REVIEW: The Killing “El Diablo” & “A Soundless Echo” S1 E3-4

21 Apr

I am so behind that I am going to do some very quick reviews to catch up.

This show is fantastic.  I remember saying after the pilot that I wasn’t too sure if I liked the character of Linden or not.  I can now say with 100% certainty that I love her character.  She is very complex and I think there is a lot more to her than we have learned yet.  Remember when Rick comes to see her on the boat and notices the bandage on her arm?  She tells him it’s just a scratch and he says “it’s happening again isn’t it?  I can’t compete with a ghost.”  I’m dying to know what that’s all about.   But the way Linden has been observing and analyzing the case, you can tell there is something (non Rosie Larsen related) eating at her.  And there must be more to her storyline with Rick.  I don’t understand why the writers would introduce the idea of Linden moving away with Rick and her son when we all know she is going to be the lead detective in the this case and not go anywhere until it’s solved.  So why even go there?  Because there must be a bigger reason.  At least, that’s my hope.

I’m still not sold on the partner yet (Holder.)   I know this is his first time in homicide but he has been a detective before and he is coming across like such a rookie.  And a disrespectful unprofessional one at that.  Although it seems his creepy style may help in this case since all the youngsters think he is just as much of a scumbag as they are.  Which may be true but time will.  So it’s easy for him to get close to some suspects as a result.

I’m really happy to see how Jamie’s storyline is playing out so far.  Originally he came across as pompous, callous, and obnoxious.  He still may have some of those traits but I think he’s pretty loyal to Richmond.  I like that he was set up as the leak and therefore fired from the campaign so he could plant himself inside the mayor’s office to take him down from the inside.  Loved that!  You know who I don’t trust a lick though?  Gwen.  With her huge political connections (her father is a Senator) and the fact that she seems to be quite shady in her dealings with Richmond’s campaign, she can’t be trusted.  Maybe, like Jamie, she has been planted to take down Richmond from the inside.  I don’t think that’s the case, but it’s possible.  I think she’s just very ambitious for herself and is using Richmond for her own aspirations.  I also think she has something to do with Rosie’s death.

The Larsens continue to break my heart each week.  However, the scenes with them really slow down the show at this point.  It’s a tough web to weave because these are the grieving parents.  They aren’t going to be over Rosie’s murder in a day or two.  Hell Mitch may never get over it.  And you have to show how hard this is on the Larsens.  But do we need to see every step of them picking out her casket and talking to the priest about the services?  I know the show is supposed to be told from all angles and at this point, their grief is their angle, but it really does bring the show to a screeching halt.   What was very interesting was this twist that Stan may not be the perfect husband after all.  Turns out he was into some pretty shady dealings in his past that he isn’t proud of and I’m sure that will come to light over the course of the season.  He needed to borrow some money from the person he used to work for (possible a mob connection) since he bought a house for Mitch and his family right before Rosie was murdered.  Now he needs some help.  I have a bad feeling about this for Stan.

Two people I really hope spend a lot of time in jail being some dude named Bubba’s bitches are Kris and Jasper.  I think it was pretty obvious that the video was not of them raping Rosie even though it was shown in a way to make us think it was.   The video showed a girl in Rosie’s costume and pink wig but never her face.  Turns out the girl who was raped was Sterling, Rosie’s BFF and she hasn’t been right ever since.  And how about that asshole that came over to her in school and said “hey Sterling, no means yes.”  Are you kidding me?  Who’s raising these kids?  But those little scumbags better get what is coming to them.  I don’t think they had anything to do with Rosie’s murder but as proved by the video, they are far from innocent of a crime.  Bastards.

But I big revelation (that is also a big red herring in my opinion) is Rosie’s connection with her teacher, Bennett Ahmed.  At the end of E4, there was a 2-3 montage showing some pieces of a puzzle coming together.  Holder followed Rosie’s normal bus to the end of the line where it ends up in a bad neighbor hood.  Turns out, she was there with someone helping out the youth in the area.  That person…Bennett Ahmed.  When Linden was searching Rosie’s room because she had a feeling Rosie was involved with an older man, she found letters written to Rosie that were hidden in her globe lamp.  The author of those letters…Bennett Ahmed.  Finally, Mitch is at Rosie’s school talking to one of her teachers who ended up giving her book that was Rosie’s favorite.  The teacher….Bennett Ahmed.  You see where I am going with this?   Bennett obviously had a bigger connection to Rosie than just student/teacher.   What that connection is yet, we don’t know.  It could be completely innocent and platonic.  Or it may not.  Either way, I don’t think it’s sinister and I don’t think he killed Rosie.

What do you think of The Killing?  Are you watching?  And if you aren’t, why the hell aren’t you?  You must start watching.  Any early guesses from the readers on who killed Rosie?

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