Season/Series Finale Dates

13 Apr

We are getting to that point in the 2010/2011 TV viewing season….season and series finale time.  I know, I shed a tear myself when I think about it.  It’s hard to believe.  It went so fast.  Espcially since this is my first season blogging, it’s hard to believe that the network season is almost over!!   What to do all summer?  Actually, there are some shows I need to catch up on (Boardwalk Empire, I know you are burning up my DVR) and possibly watch on DVD (I’m determined to catch up to Mad Men by the time S5 starts next year.  Also I have been wanting to try Psych and Friday Night Lights.)  But until then, we need to say good-bye to our season long shows and some will be permanent good-byes.  Like the renewal tracker, I will try to keep this up to date.   I think this has all the shows but if I am missing something, let me know!!

April 19th


May 1st

Undercover Boss

May 5th

Perfect Couples
30 Rock

May 6th


May 8th

The Amazing Race
CSI: Miami
Brothers & Sisters

May 11th

Better with You

May 12th

The Vampire Diaries

May 13th

Blue Bloods

May 15th

Desperate Housewives
Cleveland Show

May 16th

How I Met Your Mother
Mad Love
Gossip Girl
Mike & Molly
Hawaii 5-0

May 17th

One Tree Hill
Raising Hope
Traffic Light
The Good Wife

May 18th

America’s Next Top Model
Breaking In
Criminal Minds
Law and Order: SVU

May 19th

Big Bang Theory
Rules of Engagement
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
The Mentalist

May 20th

Kitchen Nightmares
Shark Tank

May 22nd

American Dad
The Simpsons
Bob’s Burgers
Family Guy
Celebrity Apprentice

May 23rd

The Bachelorette
The Chicago Code
The Event

May 24th

The Biggest Loser
Dancing with the Stars

May 25th

American Idol
The Middle
Modern Family
Cougar Town
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

This should be every show.  The three shows I noticed that I haven’t been able to find any information on are Body of Proof, Mr. Sunshine, and Happy Endings.  Since Cougar Town returns April 18th, I assume sometime this week or next will be Mr Sunshine’s final episode of the season.  Body of Proof has only been on for 3 episodes and Happy Endings is premiering tonight.  So I assume they won’t end until early June.  And if you don’t see shows like Harry’s Law or Off the Map, it’s because their season already ended.  But like I said, if something glaring is missing, let me know.  And remember this is network shows only so don’t ask me why The Killing or Secret Diary of a Call Girl aren’t on here please!

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