REVIEW: Criminal Minds “Lauren” S6 E18

19 Mar

What an AMAZING episode last night.  I was on the edge of my seat last night really not knowing what was going to happen.  There have been so many rumors going around about how this episode will end considering Paget Brewster’s CM contract was sort of, kind of, up-in-the-air.   Was Emily going to die?  Was Emily going to be saved?  Was Emily going to retire?   Was she going to run off with Doyle?  No one knew.  And I like that.  It’s very rare, in this age of information, to not know who is coming, going, and staying on shows.  And when someone is going, it can sometimes take the umph out of their departure because you know it’s coming.  But there was no let down last night.  Beautifully acted by the entire cast and superbly directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, “Lauren” was able to put many pieces to the Ian Doyle/Lauren Reynolds puzzle together (but still left some questions for me) while having suspenseful, stomach turning moments, that really left you guessing until the end as to what would happen.  It broke your heart, it fired you up.  It was touching and it was frustrating.  But it was one of the finest hours of TV CM has ever had.

I think it’s safe to say that Emily Prentiss is not someone you want to mess with when she is on a mission.  I wouldn’t say we saw a darker side, but we saw a determination and a ferocity that we hadn’t fully seen before.  And the range of emotions she went through in this episode…rage, determination, fear, sadness, apprehension, confusion, terror, pain, joy…the gamut was run.  I cannot say enough about how brilliant Paget Brewster was in this episode.  It makes me that much angrier that she is going to be gone from CM!!!!  Or is she?  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Prentiss really took us on a roller coaster ride tonight and the thing I was most happy about, is that the team finally figured out what was going on early in the episode.  If this whole episode had them completely in the dark until the end, I would have screamed.   I loved how as the team was figuring out what was going on, it was flashing to Prentiss preparing to take down Doyle on her own.  And of course, I loved how the were able to incorporate JJ into the mix seamlessly.   Again, I have to admit, it bugged me seeing JJ (A.J. Cook) resurface because it reminded me how much I miss her!!!!

Be honest.  Was there any time in this episode that you thought it would be revealed that Prentiss was really on the wrong side and was actually on Doyle’s side the whole time?   I didn’t think it but my husband did.  My husband and Morgan were on the same side….pissed that they felt betrayed by someone they thought they knew.  My husband swore she was going to end up riding off into the sunset with Doyle and that’s how she was going to leave.  It would have been an amazing twist but not really in line with Prentiss’ character.   But I guess that’s why it’s called a twist!!!

Let’s talk about Morgan for a minute.   I didn’t know what to think about Morgan’s reaction to Prentiss going rogue and keeping information from them.  My first thought was I was pissed at him for jumping to conclusions about his partner without talking to her.  You have known this woman and worked with her for years.  You’ve even become friends.  Why wouldn’t the benefit of the doubt go to her favor instead of against her until you’ve had a chance to talk to her and understand her motives?  Even Rossi, who hasn’t worked with her nearly as closely as you have, is able to say let’s wait and get all the facts before jumping to conclusions.  But maybe that’s exactly why Morgan couldn’t.  His first reaction is to feel hurt and betrayed by his partner.  He knew for a while something was wrong with her and she never trusted him enough to tell him what was wrong so he could help (in his mind.)  So in fairness, it was probably harder for him to separate the “betrayal” and be objective than it was for Rossi.   But in the end, when he figured out what was going on and was able to find her in the spot where Doyle’s son was “murdered,” he could tell her how much she meant to him, how he finally understood what was going on and why she did what she did, and how proud he was of her.  Oh, what a scene and boy did I need a box a tissues!!!!

Speaking of needing tissues, how about that phone call from Garcia?  My recounting won’t do it justice.  Watch the clip below but grab some tissues first!

Crying yet?  I know I am.  Again!!!  People ask me how I can watch a show as dark as Criminal Minds.  I always tell people who if they watch the show, they wouldn’t need to ask that question.  While the cases are fascinating to me, I watch for the characters.  The bond these people have formed is so incredible and people who don’t watch CM don’t realize what a HUGE part of the show it is.  Many casual or non-viewers think it it’s a just sensationalized horror show.  That thought couldn’t be further from the truth.  While the show can be twisted and demented at times due to the types of cases they cover (and the fact that this is a show about the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI which is about getting into the mind of a criminal) the show is also about the people who do this line of work.  And in this instance, these 6 people (Morgan, Hotch, Prentiss, Reid, JJ, and Garcia) have worked together for so many years that they have formed a bond no one will ever be able to match or quite possibly understand.  They are family.  And as a viewer, we have grown to love and care about them almost as much as they do for each other.   That’s why I watch Criminal Minds.  And when one of the BAU’s family members is in trouble or goes down, you can’t help but be moved by it.

But the biggest and most emotional scene is at the end when JJ comes out from the OR to tell the team that Emily never made it off the table.  It is so heartbreaking, I can’t even describe it.  Again, see the clip below:

Now after I took about 10,000 migraine pills due to my incessant crying, I noticed the part where Hotch walks out of the waiting room and JJ looks up at him.  Right there I knew, Emily wasn’t dead.  Although I was expecting her to be at her own funeral watching from afar (got that one wrong) that wasn’t to be.  But my suspicions were confirmed in the next scene in Paris when JJ walks up to a woman and hands her passports and banking information and wishes her luck.  You never see her face but you see those chewed up nails and you know it’s our girl!!!!   Now looking back, I noticed that all the promos and everyone talking about this episode said this was “Emily Prentiss’ Last Episode.”  Well it was certainly Emily’s last episode but I selfishly, I hope it’s not Paget’s!    Is it horrible to hope her pilot doesn’t get picked up and she comes back to CM?  It probably is.  It sounds like this is what Paget Brewster really wants and if that is the case, I am happy for her.  But I will miss her and Emily Prentiss immensely!

I know you can get nit picky and talk about some of the plot holes in the overall story arc but you know what, it was ok.  The story is still open because Doyle is still out there.  I hope this storyline with Doyle will continue with or without Brewster because I think her team deserves a little payback for the loss of their partner and friend.  Until then, great episode!!!  It was a wonderful send off for Emily/Paget and again, I want to give my sincerest compliments to the cast and crew and director Gubler for putting together such an amazing episode!!!

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