QUICK REVIEW: Castle “One Life to Lose” S3 E18

27 Mar

We’ve had a string of pretty heavy Castle episodes lately.  And while I like them very much, Castle gained popularity and fans based off the funny, quirky nature of the show.  The writer who doesn’t take himself too seriously working with the NYPD detective that takes everything too seriously.  It’s what made me fall in love with Castle.  This episode brings us back to that premise with a shout out to Fillion’s soap opera days on “One Life to Live.”

“Temptation Lane” (I love that name!  It’s soooo soapy) is the soap opera where their head writer has been killed with an axe and Castle and Beckett are brought in to find out who killed her.  The episode itself has a very soap opera feel when the behind the scenes shenanigans are just as compelling as the stories they are playing on set!  The lead actors hate one another.  The husband of the victim was having an affair with the lead actress.  The “mother” of the head writer really isn’t her mother after all…just a scam artist.  The head of the fan page of Temptation Island threatened to kill the head writer with an axe.  Martha and Lance (Corbin Bernson) once worked on a soap together and had great chemistry on and off the set.  It was great!!

The best part for me was Beckett being a fan of Temptation Island.  You could tell in the way she was talking about the cast and characters that she knew more about the show than just her surface investigating.  The nail in her coffin was when she was upset on learning one of the characters was going to get killed off and Castle called her on it.  “You watch Temptation Lane!” he tells her. She tries to deny it but there is no use any more.  The secret is out that Beckett is a TL fan!!  It’s not surprising though.  She was a closet Richard Castle fan so it seems Detective Beckett likes her guilty pleasures during her down time!!!

There were so many suspects and lots of options and reasons for who the killer would be.  But it came down to one really obvious person.  This is one big issue I have with shows (not just Castle.)  They cast a popular, recognizable guest start who eventually is the guilty party.  In this case it was the victim’s assistant (played by Tina Majorino.)  I know there were lots of guest stars…Rebecca Budig, Cameron Matheson, Corbin Bernson, and Jane Seymour.  But they were on the screen a decent amount of time early on between all four of them.   Majorino’s character was on-screen briefly in the beginning and then you didn’t really see her again until the end.  Why cast a name person to be on the screen for 4 minutes unless it somehow comes back to them in the end that they are the killer?   And that’s exactly what happens.  But like I said, I see lots of shows do this so I’m not really ripping Castle.  I’m just asking casting departments to be slightly more clever in casting the killers so it’s not so easy to figure out.

Of course I can’t wrap up a Castle post without discussing my favorite non couple that will soon be a couple (hopefully before my nieces and nephews have grandchildren)…C&B!!!   You know what one of my favorite C&B moments is?  Whenever they are sitting in front of the white board or are sitting in the 12th discussing the case and they get on one of their back and forth kicks where they finish each other’s sentences in regards to a theory they have about a particular case.  They know each other so well that they can go back and forth with a theory and always be on the same page!   The best comment about that came from Ryan when he said to them “you guys practice that?”  Ha!!!

There was also a very sweet moment when Beckett told Castle how she started watching TI with her mom and that’s why she knows the show and still watches it.  It reminds her about that moment with her mom and makes her feel close to her again.   Then as C&B are sharing that nice moment, guess who calls on her cell phone to ruin the moment??  That’s right…Josh.   Ugh!!!!  It’s time like those Andrew Marlowe, I am not very happy with you!!!

Sorry my posts have been lagging behind!!!  It’s been very busy with my real job and then my boss got me sick.  Talk about a double whammy!!!   But thanks for your patience and I’ll try to get these up faster!!


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