REVIEW: Survivor “It Don’t Take A Smart One” S22 E7

31 Mar

Finally!!!  Zapatera makes a vote that will keep their tribe stronger vs. keeping all the people they like and trust.  Although I think they waited about 1 vote too late to make that decision.

I have been keeping up with Survivor but my work has been extremely busy lately so it’s been hard to keep up with the updates.  Sorry!  The last 2 episode were kind of boring too so I really wasn’t rushing to find time to discuss them either.

Let’s talk about Philip real quick.  Oh my goodness gracious!!!!  That man is all sorts of entertaining.  I hope he never gets voted off because I think he is so damn hilarious.  You never know what that man is going to say and he is completely coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.  As Rob said “he’s probably the most unaware person I’ve ever met in my life.”  No truer words have been spoken on Survivor.  Philip is completely unaware of his surroundings and reality.  But I love it.  I would probably hate him if I had to live with him on that island but since I get to watch from the comfort of my own home, it’s pure joy.  When he started talking about Matt being a true Samurai, my husband and I couldn’t stop laughing.  He is so serious in his delivery and really honestly believes what he is saying….how can you not chuckle with glee?   Also, when he starts talking about how he is getting crossed by the members of his tribe and therefore look out because he will take them all out…I started laughing even harder.  Really Philip?   You and who else is going to take Rob and his cronies out?   I’ll tell you what though.  Rob better be very careful with Philip because if he’s pissed off enough, he will flip to the other tribe.  And if Matt re-enters the game and goes with Zapatera because Matt is still resentful of Ometepe voting him out, Rob could be in big trouble.  This is where Rob and his cronies need to do a better job, however annoying he is, of making Philip feel included.  That whole crap with the toasted rice?  I was on Philip’s side on that one.  There was so much of that on the bottom, just let Philip have some.   There still would have been plenty for Rob.  Would it really have killed you to share some with him?   From a strategic standpoint, you should know how he is and know that by being inclusive and sharing with him, you neutralize his outbursts and keep him in check by making him feel part of the team.  With a merge looming, you should be doing everything you can to keep Philip in line.  Instead, they are stroking the gorilla/lion!!!  It’s just not necessary but common for young inexperienced players.  Since Rob wasn’t there he couldn’t really address it with them.  But this could spell trouble for them.

We are now getting into the part of the season that usually get veeeeeeeery interesting.  The merge is coming and based of previews for next week, it looks like not only is the merge coming next week, but the person who wins the final RI duel will enter back into the game.  My money is on Matt but you never know.  I can’t wait to see what he does when he’s back in the game and who he aligns with.  I think if Matt goes back in the game and doesn’t win individual immunity, he could be a goner quickly because people will see him as a threat.  But, if he aligns with Zapatera and makes it an even 6 split and they get Philip to flip, Rob and his cronies could be in for a lot of trouble.  This will be the part of the RI twist I am most curious to see play out.  So far I think it’s been fine.  It’s a little boring, from a sheer RI standpoint, because Matt has won every challenge.  From a being reintegrated back into the mix standpoint, it’s fantastic!!!   If Matt wins again of course.

I’ve read a few other posts about this Survivor season and I think I agree with the assessments out there.  While I like Survivor trying something new and the RI twist has been slightly entertaining from an informational standpoint and a strategic standpoint, I miss the idea of when you’re voted out of the game, you’re out for good.  I think it loses some of the drama and impact (especially from a blindside standpoint) when you get voted out but moved to RI.  Then when you lose there, you burn your buff and leave.  There is something so great about Probst saying “The tribe has spoken” while snuffing out the torch and the “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” chant playing in the background.   You know?   Now we get “It’s time for you to go” and the buff is burned and the person walks off.  It sucks!!!!  It really sucks.  But having said that, we’ve still only seen the one part of this so far.  The next part, the interesting part, is bringing that person back in the game.  I really hope it’s Matt which would be so much more compelling.  If it’s Sarita….booooooring!!!

While I think this season is very entertaining, it is also incredibly frustrating.  Why you ask?  Because there has been very little game playing.  Other than Rob, Russell, and a little bit from Stephanie and Kristina, no one else is playing the game or really seems to care to play.  Let’s start with Ometepe.  Have Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea ever watched Survivor before?  Have Grant and Philip had complete brain farts?   Why is Rob the ONLY one who ever looks for clues to the hidden immunity idol during the reward challenges?  I know it doesn’t matter because Rob has the idol but no one is even trying!!!  Are they that clueless or that confident in their positions in the game?  Either way, I’ll ask it again, have you people never watched Survivor before?  It bugs me.  But Rob gets the clue and then proceeds to toss into the volcano since he already has the idol.  If Rob at some point gets voted out of the game, his cronies will be completely lost because they won’t have any idea what to do.  They will be screwed.

As for Zapatera, they aren’t much better.  Their strategies (if you can call them that) from the beginning have been completely backwards.  First, they were so tunnel visioned on getting rid of Russell, they threw a challenge to get him out and now they have lost 3 out of 4 challenges ever since.  Second, they get rid of Krista and Stephanie, who are better in challenges, but aren’t “trustworthy” so they had to go.   Their first 3 votes were all due to trust.  While trust is important, it’s too early in the game to worry about that.  You need to win challenges.  But they didn’t care.  Now, after losing their 3rd challenge in a row, they have decided that it may be in their best interest to keep the team physically strong, so now let’s get rid of Sarita.  Ugh!!!!   You are getting to the point where you are about to merge.  You will be down in the numbers, by 1.  You have no idea what is going on (from a cohesiveness aspect…sorry Ralph) on the other tribe.  NOW is the time where you want people you can trust.  Once the challenges start for individual immunity, you DON’T want the strong players around.  You also don’t want to go into a merge with lower numbers than the other tribe and a disgruntled tribe member that could flip to the other group.   You know what I am about to ask don’t you?  HAVE YOU ALL NEVER WATCHED SURVIVOR BEFORE???  Egads!!!   I just want to throw things at my TV because these people are so frustrating.   I just feel like these people would rather hang out with people they like than play the game.  And now that they have realized that “Holy shit, I’m playing for a million dollars here, maybe I should try to win” they make a dumb decision.  I really don’t know what to think.

That’s why, I am still rooting for Boston Rob.  He’s the only one really playing the game.  Maybe second after him would be Grant because he has been a beast in challenges and doesn’t seem completely oblivious.  On Zapatera, I really don’t know any of them enough to say whether or not I would root for them to win.  If I had to pick someone it would probably be Mike the marine.  But I’m really reaching.

Whatever happens from here on out, especially if there is a merge and Matt comes back in the game, I really hope it jumps starts these people into putting their game faces on and start (like my man Herm Edwards says) playing to win the game.

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