03 May

Not a surprise but it’s always nice when it is confirmed.  Bones is coming back for a 7th season!!!!!   David Boreanez confirmed via Twitter last night that Bones will be back.

The interesting part will be, HOW will Bones be back.   I’m sure some of you have seen the title of the season finale this year.  If you haven’t and think it may spoil something for you (which I think it won’t) then don’t read the ITALICS (or the rest of the post really) because here is the title of the season finale………The Change in the Game……… what does that mean?   Could it mean Booth and Brennan are FINALLY getting together?  Could it mean Baby Hodgins is born?   Could it mean Sweets and Daisy are getting married?   Could it mean Dr Saroyan and Wendell are getting together?   Could it mean they are all leaving the Jeffersonian to go work for Walt Disney World?   Who knows.  But I take that title to mean that something big is going to happen and if it isn’t my first guess, I am going to scream.

It will also be interesting to see how/if they incorporate Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy.  Could Booth and Brennan have one night of pure unadulterated passion after they finally admit their love for each other and as a result, Brennan is pregnant?  Could that be the change in the game?   I’m not sure.  One thing I am sure of, one of my favorite shows is back next year!!!!

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