REVIEW: Supernatural “My Heart Will Go On” S6 E17

18 Apr

While I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I have to admit that I am starting to get a little frustrated.  There are only 5 episodes left this season and I feel like there are so many questions out there that need to be solved and unless they are going to carry over to next season, I don’t know how they will all get answered in time without being rushed.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I certainly do.  I just feel like this war in Heaven and Eve are all tied into one another but I have no idea how or why and at this point of the season, we are no closer to finding out what the hell is going on.  The only thing that happened this week is we were introduced to Rory Gilmore’s Yale roommate, I mean Fate, and we learned that Castiel is going with “the end justifies the means” motto to win the war in Heaven.  I know people looooooooove Castiel, I’m not one of them.  I wouldn’t say I dislike Castiel, I guess I’m just indifferent to him and never understood the big fuss people made over his character.

This week highlighted a reversal of fate that had huge rippling effects on everyone involved.   You could tell there was something really weird going on when the boys weren’t driving the Impala and Bobby was married.  The most bittersweet moment of the episode was the person Bobby was married to…..Ellen!!!  I really miss Ellen.  She was awesome and kicked some serious ass.  But I was incredibly confused when I saw her again.   Happy as a clam but very confused.  But no one else seemed confused so I thought I missed something.  It wasn’t until the boys were researching a little unknown ship called the Titanic and came across one of the first mates (Mr. I. P. Freely) that it started to make sense.  Angel Balthazar was First Mate Freely and as it turns out, was responsible for UNsinking the Titanic.  This set off a chain reaction of the descendants of the survivors being killed off one by one by Fate.  It also changed the course of time where Ellen and Jo are still alive and Ellen is married to Bobby.  We soon realize that things need to go back to the way they were.  The big reason why?   Fate is seriously pissed off and if Castiel and Balthazar don’t go back and let the Titanic sink the way it was supposed to, then she will kill our Winchester boys.   See Fate is pissed because if angels can suddenly go back and undo events that have already happened, it will render her obsolete.  And Fate, does have a purpose in this world otherwise, God wouldn’t have created her.   So she strikes a deal that if they fix the Titanic mess and she and her sisters are left alone (meaning no one kills them), the Winchester boys are safe.   So that’s exactly what happens.

Now with this whole Titanic mess (like the pun), there was a pretty significant revelation.   Balthazar was not the angel behind the unsinking of the Titanic.  He actually was there to make sure it didn’t happen but he wasn’t the mastermind behind it….Castiel was.   Why?  Because by unsinking the Titanic and having all those passengers survive and therefore have offspring, would allow Fate to go and kill all those people who should have never been born to begin with and he would therefore have more souls to fight the war in Heaven.  Wow.  That’s pretty sinister don’t you think?    Let’s save 2,000 people so we can then kill 50,000 people for their souls!!!  And this is where my frustration really lies.  What the hell is going on in Heaven?  I know it’s a civil war but about what and why?   It’s very possible I am forgetting a big portion of the story (because my memory stinks) so if someone can fill me in, great!   All I remember is that because Michael and Lucifer are trapped in the cage in hell and God is kind of MIA right now, civil war has erupted.  But what are they fighting over?  It can’t be control of Heaven because regardless of where God is, Heaven is His.  I don’t think that’s negotiable.  So are some angels on the side of making sure God keeps control while the other angels are trying a Mutiny on the Bounty approach to take control?   I don’t know.  But I feel like the writers haven’t really cared so why should I?   This war in Heaven has only been brought up maybe 3 or 4 times this season.  And you would think if it is a really big deal, it would have been a little more front and center.   Now, it’s also very possible other things are happening that relate to the war in Heaven but we don’t know about it yet.  I guess what it comes down to is I don’t really care about this war in Heaven because I’m not 100% sure why I should care.

Before we move on to the Eve front, and there isn’t much there to discuss, I want to bring up another question I have.  Why do you need Fate if you have Death and the reapers?  Or is Fate a reaper of sorts?   To me Fate isn’t necessarily a reaper because your destiny doesn’t always have to do with death.  So I can see why you have Fate around, I’m just not sure why she was around in this episode (other than to introduce her to us.)  Remember when Dean made the deal with Death and he had to be a reaper for a day?  Remember during that day, he didn’t want to reap the young girl and that as a result of him not doing so, set off a chain reaction of other people dying whose time it wasn’t yet?   It was a lesson Death was trying to teach Dean that every time he and Sam upset the apple cart and save someone who’s time it was, someone else has to go in their place.   There is system to the universe which they constantly disrupt.  So even though they are saving these people’s lives every week, what they don’t realize is that someone else is dying in their place somewhere else.  Isn’t that sort of what happened with the Titanic?  Those people were saved and now other people are dying.  So wouldn’t the reapers take care of that?   Not Fate?  And if that isn’t the reaper’s job and it is Fate’s to correct, then shouldn’t we have met her sooner in the series due to all the people Dean and Sam saved who shouldn’t have been?  Maybe I’m over thinking it but that’s what I do!   I just find it strange that it wouldn’t have been a reaper to do what Fate was doing.  You would think it would be a partnership of sorts.

My final frustration is the Mother of All/Eve story.  I think she’s the big bad and we have met her once for 5 seconds and saw one of her minions (in the form of a nasty worm) when it was inside Bobby for a short time.   This is another entity where I have no idea what is going on.  She’s pissed off and wants to kill all the humans and replace them with all her people (vampires, werewolves, etc.)   Ok.   Why?   And why now?   Here is another “big” story that was really just introduced to us a few episodes ago and we only have 5 left to figure this all out.  However, of the two “big” storylines (Heaven and Eve) I would think Eve could transition over to next season and the war in Heaven would wrap up this season.  So if this is the set up for next year, I would be ok with that.  But if this is somehow to wrap up in 5 episodes and it isn’t executed well, I won’t be too happy.    So I am going with cautious optimism that this is the set up for a really big story and show down for next season.  But we’ll see.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am still loving Supernatural.  I just wish this season flowed a little better (from the major story arc standpoint.)   Some of the individual episodes have been fantastic!!  But I am not losing hope yet that the last 5 episodes will be epic…as they usually are!


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2 responses to “REVIEW: Supernatural “My Heart Will Go On” S6 E17

  1. sportsattitudes

    April 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    My wife and I have seen every episode since the beginning…and admittedly…we thought the season wrapped quite nicely last year and would have been OK if another season had not started last Fall. We have found the current season average but really disagreed about last Friday’s episode. For me, I did not appreciate all the new-ness, especially with the last new episode being…ages ago. Even if they had run a new one last week, having the audience just buy in to all those “changes” was jarring without actually seeing what caused them up front. My wife didn’t have a problem with it and enjoyed the episode. I couldn’t get into it and am wondering not only what the future holds…but what they’ll do come next season. I hope the epic-ness returns as well.

    • fortheloveoftv

      April 18, 2011 at 11:36 pm

      I just feel like this season is a little disjointed and the direction is very erratic. One minute we are to think Crowley the Cross Roads demon is behind looking for purgatory and this is going to be the big arc and he is going to be the big bad behind it. Then he dies and this woman rises up from purgatory to be the big bad yet we have seen her or been exposed to her plan all of 5 minutes this season. I don’t get it. But like I said, I have faith and I guess we’ll have to see what happens!


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