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Coming Soon: Season Finale Recaps of Parenthood, Harry’s Law, and Fairly Legal

I know these ended a while ago.  But I highly enjoy the shows and I have some comments I really want to make on each.   Thanks for your patience.  I’m a one woman reviewer so it takes a while to get to all these shows.  I really just need to stop watching so much damn TV (and my real job needs to stop being so damn busy!!!)

I will be doing many season finale reviews, even if I don’t always review the show, so make sure you check back.  I know it can be frustrating to wait so long but I really appreciate the patience!!!

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REVIEW: Supernatural “Frontierland” S6 E18

This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.  But that’s part of the problem with Supernatural this season…lots of great individual episodes but the overall arc of the season is a mess.  I’m not even sure what the main arc is at this point.  But we have discussed that to death.  Frontierland got back to the root of why Supernatural is so great….the chemistry of Jensen and Jared, the humor, the wit, Bobby’s sarcasm, an interesting “monster” case, and of course Dean wearing a blanket…oh sorry, serape.

In an effort to try to come up with a way to kill Eve, they do some research in Samuel Colt’s journal.  They realize they need to get the charred ashes of a Phoenix.  Well doesn’t everyone have those lying around?  They have to go back to the late 1800s after seeing Colt’s journal entry about seeing a burning Phoenix.  I loved how excited Dean got over going back to the wild, wild west!  He went shopping and himself and Sam “outfits” so they could fit in.  Hence the serape.   The best part, is when he gets zapped to the past by Castiel, everyone makes fun of him over his blanket (after Bobby, Cas, and Sam already ripped him for it!)  He also gets teased about getting some real clothes if he is going to help out the locals in finding who is melting local police and judges.   They only have 24 hours for fear they could get lost in history. So they have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Turns out, a man was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit and he came back to kill (melt) the men who wronged him.  We also learn that he is the Phoenix.  Dean sets up to meet in a showdown while Sam is off to meet with Samuel to convince him to go with him so he can burn the Phoenix.  Sam meets Colt and tells him he is a hunter from the future.  Colt doesn’t believe him until Sam shows him his Blackberry.  Colt tells him he’s retired but offers to give Sam his colt in order to kill the Phoenix.

Sam rushes back to Dean with the colt and gives it to him to take out the Phoenix.  It works and the bullets from the colt burn him.  As Dean and Sam rush to get the ashes, they are zapped back to the future (unfortunately not in a DeLorean and not with the help of Doc Brown.)  They are so disappointed because they feel like they have failed.  However, while discussing their next move, someone knocks on the door.  A UPS guy is there with a package for Sam.  It’s a package from Samuel Colt!  Samuel left the package at the post office with strict instructions to have the packaged to delivered to Sam at that address on that date.  Sam wonders how Samuel knew his address as he pulls his doo-hickey (as Samuel called the Blackberry) out of the boxes along with a glass jar full of Phoenix ashes.  Nicely done Samuel!!!!  At least there is one Samuel on this show we can depend on!!!!

On the Castiel/War in Heaven front, when the boys originally summon Castiel to help them with going back to 1861 Wyoming, Rachel shows up instead.  She is Castiel’s lieutenant and she has had enough of the Winchesters asking for his help when he has a war he is fighting and they know it.  She gives them a verbal beat down as Castiel shows up to back her down.  Later, they meet up again and Rachel institutes another verbal beat down.  This time Castiel is the brunt of her angst.  She isn’t happy with his recent actions and thinks he is turning into the exact type of angel he is fighting against.  She then begins to fight him with their angels swords.  She wounds Castiel but he ends up killing her.  The problem is, he is injured to the point that he can’t bring the boys back on his own.  He needs to touch Bobby’s soul in order regain strength and get them back.  But it could kill Bobby.  I hate when they do this.  You know they aren’t going to kill Bobby so why bother going there?  Bobby allows the soul touching and Castiel is able to bring the boys back.

I guess you could say this episode moved some of the story arcs forward.  We learned that charred ashes can kill Eve.  Don’t you think that someone as powerful as her would have to have something stronger and more fierce than burned ashes as the reason for your demise?  I would think so.  It seems very pedestrian to me.  But since there has been such little build up to her, maybe it does make sense.  And based off the previews for tomorrow night, it looks like the boys finally meet face-to-face with Miss Eve.  We also learned that the souls are pretty powerful…no one everyone wants them.  But why?  Why does Raphael, Balthazar, or Castiel need or want souls?  It can’t just be for the war in Heaven can it?  Is it something bigger than that?  Death’s conversation with Dean mentioned how powerful the souls are.  Does he play a role in any of this?  Remember Death told Dean he was onto something in regards to the souls.  He said Dean will understand when he needs to but he should keep digging.  So what does Death know (or what did he know at that time) that we still don’t understand?   Because I’m as lost as Dean is.  This is probably the biggest story arc, at this point, that needs to be answered by the end of the season.   I also want to see how everything ties together.  Finally, I am really curious to see how Castiel’s questionable actions are going to come back to potentially harm his relationship with the Winchester Brothers.   He’s doing some bad stuff (we know about the killing of more people to get souls) but what specifically is he doing and why?   And why is he hiding it from Sam and Dean?

Lots to answer Sera.  Can you do it in 4 episodes?   We will see!


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The Good Wife…I Really Hate This Preview Picture

Anyone who follows my blog and my specific posts on The Good Wife, know how I feel about this picture below.  I HATE IT!!!!!  Just look at how creepy Will looks.   I don’t like the idea of Alicia running into Will’s arms because of what she just learned about Kalinda and Peter.  I understand it but I don’t like it.  If Alicia needs to take a break from her marriage and her friendship with Kalinda, I think she just needs to have Alicia time.

I hope this picture is just them celebrating a big case they just won and nothing more.  Think about this as well…the show is called, The Good Wife.  Is she still the good wife if she jumps into bed with Will having learned what she learned?  Like I said, I wouldn’t blame her, but it doesn’t fit with who she is.  Hell, I’d rather have her sleep with Cary, Eli, or Derrick Bond before she sleeps with Will.  But being the eternal optimist that I am, I still have long-term hopes for her and Peter.  I really do.  And you can stop laughing now!!!

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NFL Draft is Messing with my TV Viewing!!!!

As you all know, I am a HUGE sports fan.  One of my favorite past times is getting together with my family on Saturday and Sunday of draft weekend and watch the NFL draft all weekend.  It was awesome.

Now, the stupid NFL made the first round of the draft on Thursday night, Rounds 2-3 are Friday night and Rounds 4-7 are Saturday.  It sucks!!!  Not to mention, I have some MAJOR TV to watch tonight….Bones, Michael Scott’s final episode of the Office, The Mentalist, Grey’s, Private Practice, Nikita, Community.  Come on NFL Draft you are killing me!!!

Plus I miss the all day Saturday of food, beer, football, beer, friends, and beer.  It’s just not the same.  But it is what it is and I can’t do anything about it.  I guess I should go grab a beer.

Go Eagles!!!!!


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REVIEW: Survivor Redemption Island “You Mangled my Nets” S22 E11

Just when I thought the lack of game play during this season couldn’t get any more frustrating, Ashley made sure it was taken to another level.  I have mentioned several times how disappointed I was in Zapatera’s utter lack of game play.  I have also been stunned at how Boston Rob has been able to manage his “alliance” like a cult.   I had such high hopes for this season when it started out, but it has really turned into a disappointment.  Other than Philip bringing the psycho element to the show, this season is pretty boring because NO ONE, other than Rob, is playing the game.  You could argue that Grant is possibly playing (I’ll get to my thoughts on him later) and to some degree Mike and David we trying to play.   Matt is playing the game from a challenge standpoint but from a strategy standpoint, he’s been awful.   Everyone else is just happy to be there and waiting to see what happens.  You can’t what to see what happens so Survivor.  If you are waiting for something to happen, you know what will happen?   You’re going to get voted out!

So let’s discuss Ashley’s brilliance!  Steve approaches her with a perfectly reasonable strategy…he and Ralph are writing Rob’s name down.  If the girls align with them, they can take Rob out of the game.  Instead of REALLY thinking about how that could benefit them, she just blows it off.  She even says, “you know that could work if we wanted to pull Andrea in.  But we don’t.”  WHY NOT???  If Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea teamed up with Steve and Ralph, they could take out Rob, Grant and Philip and then still have enough of them to take out Steve and Ralph.  Why wouldn’t you do that?  It is mind-boggling to me!!!   These girls aren’t thinking at all.  They are just happy to go through this game completely oblivious to what is happening around them.  They would rather be pawns in Rob’s Survivor than have the balls to make a power play and take control of the game.  But then Ashley takes her brilliance to an even higher level.  We are talking MIT people.  She goes and tells Rob everything Steve just said.    And after Blah Blah Blahing his strategy, she then tells Rob, “of course we didn’t listen to it.”  Of course you didn’t because you are an IDIOT!!!!!  Rob was looking for stooge #2 to take to the finals…well there you go.  It should be Ashley who has proven time and time again, she is just happy to make it as far as she has.

If the Ometepe 6 are the last remaining people (after all the RI people are gone), the only person with a real shot to beat Rob for the million dollars, is Grant.  No one is going to give a million dollars to Philip, because he’s nuts and alienated too many people.  No one is going to give a million dollars to Natalie or Ashley because they haven’t done shit.  And no one is going to give a million dollars to Andrea because she hasn’t really done anything and she may be perceived as being disloyal to her closest ally Matt, one too many times.  Grant is the only one with a chance.  And Rob knows it so he isn’t going to take him.   The interesting thing will be how RI plays in.  I think if Mike or Matt can somehow get back into the game and into the finals, they will win.  Mike for sure because all his former Zapatera are on the jury.  And Matt has a good chance because I think people will give him a lot of credit for lasting as long as he did, basically by himself the whole time.    Who will likely be on the jury?  We know David and Julie for sure and I think it’s a safe bet that Steve and Ralph will be there as well.  That’s 4 former Zapatera.  5 more must join them.  If no power plays are made, let’s say Grant, Andrea, Matt, Mike, and Ashley are on the jury.  Rob would need 5 votes.  If the final 3 is Rob, Philip and Natalie, I think Rob is ok.  Swap Natalie for Ashley or Andrea…Rob is still ok.  If it’s Rob, Philip, & Grant (because of winning immunities) Rob still may be ok but I think Grant could pose a significant threat to steal some votes.  If some how Mike gets in the final 3, Mike would have at least 4 votes and I think could get the fifth vote from Matt.  I don’t think Matt is voting for Rob.  So that would be bad for Rob.  If it’s Matt in the final three with Rob, I’m not sure what would happen.   That would be hardest one to call.  I could see people wanting to give Matt the million for basically surviving and winning by himself and after being voted out TWICE!!  But I could also see people still giving Rob his props for making it to the finals, again!  But I really think the most dangerous person for Rob right now, is Mike.

Let’s get back to Grant for a minute.  I hope he is going to pull a big move.  Because if he can, the game is his.  Grant has been a beast in challenges.  Probably one of the best we have seen.  There is no denying his dominance.  But there have also been clips lately, of him being slightly strategic as well.  I really think he and Rob have formed a solid bond and I think there have been lots of strategic discussions that have gone back and forth between them.  I still think this is Rob’s game not just from the editing but from what Survivors who have been voted out have said in interviews.  I just wonder if there isn’t more of a collaborative effort between Rob and Grant that we aren’t privy to.  I don’t know.  The shame of it is, even though Rob and Grant may have formed a solid bond and friendship, Rob knows that at some point, he will have to betray him because he knows he can’t go against him in the finals.  I hope, and I think I’m right on this, that Grant is much smarter than is being shown and that he is onto Rob and is playing him as much as Rob thinks he is playing Grant.  They only thing is, Grant needs someone on his side to go against Rob.  Andrea would do it.  Ashley and Natalie would just run right to Rob and tell him and I think Philip might do the same thing.  Unfortunately, Grant’s move should have come with Steve and Ralph still in the game.  Now I don’t know how tight Grant is with Ashley, Natalie, Andrea, and Philip.  Maybe he can convince them.  And if he can, look out.

Some side comments:

  • Matt really seems to be mentally having a harder time.  I can believe it with little food, water, and for a while, companionship, I can totally see how you would start to go bat shit crazy.  But the Lord is guiding his way.  We’ll see if he guides him to a million dollars.
  • Philip found his shorts and acted like he solved all of our issues with the Middle East.  Relax dude.
  • I loved the immediate immunity challenge and voting out of someone right after tribal.  It just helps to speed things along!
  • If you are going to quote “A Few Good Men”, get the frigging quote right.  It’s not “you can’t stand the truth.”  It’s “you can’t HANDLE the truth.”  Get it right Phil or don’t quote the movie!
  • What will happen next week on RI and when will those people come back in the game?

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Some CBS Finale Spoilers!!!

So I was on my other favorite TV site today and found a very interesting post….CBS season finale dates and some quick spoilers on each.  Some were ok and not so spoilery but some were slightly eye-opening.   I’m not going to go through all of them since I don’t watch all the shows they listed.  So I am only going to touch on the shows I watch.   Read at your own risk!!!!!

Blue Bloods (May 13): When a drug bust points to the Blue Templar group, Frank and the fam take matters into their own hands.

Ugh.  I thought we were through this all this Blue Templar nonsense.  Maybe we can hope that this will be the last episode involving the BT and that next season (wishful thinking) we can move on from that and get some real storylines going for Jamie.   But I really hope BB comes back because the show is terrific.

Survivor: Redemption Island (Sunday, May 15): Eight castaways head into the two-hour finale; one-hour reunion show follows.

I don’t know how I feel about EIGHT people being around on the final night.  That’s what I haven’t liked about this RI format…too many people still with the chance for the million dollars.  I don’t know how this is going to play out but I am still rooting for my top 3, in  this order, to win:   Boston Rob, Grant, Andrea.

How I Met Your Mother (Monday, May 16): Let’s flash forward to when Ted is the best man at the wedding where he meets his future wife.

While it’s great that Ted will be at this wedding meeting his future wife, I’m still curious whose wedding this is.  I don’t think it’s Punchy’s because it looked like Marshall and Lily were in the wedding party.  Now it is HIMYM so it wouldn’t be completely crazy for something wacky to happen and Marshall and Lily are in the wedding for some reason.  But it’s getting harder and harder to believe that this is Robin and Barney’s wedding.  Although, again, stranger things have happened…like the goat ending up in their apartment!  Now do you think we will actually meet the wife as well or will she be in the background?  I can also see a scenario where we have been told Ted meets his future wife at the wedding and the show wraps with him meeting a young woman and fade to black, end of season.  This will be a total red herring.  I still think it’s too early for us to meet the mother.  Maybe I’m wrong (I’m wrong a lot!!!)   But I think we are still a season or two away from meeting her.   And I hate to say it, but a large part of me thinks, “who cares who the mother is” at this point.  I have become so invested in everyone and their friendships that it really doesn’t matter to me who Ted ends up with.  

Mad Love (May 16): Kate’s ex puts her romance with Ben in jeopardy; Connie and Larry’s fake date gets real, yo.

I will give you a minute to clean up the soda, beer, or fuzzy navel you just spit at your computer screen because I am still watching Mad Love.  I can hear it now (“this idiot doesn’t watch NCIS but she watches Mad Love….what is wrong with her?”)  I watch it because Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer, and Tyler Labine are in it and I REALLY want a comedy to stick for them.  And I am so happy to see Chalke back on my TV (although she is playing a slightly toned down version of Elliott Reid without all the neuroses.)  Plus, it’s something to watch after HIMYM.

Mike & Molly (May 16): Someone asks Mike if he intends to marry Molly. Homina-homina-homina

Such a cute show.  Of course Mike and Molly are going to get married!!!  Are you kidding me?  Just not this season or probably next season.   But it will happen.

The Good Wife (May 17): As Alicia must set aside her beef with Kalinda in the rush to prove a client’s innocence, she must also wonder: Is now a good time to make a run at Will? Also: Kelli Giddish (Chase) continues her run as an associate from Kalinda’s past.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO it is NOT a good time to take a run at Will.  You know when it would be a good time to take a run at Will?   Ah…NEVER!!!!  Why can’t Alicia just be alone?  If she can’t work things out with Peter (which I’m hoping she can) why does she have to run to Will?  Ugh…no.  Alicia has just been slammed into a brick wall, run over by a truck, and then set on fire.  The last thing she needs is to jump into bed with another creep.  Alicia needs Alicia time.  But I am busting at the seams with anticipation over next week’s episode.   It should be epic!!!

Criminal Minds (Wednesday, May 18): Hotchner hints as impending changes at work; JJ (A.J. Cook) rejoins the team!

JJ is back!!!   This is not too ground breaking considering it was announced a few weeks ago that the network finally came to their senses and contracted her back!!!  And it seems from the last episode that Strauss may be out for an extended period of time and Hotch may be getting promoted as a result?  I never liked the character of Strauss but I hope she is ok and I do kind of like the nastiness she brought because it’s always good to have a real antagonist inside your department.  But maybe those are the “changes” Hotchner is alluding to.  One could hope that it also means Agent Seaver will be transfered to another department!

The Mentalist (May 19): In this two-hour finale, Red John’s CBI mole is revealed, and Patrick Jane finally meets Red John.

WHAT!!!!  This was the spoiler that made me spit out my fountain coke over my computer screen…sorry iMac!   I am SHOCKED this happening this season.  Maybe because my Red John/ CBI mole theory is out the window.  Remember earlier when I said I was wrong a lot?   This is probably another one of those times.  I was always under the impression that Red John would be the so-so reveal while the CBI Red John mole would be the biggie.  Therefore, it wouldn’t happen until the end of the series.  However, my theory could still be correct.  Maybe the CBI mole is revealed to US the viewer but not to Patrick Jane or anyone else.   Also, could Jane meet Red John and not know it’s Red John, but we do!   I hope not.  I like the mystery of who is Red John.  For me, it hasn’t gotten old yet like Booth and Brennan not getting together.  I’m still completely into the Red John mystery because the show has handled it so well and I don’t think I want to know who Red John or the mole is yet.  I can take for learning one but not both.  However, it would be fascinating to watch with us knowing who everyone is but Patrick Jane and other CBI members not knowing.  Who do you think the CBI mole is?  At this point, I am going with Grace Van Pelt!  You heard it here first!!!!  Which means it won’t be her.  Ha!

Any thoughts on the spoilers above?  Sound off below!


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RENEWAL NEWS: CW Renews Five Shows for 2011-2012 Season

Great news for fans of the following five shows:

Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries
America’s Next Top Model

ALL 5 SHOWS HAVE BEEN RENEWED!!!!!!   For fans of these shows, you don’t have to wait until the dreaded upfronts in 3 weeks to hear about these shows because they are coming back!!!    There is still no word on the fate of Nikita, Hellcats, and One Tree Hill.  If I could have swapped Nikita with ANTM I would have been a royally happy woman.   But 4 out of 5 isn’t bad.


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