BREAKING NEWS: All My Children and One Life to Live Canceled by ABC

14 Apr

Wow.  I knew soaps weren’t doing great but this is a little surprising that the trigger has actually been pulled.  Breaking news: ABC has canceled long running soaps All My Children and One Life to Live.   The cancellation is happening to make room for 2 more talk shows…The Chew hosted by Mario Batalli as well as other names in the food and entertainment industry that will focus on food, recipes, parties, entertaining, and nutrition and the other show is called (it’s a working title) The Revolution.   Not sure what that’s about yet.

I grew up watching soaps…mainly Days of our Lives and then in my college and later years added General Hospital to the mix.  Sad to say though, I haven’t watched either soap in about 3 years and I watched Days for 20+years.  My first episode of Days, when a was little kid, was Bo stealing Hope away from her wedding to Larry Welch.  My  mom and aunt watched it so I started watching it with them in the summer.  I used to tape both shows and watch when I got home.  But in the last 3 years, with all the new TV at night ( with the advent of excellent cable original programming) I just never got the time to catch up on the soaps.   They built up on the DVR to about 3-4 months of episodes and I could never catch up so I just deleted them and never started again.  I feel horrible because I feel like I am part of the reason why soaps are getting canceled.  However my 2 shows are still on the air!   Go figure.

So what is left?  Days, GH, and Y&R are the only 3 left.  Is the Bold and the Beautiful still on?  I’m not sure.  But over the years we have lost Another World, Passions, Guiding Light, As the World Turns. All gone.   Pretty soon there will be no daytime TV soaps left.  It’s a shame because they really are great guilty pleasures.

I feel terrible for the fans of both of these shows.  AMC has been on since 1970 and OLTL has been on the air since 1968.  Both started has half hour shows but eventually expanded to a full hour.  The iconic Agnes Nixon created both shows.  And Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) is one of the most popular and recognized characters in all of TV history!  It looks like AMC will wrap up in September 2011 and OLTL will end in January 2012.  I wish nothing but the best for the casts and crews of both shows.


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