QUICK REVIEW: Private Practice

09 May

During Charlotte’s storyline earlier in the season, I was reviewing this with more regularity because of the severity of the story and the amount of substance to discuss.  But I hadn’t watched PP since the beginning of March so I had to catch up so I could review the upcoming wedding of Charlotte and Cooper and of course the eventually season finale.


Addison has had 2 major things happen to her…Bizzy killed herself and she has realized that she wants a baby and isn’t going to wait any longer because she has waited long enough.   Addison is slowly dealing with the loss of her mother and as a result has decided she wants a baby.   Addison has mentioned this before and this is not news to us but it coming more to the forefront now.  Sam, who she is still dating, has mentioned that he isn’t sure he wants anymore children.  So Addison gives him an ultimatum…either stay with me and we have a baby now or we go our separate ways.

This is tough because I see both sides of this argument.  While I am not a big believer in ultimatums (in fact I hate them) I can understand why Addison is doing what she is doing.   Her speech last week really highlighted the dilemma  a lot of women face….do I stay with the man I love even though he may not want to have kids, he’s unsure about having kids (or more kids in this case), or he just isn’t ready right now.  Addison is in her mid 40s and physically, she cannot have a child.  It isn’t possible for her.  But she could adopt or go the surrogate route.   She has several options.  What she doesn’t have is patience because she feels she has been patient long enough and now this is a priority for her.  I don’t blame her at all.  However, she decided to fall in love with a man who was married before (to her best friend) and already had his child who is now grown, married, and has her own child.  He mentioned that he doesn’t want anymore children.  I’m not sure if Addison knew that going in, but knowing Sam’s situation she had to wonder.   Now she is pressuring him to make a decision.   This isn’t something you can rush into or decide on quickly.  It’s obvious Sam made up his mind to not have anymore children yet he is in love with someone who wants kids.  He may need time to think about that one.  But Addison has made it perfectly clear that she isn’t waiting anymore so he needs to decide.  He asks if they are breaking up then.

I never liked Addison and Sam.  First, I don’t think there is any chemistry there.  Second, I had a HUGE problem with her dating her best friend’s ex-husband.   Major no-no in my book.  So I think they should break up.  Add in the fact Addison wants a kid like yesterday and Sam doesn’t want a kid (or at least wants more than a few days to make up his mind), they should part ways now while they can still be friends.  I hope that happens.

Sam and Naomi

When last I had seen, they slept together.  I think they slept together.  Well they at least kissed.   Now here is a couple with chemistry.  And while it seemed to me that Sam was excited about exploring what that meant between them, Naomi didn’t want to look back and in fact, wanted to forget what happened.   Bummer.   I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up since Audra McDonald is leaving but I always loved Sam and Naomi.

Naomi right now is having a crisis of conscience.  She doesn’t want to be at Oceanside anymore.  In fact, she doesn’t want to be in the Los Angeles area any more.  She has been very unhappy and she realizes that when she was most happy was when she was traveling the world building hospitals and saving children who really needed her help.   So she decides to leave and go back to that life.  I couldn’t be happier for Naomi.  Sad for me as a viewer that she is going away but thrilled for her character.  I’m also glad that the annoying Fife is now gone.  I never liked him.  I never saw the appeal.  So I’m glad that she will go off ALONE and leave Fife behind.  And she said “you’re part of my past Gabriel.”   Thank God!

Pete and Violet

These two have annoyed me during various parts of the season but Pete more so than Violet.  He has been a complete and utter hypocrite that thankfully Amelia called him out on being.   During one episode, he lied about a patient’s health so that she could keep her baby.  It could have been dangerous for the baby but Pete thought it was what was right so therefore, lied so he could get the outcome he wanted.  I have issues with Cooper about this as well but Cooper is VERY different from Pete (more on that in his section.)  While Cooper and Pete both push their patients to do what THEY think is right, Pete sometimes goes overboard…like conspiring with a patient to lie to her family so she can keep her baby.  In the meantime, also completely disrespecting Amelia as a doctor for not thinking she would figure it out.  But the tables turned and a friend of Amelia’s came in for a test to see if she had Huntington’s disease.  The test confirmed she was positive but Amelia lied to her and told her it was negative.  The reason why…her friend said she would kill herself if it was positive.  She wanted to protect her friend so she lied.  Also WRONG.  Pete was giving Amelia all kinds of grief about keeping this from her and he wouldn’t let it go.  At one point, Amelia reminded him that this is coming from the same guy who lied to his patient about being able to see so she could defraud her family into keeping her baby.  He immediately shut up.

Then there was the whole story with his mother.  I know this sounds terrible, but I don’t really care about this and FF through most of it.  Pete’s always hated her (and right fully so based on the stories told about how she raised him) and his brother always supported her and gave Pete grief when he wouldn’t.  She was in jail but now she’s out because she was so sick (due to Pete’s brother drugging her) she had to get help.  Everyone was pushing Pete to make up with his mother before she died and he sort of kind of did.  Then she died.  Why was everyone pushing this on him?   He had a right to feel the way he felt.   If he chose not to forgive his mother, so be it.  I know that sounds cold, but I’m not in his shoes.  I can’t begin to understand how that woman made him feel but I should respect it and let him handle it how he sees fit.  Why push him to forgive someone he doesn’t want to forgive and quite frankly, doesn’t deserve it?

Violet has been promoting her book.  As a result, Katie, the woman who attacked Violet and took Lucas from her and left her for dead, is suing her for breach of patient/doctor confidentiality.  Violet goes to see her and tries to talk her out of it.   But Katie explains that she is trying to move on with her life after tons and tons of counseling.  Violet tries to explain to her that her book was part of Violet’s healing process.   But Katie tells her, that people aren’t stupid and are able to figure out that the person in the book is her and therefore, she can’t move on with her life.  I have to side with Violet here.  If I have to give the nod to anyone having a leg up in the healing process, it’s Violet.  If that is what she needed to do to heal, so be it.  If it makes it harder for Katie, oh well.  Katie violently attacked her and while I believe she deserves to get help, her healing comes second to Violet’s.  Sorry.  Eventually Katie realizes this as well and she comes to Violet to apologize for projecting her issues onto her and that she will drop the lawsuit.  She also gives a very heartfelt apology to Violet for what she did to her and I believed her.

Cooper and Charlotte

The wedding is coming and they are prepping for their happy day.  Charlotte still had a picture of her ex-husband lying around which of course Cooper had an issue with.  So he goes to see the ex-husband and we learn that Cooper has nothing to worry about because Charlotte’s ex-husband is gay.  It leads to a great conversation with Charlotte and the ex because he explains to her that the reason he cheated on her was to see if it was her he had an issues with or all women.   Turns out, it’s all women.  She’s beating herself up for not seeing it and he reminds her that if he wasn’t 100% sure himself, how could she know?  It was a great moment and it confirmed what we already know…Cooper is THE one for Charlotte.

I’ve always really liked Cooper and if I were a kid, I’d want him as my pediatrician.  However, like Pete, he can get a little tunneled visioned on what is best for the patient.  Unlike Pete, he doesn’t lie to them.   I really do believe Cooper pushes so hard because he cares so deeply for his patients and just wants what is best for them.   The problem is, you can’t disagree with him.  He thinks he always knows what is best and will do whatever it takes to get his patient to do what he wants.  I thought doctors were supposed to present the options, talk about the rewards and risks of all options, and then let the patient decide.  If the patient doesn’t do what he wants, he will talk to them till he is blue in his face until they change their mind.  Like the case where the minor is one of the best pianists in the world.  The one operation (brain surgery) will save his hand so he can continue to play but he could POSSIBLY be paralyzed as a result.  Not definitely, possibly.  The other procedure is safer but he would lose all feeling in one hand and therefore never be able to play again.  The patient wants the surgery that will spare his hand.   Cooper is so against this but in my opinion, it’s not his choice.  He and Amelia presented the options and the patient chose.  He didn’t like it so he is trying to change his mind.   Not your call dude.  It’s not a matter of life of death.   it’s a matter of losing ability of a hand or a possibly leg.  What do you think the concert pianist wants?  And the leg thing wasn’t a guarantee…only  a possibility.   I just wish that sometimes Cooper wouldn’t be so pig-headed and respect his patients’ choices even though they may disagree with what HE thinks they should do.


The only thing I really want to say here is how awful a friend I thought Violet was to him.  This man has twice fallen for someone (Violet and Charlotte) who was in love with someone else (Pete and Cooper.)   Now he finally found someone who he likes and because it happened to be the woman who gave her book a bad review, she thought he shouldn’t see her.  She said if they were really friends, he wouldn’t pursue it.   I think that’s horrible.   Get over it Violet and stop being an asshole.   If you were really his friend, you would see how happy he is and put your own insecurities behind you and let him be happy.   She eventually does but I thought she was awful for how she was treating him.


I love this character and I really wish we could give her more storylines.  Also a love interest.  This girl needs some loving!!!!   But I’m really happy she’s been added to the cast and now I am ready to see her character grow to the next level.

Still have to watch the wedding episode from last week and the season finale will be here before you know it!!!!  Boy it was a fast, but strong season for PP!!!


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