“The Closer” Promotes Mary McDonnell to Series Regular

07 Apr

So what does this mean exactly?  Many have speculated that with Kyra leaving the show, that McDonnell would take over as the lead.   Could this be a step in that direction?   My opinion is no.

The Closer is Brenda Leigh Johnson/Kyra Sedgwick.  You can’t have The Closer without the closer right?   McDonnell’s Captain Rayder, while a terrific character I like very much, has a completely different role in the LAPD.  She’s IA.  I’m not saying she can’t make the switch to Deputy Chief of Major Crimes but part of what made Brenda great, was this ability to get confessions no one else could.  Now all of sudden, Captain Rayder is going to do it?  I don’t think so.

The only way this works is if Rayder is now in charge of Major Crimes or maybe Pope takes over Major Crimes and she becomes a lead detective or second in command to Pope and they do a similar type of cop show with the same cast but it isn’t The Closer.  Either way, I’m glad I’ll get to see more of Mary McDonnell’s Captain Rayder on my screen because she is fantastic.  And the creative team will have plenty of time to figure out how they want this to go because Kyra’s version of The Closer, doesn’t wrap up until Summer of 2012.

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One response to ““The Closer” Promotes Mary McDonnell to Series Regular

  1. jjmouse

    June 20, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Sadly, because I have watched “The Closer” since it began,
    it is past time for Brenda Leigh to hang it up.
    I adore Kyra Sedgwick; she is a wonderful actress – but I can no longer even
    pretend to like Deputy Chief Johnson.
    I am sick-to-death! of her sarcastic, “Thank yew; thank yew soo much”
    (THAT! was beaten to DEATH… at least 2 years ago) – and the
    obsessive-compulsive pursuit of her “confessions” – no matter what the cost.

    OH… BTW and FYI and just so you know…?
    A CONFESSION obtained in the State of California DOES NOT! preclude a trial!

    The character will lie, cheat, steal and do “whatever (else) it takes”
    and I mean what EVER –
    (NOT a desirable trait in a law-enforcement official)
    and that includes sharking her HUSBAND and / or family –
    (NOT a desirable trait in a human being! )

    The character has long-since been spun out of control by the writers .
    Deputy Chief Johnson has become exactly the kind of ‘COP’ I despise.
    I will look forward to seeing Kyra Sedgwick – in anything! else.
    I will not miss Deputy Chief Johnson. Good riddance.

    I very much like the actress Mary McDonnell.
    She is a gifted performer.
    I will in no way subject myself to Ms. McDonnell as she perpetuates
    and / or perpetrates “Captain Rayder”.

    Both of those characters portrayed as Police Officers sicken and disgust me.
    They would be completely believable as the criminal; one belongs in jail; the other
    is a strong candidate for a (possibly prison) Psychiatric Ward.
    You decide which belongs where ; the characters are interchangeable as far as I am
    able to tell.


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