REVIEW: Supernatural “Frontierland” S6 E18

28 Apr

This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.  But that’s part of the problem with Supernatural this season…lots of great individual episodes but the overall arc of the season is a mess.  I’m not even sure what the main arc is at this point.  But we have discussed that to death.  Frontierland got back to the root of why Supernatural is so great….the chemistry of Jensen and Jared, the humor, the wit, Bobby’s sarcasm, an interesting “monster” case, and of course Dean wearing a blanket…oh sorry, serape.

In an effort to try to come up with a way to kill Eve, they do some research in Samuel Colt’s journal.  They realize they need to get the charred ashes of a Phoenix.  Well doesn’t everyone have those lying around?  They have to go back to the late 1800s after seeing Colt’s journal entry about seeing a burning Phoenix.  I loved how excited Dean got over going back to the wild, wild west!  He went shopping and himself and Sam “outfits” so they could fit in.  Hence the serape.   The best part, is when he gets zapped to the past by Castiel, everyone makes fun of him over his blanket (after Bobby, Cas, and Sam already ripped him for it!)  He also gets teased about getting some real clothes if he is going to help out the locals in finding who is melting local police and judges.   They only have 24 hours for fear they could get lost in history. So they have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Turns out, a man was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit and he came back to kill (melt) the men who wronged him.  We also learn that he is the Phoenix.  Dean sets up to meet in a showdown while Sam is off to meet with Samuel to convince him to go with him so he can burn the Phoenix.  Sam meets Colt and tells him he is a hunter from the future.  Colt doesn’t believe him until Sam shows him his Blackberry.  Colt tells him he’s retired but offers to give Sam his colt in order to kill the Phoenix.

Sam rushes back to Dean with the colt and gives it to him to take out the Phoenix.  It works and the bullets from the colt burn him.  As Dean and Sam rush to get the ashes, they are zapped back to the future (unfortunately not in a DeLorean and not with the help of Doc Brown.)  They are so disappointed because they feel like they have failed.  However, while discussing their next move, someone knocks on the door.  A UPS guy is there with a package for Sam.  It’s a package from Samuel Colt!  Samuel left the package at the post office with strict instructions to have the packaged to delivered to Sam at that address on that date.  Sam wonders how Samuel knew his address as he pulls his doo-hickey (as Samuel called the Blackberry) out of the boxes along with a glass jar full of Phoenix ashes.  Nicely done Samuel!!!!  At least there is one Samuel on this show we can depend on!!!!

On the Castiel/War in Heaven front, when the boys originally summon Castiel to help them with going back to 1861 Wyoming, Rachel shows up instead.  She is Castiel’s lieutenant and she has had enough of the Winchesters asking for his help when he has a war he is fighting and they know it.  She gives them a verbal beat down as Castiel shows up to back her down.  Later, they meet up again and Rachel institutes another verbal beat down.  This time Castiel is the brunt of her angst.  She isn’t happy with his recent actions and thinks he is turning into the exact type of angel he is fighting against.  She then begins to fight him with their angels swords.  She wounds Castiel but he ends up killing her.  The problem is, he is injured to the point that he can’t bring the boys back on his own.  He needs to touch Bobby’s soul in order regain strength and get them back.  But it could kill Bobby.  I hate when they do this.  You know they aren’t going to kill Bobby so why bother going there?  Bobby allows the soul touching and Castiel is able to bring the boys back.

I guess you could say this episode moved some of the story arcs forward.  We learned that charred ashes can kill Eve.  Don’t you think that someone as powerful as her would have to have something stronger and more fierce than burned ashes as the reason for your demise?  I would think so.  It seems very pedestrian to me.  But since there has been such little build up to her, maybe it does make sense.  And based off the previews for tomorrow night, it looks like the boys finally meet face-to-face with Miss Eve.  We also learned that the souls are pretty powerful…no one everyone wants them.  But why?  Why does Raphael, Balthazar, or Castiel need or want souls?  It can’t just be for the war in Heaven can it?  Is it something bigger than that?  Death’s conversation with Dean mentioned how powerful the souls are.  Does he play a role in any of this?  Remember Death told Dean he was onto something in regards to the souls.  He said Dean will understand when he needs to but he should keep digging.  So what does Death know (or what did he know at that time) that we still don’t understand?   Because I’m as lost as Dean is.  This is probably the biggest story arc, at this point, that needs to be answered by the end of the season.   I also want to see how everything ties together.  Finally, I am really curious to see how Castiel’s questionable actions are going to come back to potentially harm his relationship with the Winchester Brothers.   He’s doing some bad stuff (we know about the killing of more people to get souls) but what specifically is he doing and why?   And why is he hiding it from Sam and Dean?

Lots to answer Sera.  Can you do it in 4 episodes?   We will see!


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2 responses to “REVIEW: Supernatural “Frontierland” S6 E18

  1. sportsattitudes

    April 29, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Spot-on review. Loved the ep and I do believe it is the genesis for the “final push” this season. Castiel is a key character and so much is going on behind the scenes I am hopeful that whatever he’s doing “back there” now increases his screen time for next season. Angel or Fallen Angel, he makes the show soar whenever he’s engaged with Sam, Dean and Bobby.

    • fortheloveoftv

      April 29, 2011 at 11:57 am

      I agree. Castiel always had good chemistry with the Winchesters and Bobby. I think it would be a fascinating story line to see Castiel at odds with Dean and Sam and what that would mean for them moving forward. They fought plenty of battles on their own before they met Cas. But Castiel has been very helpful to them since he arrived on the scene.


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