QUICK REVIEW: The Mentalist “Red Queen” S3 E16

11 Apr

“When thy little heart doth wake
The the dreadful night shall break”
– William Blake

I know this episode was about 2 months ago but The Mentalist was one of those shows burning up my DVR until this weekend when we had a marathon and this was the first of the 5 episodes we watched.

Quick show of hands.   How many of you knew that as soon as Agent Bertram quoted that line from a poem, you knew it was going to William Blake before LaRoche pointed it out to Lisbon?   Yep…I thought so…lots of you.   Now this is not from the same poem that we are all familiar with “The Tiger” which was made famous during last year’s season finale.  This line is from a poem called “The Cradle Song.”   Now, do the title of these poems have any specific meaning or is it the lines of the poems?  Or is it simply that Red John and Agent Bertram both really like William Blake and nothing more?   I don’t know.   But let’s get into what really matters….is Agent Bertram Red John?    No.

I think the people behind The Mentalist want to keep us guessing and throughout the course of the series, are going to throw up constant red flags to make us think Red John is either this person or that person.   In my opinion, Agent Bertram is not Red John.   He is simply a man who likes William Blake and stated the quote out of pure coincidence.   He’s not significant enough to have any impact as being revealed as RJ and he is too significant to be a basic reveal.

I’m eventually going to do an all out Red John post.   Probably during the summer when the TV scene is much quieter.   But I have always thought and still do that the Red John reveal will not come until the end of the series.  Mostly because RJ will not be someone significant.   It will either be some guy we know nothing about and will be, arguably, a boring reveal or it will be Brett Partridge, the forensic tech that Jane doesn’t get along with.  Why Partridge will be disappointing is that at this point, it is a little too obvious that it might be him and everyone on the internet thinks it’s him.  But the main reason why I think the reveal will not happen until the end of the series is because I think RJ’s accomplice is going to be the bigger reveal.  The person who was his right hand man or woman the whole time and possibly even a worse killer or person than RJ.   And that person, I think, will be one of the CBI team members we have come to love and adore.   Someone who was under Jane’s nose the whole time.   I don’t think it will be Cho.  I think it’s going to be Rigsby, Van Pelt, or Lisbon.  My guess, right now, is Van Pelt.


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