REVIEW: Survivor “This Game Respects Big Moves” S22 E8

07 Apr

I’m not sure I know where to start.  Should I start with Matt’s stupidity, Rob’s genius, Zapatera’s stupidity, or the fact that RI is still part of the game?  You would like to start with Matt?   Well that’s good because God told me I should start with Matt so I think I need to stick with that for fear of angering the Big Man upstairs!

Matt was the second person voted out of Survivor and has been on RI for 15 days.  Every person who has come to challenge Matt has lost.  Quite frankly, it’s why I was hoping we would again beat his final opponent (Sarita) and get back into the game (since we knew from the previews that the RI survivor would come back into the game.)  Matt’s a nice kid and he’s been great at these challenges so I couldn’t help but root for him once he got back in the game.  He then, very smartly concocts this plan with Andrea to make Ometepe think he is aligned with them in the hopes that once the numbers favor a bold move, he and Andrea and his new alliance would blind side Rob.  I was so excited because I thought this plan was great.  He tells Andrea not to say anything to anyone and they agree (with Andrea being slightly hesitant) that this will be the game plan.  So what does young Matthew go and do?   He has a God-fearing change of heart, decides to stick with Ometepe and THEN proceeds to tell Rob what his ENTIRE plan was!!!!   YOU DID WHAT????     What happened to keeping your big yappers shut?  Oh and by the way, way to throw Andrea under a bus to Rob by saying “our plan” is now out in the open.   If I were Andrea, I would have pushed Matt right off that ledge.

I really respect people whose religious beliefs are very important to them.  And I think it’s great when people read the Bible and want to connect with God.  But for all future Survivor contestants who want to be on the show and have a strong sense of religion, do yourself a favor.   Before you go on the show, go see your priest, or your rabbi, or your minister, or which ever spiritual leader you seek counsel in and ask for dispensation for when you go on the island.  Because your strong sense of morality or Catholic guilt or whatever you want to call it, is KILLING you and your judgement in this game!!!!  It never ceases to amaze me how people always talk about losing but losing with their morality in tact or losing but being true to themselves or whatever justification they are using for losing.  I’ve said this before but I will say it again nice and slow….IT’S…A…GAME.  This is not real life.  It’s called outwit, outlast, outplay.   Why is it that everyone seems to have a problem with the outwit part of the game?   It drives me crazy!!!!   So all Matt did was throw another huge target on his back by basically telling Rob he can’t be trusted.   Also, because he didn’t align with Zapatera, now they don’t trust him either.  So by sticking to what God wants him to do, all he did was seal his fate to go right back to RI where he just spent 15 days trying to get off.  Nicely played Matty!!   So much for your Big Move!!

On the flip side of horrible game playing, you have Boston Rob who is still playing this game brilliantly.  The sad thing is, no one even comes close to matching his wit to be able to take him down.  Maybe the closest person could be Mike.    Strategic wise, you could say David could go toe to toe with Rob but his social game is so pathetic it doesn’t matter how good your strategic game is because at some point you will go down.   Just ask Russell how well having a lousy social game worked out for him.    But Mike is well liked, a strong physical player and a smart guy.  Unfortunately, he’s aligned with the biggest bunch of dunderheads you have ever seen!   And he doesn’t have the numbers to go after Rob.  I know why Mike went after Matt but he should have gone after Andrea.  Andrea seems like she would be willing (yet nervous) to make a bold move to get further in the game.  I think she realizes she is on the bottom of a 5 person alliance (because who are we kidding Philip doesn’t count as part of that alliance.)  So if she and Matt could have flipped to go with Mike and Steve, it would have been an even split and equal chances.  I think if Mike got to her as the point person, she could have found a way to sell it to Matt instead of Matt being the lynchpin.  Her downfall is that she second guesses herself and seems a bit unsure of which the best way to go is.  Maybe if she had a stronger personality, she could have convinced Matt to stick with his original plan.  Guess we’ll never know.

Back to Rob, it seems at this point that the only way Rob will lose this game is if it’s down to the final 3 or 4 and he loses an immunity challenge and someone he voted off before, reenters the game and votes him out.  Zapatera just doesn’t have the numbers or the strategic game play or an idol anymore (we’ll get to that brilliance.)  Rob’s alliance of Grant, Natalie, and Ashley seem pretty solid.  I don’t think any of them would flip on him.  That leaves Andrea and Philip.  Do you see any of them making any sort of bold move to take Rob out?   I don’t.   But if I were Andrea, you know what I would do?  I would try to go after Grant.   Here’s why.   Think about the foursome of Rob, Grant, Ashley, and Natalie.  If it gets down to them, knowing Boston Rob, who do you think he is going to take to the final 2 or 3 with him?  Certainly not Grant!  Ashley and Natalie have done nothing around camp and they have played ZERO strategic game.  Now they have been good at challenges but that’s it.  No one will give them a million dollars over Rob.  But Grant is different and I think Boston Rob will see Grant as much more of a threat in the end.  So if I’m Andrea, I lay all this out to Grant.  Then I try to align with Mike and Steve who I know are tight.  We make a foursome alliance and to guarantee that no one screws the other, you vote 1 Ometepe off, then 1 Zapatera off.  And the first Ometepe you vote out is Rob.  He is guiding the ship so if you take him out, Ashley, Natalie, and Philip are all screwed.  You keep going back and forth until it is just the four of you.  Then you have a 50/50 team split of going to the finals.  It’s a big risk knowing how close Rob and Grant are and it could backfire.   But at this point, going with the flow and appeasing Rob isn’t going to win you a million dollars.   So why not take a chance.  That’s what I would do.   But I don’t think anyone will make that bold of  a move or attempt to make a move against Rob and that’s why I think he is going to win unless some unforeseen freaky thing happens….which is 100% possible on Survivor!

What do you think of RI still being part of the game even after Matt was sent back in?  I’m a little disappointed.  While I’m still unsure how well RI has played into Survivor this season (gun to my head, I would have to say don’t bring it back) I was psyched when I saw this was the week the person goes back in because I thought we were done with that element.  Alas, we are not.  How long can they go until the person comes back?  It can’t be very long because what are you going to do?  Put someone back in the game when it’s down to the final 4?  While it could be intriguing, I don’t think I would like that at all.   Part of the beauty of Survivor is that it is one and done.  Once you’re out, you’re out.  Now with this, not only did Matt have a chance to get back into the game once but now he is going to have a SECOND chance to come back into the game.   Seriously, how many times do Boston Rob and his cronies have to vote this guy out before he is finally gone?  I don’t like it.

Just a few final comments.  Again Zapatera shows how utterly clueless they are by Ralph playing the idol for Mike when he completely didn’t need to.  Now I assume the idol goes back into the game.  And since Rob is the only one who ever looks for clues in the rewards, my money is on him finding the second idol.   Does anyone know what the hell Philip was saying this week?   One time he talks about the code of the samurai while it seems that it take the entire 15 minutes Matt and Sarita are standing on one of the wooden blocks during their challenge.  Then during tribal council he starts talking about parasites and their stench in referring to the other tribe.  I was crying laughing.   The things this man says are down right hysterical.  It has to be an act right?   This can’t be how this man really thinks and acts.   Can it?  I’m just glad he is still around to entertain us because I love not knowing what is going to come out of his mouth next!!!

Are you happy RI is still part of the game or were you ready to say good-bye to it like I was?  Sound off below….


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