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I know.  I’m in my mid 30s.  Why the hell would I watch a high school kid show?   Because when I watched the original, they were my age (actually a year younger) so when they did the reboot I had to watch and now I am hooked.   Like Gossip Girl, it’s a guilty pleasure.  I would have never thought to review it but a few things have been happening that I wanted to discuss and if anyone else out there is watching and wants to chime in, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts!

Naomi and Max

I absolutely love this relationship and how it is forming.  Aside from the popular pretty girl falling in love with the “nerd”, it’s a very realistic storyline.   They were both embarrassed about seeing one another so they hid it.   But they finally realized that they didn’t want to hide it anymore so now everyone knows they are dating.  What I find interesting is the college aspect that most high school romances face…how will we survive if we go to schools far away from each other?  Naomi got into CU (California University where all of our former 90210 favs went) and Max got into MIT.  “Where’s that?” Naomi asks.  Of course she did.  When Max explains it’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, therefore in Massachusetts, Naomi realizes that they will have to do the long distance thing.  She is more than willing to try and Max wants to just enjoy their time together now and see how it goes.   Later on when Max blows Naomi off so he can hang with his friends, she isn’t too happy with him, thinking he isn’t making much of an effort, and storms off.  While stomping away, she drops an admissions form that Max sees…for Boston University.  That night, Max meets up with Naomi and brings her to a telescope to show her where he is going to school.  “That’s MIT?” Naomi asks.  “No that’s Cal Tech.”  Max is going to switch schools and pick Naomi over MIT.  Oh boy.  They are such teenagers.  I can understand Naomi possibly switching from CU to BU.  BUT NOT GOING TO MIT????  Is he crazy?????  He is going to blow off going to, arguably, the best school in the country that he has always wanted to go to and worked so hard to get into, because he of a girl he started dating 2 months ago?   My God I hope his parents change his mind.  It’s really sweet but really stupid!!!

Jen Clarke

This is a character I love to hate and the actress who plays her is wonderful.  When last we saw, Jen left her baby with Ryan (the father) and basically left town without a word of notice about 6 months ago.  So Ryan, with the help of new girlfriend Debbie Wilson, is raising Jack on his own.  This week, Jen returns, a changed woman according to her, and wants to be back in Jack’s life.  I don’t know how you could trust this woman again.  She would have to do some major ass kissing to get back into my good graces after abandoning her child.  She wants all in (even taking the baby to Paris for the summer) and Ryan says no.  She can start with seeing him twice a week and see how that goes.  Eventually she agrees on the condition that she makes all his fashion decisions.  Glad she pick a life changing one there.  I give Ryan a lot of credit because I don’t know if I could have let Jen back into his life.   She would really have to prove herself to me before I let her any where near Jack.   Ultimately, he did the right thing.


Wow has this turned sinister.  And all over a guy?  Again…teenagers!!!!  But this has gone beyond being pissed that one of your best friend’s started dating your boyfriend.  She is destroying Silver’s life and messing with her future.  For some background, Adrianna became a pop singing sensation this year after she stole a song from her dead partner/boyfriend at the time, Javier.  She sang the song at his funeral and became a huge You Tube sensation.  She passed the song off as hers and achieved instant fame and notoriety.  As a result, she became a total bitch.  She started dating Navid again but she completely ignored him.  Navid had a lot of problems with his family and she could never be bothered to really listen to him and be there for him because she was more concerned about photo shoots and what people were saying about her on Twitter and what party she is being invited to.  She was also awful to all of her friends.  It’s really the main reason why Silver and Navid fell in love. He started spending time with Silver when Adrianna was no where to be found and they hooked up.   Eventually, Adrianna found out and has been trying to ruin Silver ever since.   First it was stupid things like exchanging bottled water for tap water in Mexico to make her sick to which Silver retailiated by swaping Adrianna’s sunscreen with body lotion.  But then it got really bad.  Adrianna faked forgiving Silver in order to be able to get into her bathroom and she switched out Silver’s bipolar medication for something else.  This resulted in Silver completely blowing her NYU interview and therefore was declined admission to the school.  She became so depressed she needed to be admited to the psych ward at the local hospital.   And while Silver was in the hospital, Adrianna made her move by gettting Navid drunk, waiting until he passed out, and crawling into bed with him.

So what is the point of making Adrianna so unlikable?  Because after this season, I don’t know how she could ever redeem herself.   I like the character of Silver but I always thought she was a little high and mighty for my taste.  She is very quick to judge people yet she has made her fair share of bad choices for being so judgemental of others.   Like hooking up with your best friend’s boyfriend.  But she doesn’t deserve what is happening to her.  I just think the writers have taken Adrianna past the point of no return.  Jen Clarke is a great villain, much like Amanda Woodward was someone you loved to hate!   But Adrianna isn’t a likable villain.  She’s evil.   It’s one thing to be upset that your boyfriend chose your best friend over you and they had been sneaking around behind your back.  You have a right to be pissed about that.  But it’s another to sabotage your friend’s future and health by messing with her medication that results in her blowing a college interview and gets her admitted to the hospital.  What kind of person does that and then takes joy in seeing her demise?  A pretty sick and twisted individual that’s who.  And not once did she ever stop to think about the role SHE played in driving Navid into Silver’s arms.  Because quite frankly, if she wasn’t such a narcissitic bitch, Navid would still be with her.  I hope she gets arrested and leaves the show because I’ve had about enough of Adrianna Tate Duncan.

Everyone Else

Boring!  Don’t care about Annie and Liam.  Never cared about Ivy.  Dixon is in a slump right now but I normally enjoy his storylines.   I do like Teddy’s gay storyline so I do pay attention to that but there isn’t that much to say other than go Teddy!

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