Mad Men Renewed for Two More Seasons!!!

31 Mar

Great news for us Mad Men fans.  Matthew Weiner has inked a new deal with AMC!!!  Yahoo!!!!  Why is this great for us?  Because not only is Mad Men renewed for Season 5 but also for Season 6.  Awesome.

Most of us were pretty confident that a Season 5 was coming.  However, because negotiations were going so slowly, instead of Season 5 premiering in the summer, like Mad Men usually does, Mad Men’s Season 5 premiere will now be in early 2012.   Yikes!  I can imagine for people who watched the finale last August/Sept of 2010, early 2012 is a looooooooooong time to wait for Mad Men to come back to our screens.  For me, Mad Men is a show I am just starting to watch.  I have watched S1 and I am on S2 right now.  My plan is to get through all 4 seasons during the summer so I will be ready to go for Season 5 when it returns in 2012.

Part of why this took so long was some concessions AMC wanted Weiner to adopt…cutting 2 series regular cast members, incorporating product placement into the show, and cutting 2 minutes off each episode to allow for more commercials.  The product placement is happening.  I assume that would be a pretty easy one considering they do work for an ad agency.  The premiere and finale will still be a full 47 minutes but all the other episodes will go from 47 to 45 minutes.  However, when they go to DVD, they will be a full 47 minutes.  The biggest news though, and most importantly, there will be NO cast cuts!!!

Mad Men fans are you happy?  I know I am and I’m thrilled this is finally complete.  Now I just need to get through these seasons on DVD!!!

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