REVIEW: The Good Wife “Foreign Affairs” S2 E20

13 Apr

It is shows like this that made me want to start a blog about TV so I can talk about it.   To keep my emotions bottled up after seeing last night’s TGW, just wouldn’t be right.   Now if I can only get my darn job from interfering!!!  Last night was an incredible hour of TV.  So many highs and devastating lows that I felt like Alicia at the end of the episode.

The case, while interesting, wasn’t the main focus of tonight’s major stories but it nicely set up some periphery stories and saw the return of one of my favorite judges…in my opinion.  A family run company is suing a larger corporate entity for unpaid services (about $86 million dollars.)  However, the Venezuelan government has now gotten involved to make matters even more difficult.  It turns out, they didn’t want to interfere with the private business going after the larger company for their settlement but was jumping into the case hoping it would reveal a larger portion of information the President of Venezuela would like to have.  The cases were then separated and Aida was able to get her $86 million that was owed to her dad’s company and the President of Venezuela and the corporation could fight for the hidden maps they are seeking.   Maybe they want to go on a treasure hunt.  Who knows.   But it all worked out for LG’s client in the end.

This case also saw the return of Natalie Flores (America Ferrera.)  She is working at LG while finalizing her citizenship in the US.  She was translating some documents for Alicia and was able to uncover some wrong translations resulting in helping to break their case wide open.   She was incredibly helpful to them and it was nice to see her back on the screen.  I wish she was staying around permanently but alas, this was her last episode.   You never know for next year though….if TGW gets renewed.   It better get renewed!   But that’s another topic for another day.

I thought her scenes with Eli were fantastic.  Now I am one of those people who does NOT see a romantic chemistry there.  I see more of a mentor/mentee relationship that could turn into an amazing friendship.  Regardless, I loved her scenes with him and thought both America Ferrara and Alan Cumming were sensational.  Natalie came to see Eli at Peter’s election night party (more on that later) because she wanted to first apologize for her boyfriend coming after him and to also tell him that she was offered a full-time position as a translator for a law firm down in DC.  You could see that while Eli was so happy for her, he was crushed that she was leaving.  But as she was leaving she said to him “maybe in another place at another time.”   Could that time be next year?  I hope so because I would really like to see her back.

I would also like to point out, and I know I have said this before, how amazing Alan Cumming is.  I always knew he was a terrific actor, especially on the Broadway stage, and this was the first TV show I had ever seen him in.  He lights up and steals every scene he is in.  He also another actor whose facials expressions should be a masters acting class.  He is perfection.  He can pull off comedy with his witty one liners.  He can pull off caring and sweet like he did with Natalie and Alicia this week.  He can be fierce and slightly scary when someone crosses him.  He can also pull off intelligence and craftiness without being a jerk.   He’s amazing and I can’t say enough about him.   Even though I loved his scenes with Natalie this week, my favorite was with him and Alicia.   Which gives me the perfect segway to discuss the main character and what happened to her in this episode…which was a lot!!!

Over the last few weeks and at the beginning of this episode, I think we have started to see Alicia ease back into the comfort of her married life again.   The first season was still about her anger and distrust (rightfully so) but even at the end of last season and into this season, Alicia has started to warm back up to her husband.  Not only is he saying and doing all the right things, but he is even doing honorable things because he really believes in them not because it would look good to Alicia or for his campaign.  Which Alicia has noticed.  We don’t really know what Alicia’s life was like before the affair and when Peter was State’s Attorney and she was home with her family.  Alicia has let us in on some bits and pieces, but not much.   I get the impression that Alicia loved Peter very much and I think that she really enjoyed her life with him.  I believe that’s why she’s been able to come around after the betrayal.  If you never really liked or loved your husband before he cheated, why stay?  At that point, his political life was over so she has nothing to stay for.  But she did.  Because she wanted to and she wanted to not just get her marriage back, but make it better than it was before.  It had gotten to that point.  She started looking at the new house which was a perfect metaphor for her marriage with Peter.  The realtor said to her, it’s like your old house isn’t it?  But this is much better!  Just like her marriage is looking like it was before, but this time, it will be so much better.

But while Alicia is house hunting and working on the oil drilling case, the DCC and Eli (sort of) want her to do a public interview since Wendy Scott-Carr’s husband did one and it is putting her ahead of Peter in the polls as a result.   Eli told the chairman of the DCC that he promised he wouldn’t ask her but he tells Eli to do it anyway or risk losing.   Also in the mix,  Andrew Wiley has been trying to track down Alicia to talk to her about an investigation he is doing for the State’s Attorney’s office.  Uh oh.  I really like Wiley but I want him as far away from Alicia as possible!!!  Needless to say, Alicia has a lot of balls in the air during this episode.

When Alicia is back in the office working on her case, Diane asks to see her.   Diane tells her that she has been working really hard and that she should take the afternoon off.  Prior to this, Eli did go against his word to Alicia and asked her to do the interview which she promptly said no to.  You know when the interview was?  Later that afternoon.  So when Diane told Alicia to take off, Alicia was livid.  Not at Diane but at Eli for going around her back.  When she confronts him and he is completely lost over what she is talking about, they both realize who was really behind this…..the chairman of the DCC, Frank Landau.  It worked though because Alicia agreed to do the interview to help Peter.   While in make-up, Eli was prepping Alicia for the tough questions she was about to face.  It was probably one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.  Alicia has never really liked Eli but I think she has warmed up to him because he has been so respectful of her wishes and he truly believes in Peter and what he stands for and genuinely wants to help him and by extension, her.  I think she also respects his work ethic and the job he has to do and how difficult it can be.  On the flip side, I think the respect factor is mutual.  I think Eli really admires and respects Alicia for what she has been through, how she has picked herself up, dusted herself off, and has made a fantastic career for herself, raised two great kids, and slowly started to forgive her husband and move on.  I think he likes her intelligence, spunk, and solid moral ground.  Therefore I believe he is slightly protective of her.  That’s why he was so hard on her with the prep questions because while he didn’t want her to crack on camera because it would look bad for the campaign, he truly didn’t want her to be blindsided and hurt.  When she started to tear up after asking her hard question about Zack and Grace, you could see how much he felt for her.  It was a beautiful scene that was pure genius and brilliantly executed by Julianna Margulis and Alan Cumming.

After the tough case and the tough interview, it is now election night!!!   And to no one’s surprise, Peter is named Cook County’s next State’s Attorney!!!   The celebration has begun (although Jackie looked like she started celebrating about 5 hours before everyone else did) and Alicia is taking it all in.  By the way, did anyone else find it strange the Peter himself, Chris Noth, was nowhere to be found?   You would think when the winner is announced, he would be there hugging and kissing his wife and kids yet this tall, brown-haired, faceless man came out when Eli announced him and went straight to everyone else to shake hands.  Why?  Because Chris Noth obviously had a prior engagement and wasn’t playing Peter that day of shooting!   I just found that very odd.   But not nearly as odd as what happened next!!!

Wiley shows up AGAIN.  This time in a private room where Alicia is drinking a glass of wine while enjoying her husband’s victory.   Now I would think a party like that would be invitation only so I’m sure how he even got in to see her.  But whatever.  He goes to see her and she can’t believe he is still stalking her.   Basically, he came to tell her that the rumor about her husband having an affair with a co-worker must have been completely false because the woman he is alleged to have slept with, can’t be traced or found.   Her name doesn’t exist.  And you came all the way over here to tell me that, she asks.   He tells her that he believes that people should know the truth no matter how helpful or hurtful the news may be.  Alicia smiles and starts to walk away when he suddenly tells her that the woman’s name was Leela.  Alicia stops dead in her tracks and her face completely drops.  Wiley notices her pause and asks if she has heard that name before or knows who she is.  Alicia starts to walk out the door when she stumbles a bit and Wiley asks if she is alright.  She walks out right as everyone starts singing “For He’s a Jolly God Fellow” (yikes) and she starts to walk down the hall.  Alicia Florrick has always shown amazing strength and composure throughout her entire ordeal with Peter’s prostitute scandal.   For the first time, as hard as she is trying to keep it together, she completely falls apart and loses it.  And I am crying right with her.  I am completely heartbroken for her.

Wow.   I really thought it was going to be Kalinda that cracked and told her what happened.  But when Wiley kept popping up in this episode, I was terribly fearful it would be through him that Alicia found out.  I was sick to my stomach for her!!  So what happens now?    She becomes “The Good Wife” all over again.   Before she stuck by Peter because she really did love him and that even though she was hurt, deep down she thought, maybe there is a way to move past this.  But now, she has to stick by him for much different reasons…he’s now the State’s Attorney.

I’m very torn how I feel about this.  Maybe because I am Team Peter, I am willing to give both him and Kalinda a second chance.   From Kalinda’s stand point, she didn’t know Alicia when she slept with Peter.  Therefore she was breaking no friend code at that time.   And from Peter’s standpoint, after he and Alicia have reconciled, by his own admission, he fell in love with his wife all over again and would never want to do anything to hurt her, jeopardize their marriage or his family.  This happened back when he was giving it to old Amber Madison.  So we already know Peter was a turd back then.  But that isn’t who he is now.  The reason neither of them wanted to tell her was because they didn’t want to hurt her and bringing it up would suit no purpose.   However…..I can also see how Alicia will feel completely betrayed by this.  Not only did he cheat with someone else she didn’t know about, but it was her new BFF.  The one person she could really trust above anyone else.  Now that’s completely shattered.   Alicia keeps putting her faith in people and they keep taking her heart and treating like a hacky sack.  And what does it say about Peter that he would use sex to help out someone who worked for him and what does it say about Kalinda that she would allow herself to be used in that way with a married man?  This is a mess.

Unfortunately, we have a small hiatus for 3 weeks until the final 3 episodes of the season.  I have no idea what will happen and how certain relationships will be changed as a result of this revelation.  All I know is that no matter what happens, I am ALWAYS 100% Team Alicia!


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4 responses to “REVIEW: The Good Wife “Foreign Affairs” S2 E20

  1. Kiki

    April 13, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Love your last line!! Always Team Alicia until the end!!

    So true about Peter, it is not who he is now, but it might be too late for them 😦 So sad!

    Episode was great, brilliant!

    JM deserves an Emmy, she made me cry 😦

    3 week hiatus SUCKS!

    • fortheloveoftv

      April 13, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      You knew it was coming. You knew as soon as Blake confronted Kalinda with the news that she slept with Peter that Alicia would eventually find out. I also didn’t think she would find out this quickly but what a kick in the gut.

      It sucks because she and Peter and she and Kalinda had gotten to such great places in their relationships and, for the time being, it is all shot to hell.

      I am just so afraid this is going to be the push Alicia needs to go to….gulp…Will. Ugh!!

      I know, I hate the fact that we have to wait 3 weeks!!!

  2. Allie

    April 13, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Am I the only one around here that doesn’t want her to end up with Peter or Will.? They’re both big douches (which means shower in French btw, i think thats funny). I think Alicia will forgive Kalinda in time, after all she didn’t even know Alicia when she slept with Peter and I think Alicia will eventually get over her lying. Peter, on the other hand, already has 1 big strike against him (or does jail count as 2?) Anyways, he’s had enough chances already and Alicia deserves better. I think the reason why she might not divorce him is because of her kids, or because of the politics.

    • fortheloveoftv

      April 14, 2011 at 8:11 am

      Ha! You are the first person I heard say that. Most people pick Will or Peter but I’m sure you’re not alone.

      The thing that makes this tricky is that this indiscretion is not new. Meaning, it seems Alicia has forgiven him for his past mistakes and this is a past mistake. After jail and they reconciled, he hasn’t betrayed her (in a physical sense.) She’s just finding out about this now but this didn’t just happen. She and Kalinda weren’t friends at the time and Peter was a jerk back then. Things are different now.

      I can’t wait to see how she is going to react to all of this. I personally just don’t want to see her run to Will. If it’s not going to work out with Peter, I would rather her be on her own. Or maybe hook up with Eli….lol!!


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