doesn’t get out of jail, many people who need his help will be in trouble.  So he tells Kim who the killer is by pointing him out from a book of mug shots.   Guess who he pointed to?   That’s right.   Our very own good samaritan, Little D.   Oh boy.

Adam calls Harry with the news and tell her that the DA’s office and the police are going to head over to arrest Little D and she begs him to find a way to stall because if they show up, the admins will stop the procedure and Jamal will die.  Adam and Tommy Jefferson go to appeal to Kim.  At first she isn’t balking at all because the guy was a cop killer and why should he get a break.  Tommy reminds her that when they were once together (you read that right…Tommy Jefferson and Ellenor Frutt were once a hot item!!) he really loved her and that one of the things he loved most about her was her compassion.  She was tough when she needed to be and kind when she needed to be and he is asking for her kindness and compassion now.  Little D isn’t the one she is giving the break to, it’s the innocent kid, Jamal.  She agrees to delay his arrest until after the procedure so Jamal will have a chance.  I always love Ellenor!!!

At the end of the procedure, Harry goes to see Little D to give him the heads up to what is about to happen and just as she is talking to him, the police show up to arrest him.  She agrees to help him and both Adam and Tommy warn her that defending a cop killer could be career suicide.  Harry tells them that for the time being, she isn’t sure what she is going to do, but at this point, she certainly isn’t going to leave him out to dry after what he just did for Jamal.   I can’t wait to see where this goes!!!

Oh and by the way, Jenna and Malcolm kissed.

I want to touch on a few points.   When Harry went to see Judge Coulis, she appealed to her as one compassionate person to another instead of lawyer to judge.  This is now the second week in a row when the law isn’t on her side but she uses the “do what your gut is telling you is the right thing to do” defense.  Ugh.  I know it’s only TV but there has to be something more than “can you sleep at night with your ruling” defense.  It’s lame and it cheapens what is turning into a terrific show.

While I understand the need for compassion and doing things outside the lines of law to do what’s “right” it opens the door for a terrible precedent.  The prosecutor from last week’s case is 100% correct.  It’s not about penalizing these people per say (talking about the Tanzanian albinos from last week) but it’s about the precedent the ruling will set for other people who aren’t good, to take advantage of down the road.  You start opening up the question of what is truly “the right thing to do.”   It’s the human element vs. the legal defense of your argument.  Again, this is why I could NEVER be a lawyer.  I couldn’t separate the two.   Take last week.   Legally, the right thing to do was to send them back to Tanzania.  Morally, knowing what was going to happen to those people, how could you ever send them back?   Take this week.  Legally, the hospital has the right to deny an organ to someone they feel will abuse the privilege and give that organ to a more “deserving” candidate.  They also have the right to question the legitimacy of where the donated organs come from.  But morally, it shouldn’t be a question.  If the kid needs a liver and someone is a match and it can save his life, you give it to him and save his life!!!  It’s pretty simple to me.   That’s why it was interesting  to see the Chief of Staff differ from the opinion of the admins.  And neither were wrong.  The Chief of Staff only wants to save a patient’s life and it’s his job to make that happen.  But the admins’ job is to also protect the reputation of the hospital and make sure that policies and procedures are being followed so the best care can be given.  The admins usually come across as malicious, soulless people but they aren’t.   Well some of them are but not all.   They have a very difficult job to do and most of the time, it isn’t pretty the news they have to give.  But it’s supposed to suit a greater purpose than just the individual case they are discussing.  But for those families they have to deliver bad news to, they don’t want to hear about the greater good.  They just want their child, spouse, sibling, etc treated and saved.  It’s a fascinating argument.

So what did you think this week?  I think it’s another stellar episode and this show is getting better and better each week.  I love the intriguing cases they keep coming up with because it invokes great discussions in my household!

For those of you who may be wonder what song Tommy was singing in the waiting room and what song was playing at the end of the episode, click below.

In the Ghetto, by the King, Elvis Presley


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3 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: Harry’s Law “In the Ghetto” S1 E8

  1. Jasmine

    March 12, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    emm do u know who the “Disney Kid” happens to be..(his real name?)

    • fortheloveoftv

      March 12, 2011 at 10:53 pm

      Hi Jasmine,

      The actor’s name is Trevor Jackson and his character was named Willie Blue. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. MsELeigh

    March 26, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Yup I dont like Harry’s law either. I used to love DEK but he lost me during Boston Legal with like you said pushing his political agenda. He’s shows have become rather preachy. Further, I really want to like this show. I still watch it every week but delete is half way through. Its just missing the mark. It comes off unrealistic to me


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