REVIEW: Survivor Redemption Island S22 E12

05 May

After the craziness of the last couple of weeks, this week’s episode was a little boring.  And unfortunately, because Rob’s tribe is playing like a bunch of zombies, it’s very predictable.   But now that all the obvious votes are gone, it should start to get interesting again.  Although I think it’s going to be Grant then Ashley with Rob taking Natalie and Philip to the final 3.  Again, this is assuming who ever comes back in the game from RI and they don’t win an immunity challenge, is going right to the jury.

The one great part about this episode though, which is always my favorite of the season, it’s the message/visit from the loved one from home.  I always love seeing the Survivors getting all choked up from the messages.  Unless you’re in the military or have a wicked travel schedule for work, most people aren’t away from family or friends for over a month.  I’ve been with my husband for 14 years (almost 11 married) and the longest consecutive stretch I’ve been away from him was 2 weeks.  So I could imagine not seeing him for 31 straight days and getting pretty emotional.   Depending on the season and depending on the time of the game when the loved ones arrive, it’s always amazing to see.  But for ease of discussion, let’s say it’s around day 30.  So for 30 days, you see some people in this game and they are nasty people.  You see some tough ass people.  You see some devious, manipulative people.   You see some very spiritual people.  No matter who you see, their reaction is always the same…genuine joy at seeing someone they love to the point where most burst into tears.   It goes to show you how much and family and friends mean to you, especially when you haven’t seen or talked to them in over a month.  Like Mike said, even though he was in Iraq fighting for our country, he could at least communicate and talk to his family.   Just like my 14 consecutive days away from my husband, I could still talk to him every day.  But on Survivor, there is no communication.  You haven’t seen or talked to anyone you care about in over a month.   Think about that.   That’s crazy!!!

We head to RI and there is a four person showdown to not only stay alive but to win the right to see your loved one.  The final 6 Ometepe are also there to watch the challenge.  There are 4 tiles for each man to break and the first one to break all 4, wins the challenge and the right to see their loved one.   With 4 throws, Mike wins the challenge.  He made it look easy.  Then Matt and Ralph soon follow and Steve is sent home.  I have to say, and this was brought up on the live Twitter chat with Jeff Probst but I also thought it myself, did Steve even look like he was even trying?  I didn’t think so.  This is now a few challenges in a row where Steve looked like he just gave up.  Which really surprises me from a former NFL athlete.  Probst says it all the time that you really can’t put your self in the mindset of these Survivors because it’s almost impossible to.  Day after day after day with little food, water, weather. and horrible living conditions.  It takes a mental and physical toll on you.  Maybe that’s what happened with Steve.  But it seems like his heart hasn’t been in this game for several weeks now.

So Mike wins the challenge and here comes his mom!!!  Yeah!!!  But it wouldn’t be Survivor without the dreaded twist….and Mike has 3 to choose from…he can keep his winning and hang with his mom or he can give up his right and give it to Matt and Ralph or he can give up his right and give it to the 6 Ometepe.   This is friggin’ brutal.  This would be the challenge I would NEVER want to win.  It’s a lose/lose for the winner.  I don’t think you can win a million dollars with this decision, but you can certainly lose it.  On one hand, you are fighting to stay in this game.  So from a social standpoint, if you give the chance for other people to see their families, you could win some jury votes and stay in people’s good graces a little bit longer.  On the other hand, you won the challenge so you should be able to see your loved one.  You’ve earned it!!  And why give people I’m competing against the chance to see their family members and get a second wind when mentally they may have been on a breaking point?  It could be a risky move.  I also don’t believe you could win a million dollars by giving that to people.  You think because Mike let Boston Rob see his sister that he will somehow take him to the final 3?   Hell no!!!  If anything, he has become more likable and more of a threat.  Therefore as soon as he gets the chance (especially with all the Zapatera already on the jury) Mike will be booted off again.  On the flip side, you could lose a million dollars with your decision.  If you decide to keep the reward for yourself, there may be many upset jury members that remember that and use that as the reason to not vote for you!

On that topic, I need to vent about something that has bothered me for YEARS on Survivor.  Obviously the person who is in this position of having to choose whether he/she gets to keep a reward or give it to someone else or they win and have to choose 2-3 people to come with them, is going to struggle with what to do because they know they can’t take everyone and they know someone is going to be pissed.   And that’s what bothers me.  Why would you be pissed at that person?  There was only one time I can remember a Survivor being perfectly within their right to be pissed off.   Fabio.  Last season, Chase promised to take Fabio and Sash on the very next challenge he won.  He took Sash, but then he took Holly.  So not only did he tell Fabio he would take him and then not, it was also worse because apparently Fabio doesn’t get to see his mother very much.  That is one time I can see being justified that you are pissed.   I would be pissed if I was out there and Chase did that to Fabio.  But in all other circumstances, I don’t get it.  Like Ralph.  Ralph was mad at Mike for picking the Ometepe 6 to get to see their loved ones instead of him and Matt.  You know what Ralph, if you really wanted to see your friend that badly, then you should have won the challenge!  You didn’t so really you deserve nothing.  I don’t understand that at all.  This was not Mike’s decision.  Mike was told either hang out with your mom, let Matt and Ralph hang out with their people, or let the Ometepe 6 hang with their people.  Someone has to get let down.  And Mike, who won the challenge, was one of those people.  So shut up Ralph!!!!   And for anyone else who goes on Survivor, don’t whine if someone doesn’t pick you.  If you want to win a reward then win it your damn self!!!!

There was a pretty grueling immunity challenge that involved carrying heavy planks of wood to make stairs (lots of stairs) and running up and down and up and down and up and down those stairs several times in over 100 degree heat.  I was exhausted watching them.  Eventually, Rob wins the immunity and almost collapses afterwards.  He was really struggling after that challenge and it isn’t the first time the heat got to him.  It happened in Heroes vs. Villains as well.  He was fine though and they are off to another TC where there is no shock as to who was going home, except for the person going home…Andrea.  I have to say though with this RI twist, blindsides aren’t what they used to be.  They just don’t have the same impact.  I’m not feeling it this season.  I always LOVED the blindside but not this year.

So Andrea, Matt, and Ralph are all on RI and now the final 5 on the main island should get REALLY interesting.  I think Rob is tightest with Grant and Natalie.  But he isn’t taking Grant because he’s too dangerous.  And I honestly believe that between Natalie, Ashley, and Philip, any combination of a twosome with Rob, Rob will win.  So who cares.  What I want to know is when the RI person comes back into play.  It can’t be that person is in the final 3.  I would HATE that.  It wouldn’t be fair.  I would think within the next episode or two, the RI person comes back in.  They have to right?

Who is your ultimate Survivor for RI?  Is it Rob?   Grant?  Matt?  Mike?  Andrea?  Philip?  We’ll know soon enough!!!!

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One response to “REVIEW: Survivor Redemption Island S22 E12

  1. sportsattitudes

    May 5, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Best challenge ever. As Jeff tweeted last night, that dream art department outdid themselves on that one and I hope that challenge is in every future Survivor. Loved seeing people push it to the limit physically without throwing each other to the ground in the mud. Rooting for Rob because he plays the game so well. I do agree the whining over not getting chosen for certain things grows old – win the reward yourself or get back at the person later in the game, but they make the decision-making part so it will create friction. To win the million, you have to stay calm and think through how to turn a negative into a positive.


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