The Killing Recap and Review Coming Soon!

18 Apr

My DVR only taped 2 minutes of last week’s The Killing (grrrrrrrr) so I watched both episodes last night.  This show is AMAZING!!!   If you aren’t watching, you REALLY need to be watching this show. The acting and writing are so superb.

Work is crazy today and tomorrow but hopefully I will have thoughts on both episodes very soon (hopefully by Wed/Thurs of this week.)  So make sure you check back.

All I am going to say at this point is that I change my mind about my initial thoughts on Jamie.  I don’t trust Gwen AT ALL.  I think she is up to something and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is behind the killing of Rosie.  And I just want to beat Jasper and Kris with their skateboards for what they did in the cage.  I hope they get what is coming to them!


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