2011 Network Upfront Meetings

30 Mar

You’re probably seeing this and wondering “what the hell is an upfront meeting and as a TV viewer, why should I care?”   Many of you may know what these are but for those that don’t, the upfront meetings are basically the network line up presentations for their advertisers.  The networks host these meetings/events for the major advertisers and press to showcase what their fall lineups will be and when shows will be premiering.  They usually show clips of the new shows and possibly have cast members of these new shows or current hit shows there to schmooze the advertisers.   Why do all this?   To give the advertisers a chance to buy advertising early (upfront) before the shows actually air.  For any of you who buy high-end wine, it’s like buying Bordeaux on futures.  You buy a certain price up front based on what you think it will be worth.  You jump for joy if it’s worth more than what you paid and you jump off a bridge if it’s worth less.  That’s what the upfront meetings are all about.

And you’re still thinking “why should I care?”   Because, this is when you find out if your favorite show has been renewed or canceled.  There are plenty of web sites where their experts prognosticate on what will be renewed and canceled.  TV by the Numbers is the best web site for that information in my opinion.  Most fans, if you go to these sites, should have some idea where their shows will fall.  But it’s not always 100% science.  Look at Fringe.  Based on history, NO ONE thought Fringe would get renewed.  But it did!  So you never know.  You never know until the upfronts. The upfronts are when it is official.   There is the rare exception I’m sure but 99.9% of the time, it’s official.

Now some networks are releasing renewals and cancellations before the upfronts.   If you want an updated list, check out my 2011/2012 Renew Cancel Tracker Tab on my home page.  If something isn’t renewed or canceled yet, it’s on the bubble and you probably won’t hear about it until the upfronts.   I can hear the panic in your voice now… “WHEN ARE THESE DAMN UPFRONTS SO I CAN SEE IF CHUCK IS RENEWED?????”   I’m so glad you asked!   See below for the list of dates:

  • NBC     Monday May 16th 2011     Morning
  • FOX     Monday May 16th 2011     Afternoon
  • ABC      Tuesday May 17th 2011     Afternoon
  • CBS      Wednesday May 18th 2011     Afternoon
  • CW       Thursday May 19th 2011    Morning

Mark your calendars and check back here for the up to the minute information on what is renewed or canceled.  Maybe not up to the minute, but you will be able to find it here.  But in the meantime, check back on the Renew/Cancel Tracker because I update that as soon as I hear what has been made official!


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