REVIEW: Castle “The Dead Pool” S3 E21

12 Apr

KISS HER!!!   KISS HER DAMN IT!!!!!   This is what I was screaming at my TV set last night at the end of Monday night’s Castle.   Oh.  My.  God!!!!   That 20 second look between Castle and Beckett!!!  It was giving me chills.   If that isn’t the best non verbal communication of love TV has ever produced, then I don’t know what is.   But let’s get the simple little matter of the case out-of-the-way first.   Shall we?

A young potentially Olympic swimmer from UNY is founded murdered at his school’s pool.  At first, it looked like a simple jealousy killing.   But it turned into something a lot more sinister with a good kid trying to do the right thing and as a result getting killed for it.  As it turns out, a rival swimmer, Brian, is using an undetected steroid to be able to compete on the team.   He came from a very wealthy family and his father will stop at nothing to have him be successful.  The swim coach had a connection from his past in Wilmington to be able to get these drugs and supplied them to Brian.  The victim found out about it and was planning to expose what was going on.  A former Olympic swimmer and super star, Rob,  who was a mentor to the victim, was also revealed to be a steroid user as well.  Rob’s past as a steroid user would have also come out if the victim revealed what he knew so Rob was the one who killed him.

We also had the side story of the jackass from Lie to Me playing Castle’s mentee, as he calls him, Alex Conrad, who just finished his first mystery novel.  I feel bad for saying that.  The actor, Brendan Hines, is probably a fine young fellow.  But he has now played 2 characters I absolutely hate so I just can’t like him.   Sorry!!   He comes to the station to see Castle and meets Beckett.  He starts chatting with her about the swimmer case and gives her some good insight into a new direction to look for the killer.  She really appreciated the help and agreed to talk to him later for research for his next book.   Well that went over with Castle about as well as a wet fart in church.   Castle doesn’t take too kindly to Conrad injecting himself into Castle’s turf….most especially not with Beckett.   The jealousy in his eyes the whole time was hysterical.   You could see him retreating to a high school kid who’s buddy just swooped in and started going after his crush.   To teach him a lesson, and to keep him from getting together with Beckett that night, he invites Conrad to Castle’s infamous poker game.  This time we are treated to two of my favorite writers….Michael Connelly and the divine Dennis Lehane.   I must say, I really liked the way the paid tribute to the late Stephen Cannell.  When Conrad went to sit in Cannell’s seat, they told him he couldn’t because that was Stephen’s seat.  Beautifully done Castle!!!  Connelly and Lehane really break the rookie in.   More like break his chops!!  And Castle is loving every minute of it, as am I!!!

In the end, Conrad realizes he needs to do a lot more research and heads off to a prison to learn more about prison life.  When Beckett asks Castle why he gave Conrad such a hard time, his response completely surprised me.   “Yes.  Fine.  It’s true.  I’m jealous.  There I said it.  I want you all to myself and to have you spending time with another writer?   That upsets me.  If that makes me petty, so be it.  Guilty as charged.”  Well I didn’t see that coming.   Nor this…”Actually, I kind of think it’s sweet.   And that’s why you don’t have to worry about me hanging around with Conrad anymore.  From now on I am a one writer kind of girl.”   When Beckett had the flat expression slowly turn into a smile before she said that him, it made me light up inside because I really didn’t know how she would take what he just told her.   And the waters works really came forward when after Conrad leaves and Castle says to Beckett “thank you.”  She turns around and simply, firmly, and sweetly says “always.”  Oh sweet Jesus I need tissues again!!!  And while I was sobbing and they were gazing at each other was when I started shouting KISS HER at my TV!!!!

I know there have been many Castle fans (mainly C&B fans) that have not been very happy with the direction C&B have been going in this season.  Some people feel that they move forward and then take 2 steps backwards.  Some people I talk to say they aren’t even sure they are going to end up together and that possibly C&B will remain great friends.  Those last 3 minutes of The Dead Pool prove that there is NO WAY, C&B aren’t getting together.  Those last 3 minutes also show the complete and utter love, respect, admiration, and compassion they have for each other.  Those last 3 minutes took C&B to a whole new level!   Those last 3 minutes are one of the best C&B moments of the entire series.  It was incredible.  As long as I can get moments like that throughout the series until they actually get together (and they will get together) I can handle the wait.  Because moments like last night’s are sheer perfection!

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