QUICK REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy

10 May

While I mention in the titles that these are “quick reviews” you may notice that they are still quite long.   Keep in mind, I am pretty much recapping about 3-4 episodes in here (although this one is only 2) so there is still a lot to talk about.  I’m just not posting 3-4 different reviews so I can catch up.   But I am just going to hit the highlights here.

Derek and Meredith

The clinical trial is moving along but after an eye-opening conversation with Adele (and after seeing a post-it note on Chief Webber that dropped where it said “I am Richard.   Richard is my husband”) Meredith realizes Adele really needs help.  She sneaks in to see her test and sees that she is schedule to receive the placebo.  She checks the next patient’s chart (patient # 123) and sees they are scheduled for the active agent.   At that moment, she switches the results so she can give Adele the active agent and patient #123 the placebo.   WOW!!!!  I would never, ever think Meredith would do something like unless it was for Derek or Cristina.  And even then I wouldn’t be sure she would do it.   So this action really surprised me.   As fan, I love the fact that she did it for Adele and Richard.   But as someone who knows better, what she did was awful on so many levels.  She denied the real patient the active agent they deserved.   She lied and falsified results.   She compromised the integrity of the clinical trial and the hospital.   And she compromised her own integrity.   I can’t wait to see how Derek reacts to this news.    He will find out you know. I understand why she did it but it still never should have happened.  It’s exactly why she should have never been part of this trial.   She’s too close to the disease and the people involved.

On a happier note, as a result of Alex bringing African children to the US to give them medical assistance (more on that later), Derek falls in love a beautiful little girl and decides that they should adopt her.  Meredith’s first reaction is shock but after holding her and hugging her, she warms to the idea.   So they decide they are going to adopt.   One tiny problem though, they aren’t married….legally.  Unfortunately, a post-it wedding will not suffice in a court of law when you are trying to adopt a child.   Down to the JP they go and make it legal.  I have to say, I loved how the show intermingled MerDer’s wedding wtih Calzona’s wedding at the same time.   And I love how they are going to adopt this baby.   Love the story line!!!

Owen and Cristina

Not much on the Owen front other than he is being tasked to pick the next Chief Resident.  But Cristina has some issues with Teddy, her current mentor.    I haven’t been a big Cristina fan this season.  Actually, throughout the series, she’s been one of my least favorites from a personal standpoint but one of my most favorites from a complex character standpoint.  I really like how her trauma was handled this season but her attitude since has bugged me.   Cristina has always thought she was better than everyone else.   Cristina wants to learn how to be the best surgeon but she has no interest in learning how to be the best doctor.   What I mean by that is that she wants to learn all the newest techniques and procedures but when it comes to patient care or proper hierarchy in the hospital, she has no time.  I’ve always disliked that about her.   However, I don’t know how I feel about the situation with Teddy.  While she needs to be respectful to her attending, when it comes to life and death and you think you have a better way to do something but your attending is too proud to let you help, I have no problem with Cristina stepping in and saying let’s do this.  At first, she suggests something and Teddy says it’s too risky.   So she looks at Owen to back her up.  I would be pissed at Cristina too.  Don’t look at your husband for back up and disregard my opinion as the expert in this particular situation.  It would be one thing if she was seeking another attending’s opinion but she wasn’t.  She was looking for her husband, the attending, to back her up so she could get her way.  And that’s what pissed Teddy off and rightfully so.  But then when they get into surgery, Teddy’s procedure isn’t working so Cristina wants to try hers.  She even had Owen on her side in the OR since Teddy’s way wasn’t working.   Teddy kept saying no but eventually Chief Webber told her to back off and step away.  She does, Cristina takes over and her procedure works.  Later when she sees Teddy, Teddy tells her that she is off her service since she has nothing else to teach her.  Uh, ok.  I’m still not sure about that one yet but alright.  Owen tells Cristina that she needs to apologize to Teddy.   Maybe for the earlier portion but for the surgery, I don’t understand…I’m with Cristina on that one.   She sees Teddy in the elevator and apologizes but you can tell it isn’t sincere, she’s just saying it to get back into the OR.  Teddy doesn’t accept and tells her that it’s important it mean something.   Finally at Calzona’s wedding, Cristina goes up to Teddy and tells her what she really thinks.  That she is sorry about the fact that Teddy is threatened by her and her success.  Teddy tells her that she still doesn’t get it.   You know what Cristina, neither do I!   Maybe Teddy will it explain it to all of us at some point!   Then maybe it will make sense!

Callie and Arizona

Wow, is Callie’s mom a bitch or what?  I understand being true to your religious beliefs….but at the expense of your only daughter’s happiness?   That’s cold.  But let’s back up.   Callie is still recovering from her injuries and it is a slow and painful process.   She also has yet to see her daughter who is fighting for her life but getting stronger every day.  I have to say, I like how Grey’s did a FF, if you will, with the one episode, showing the steady progression of both Callie and Sophia.  Obviously they were both going to be in the hospital for a long time and Grey’s isn’t going to show that in real time.   So the way they did it worked very well.  And it was nice to see Arizona and Mark start to come together as friends and family after how things had been between them.  At one point, Callie was so frustrated by not being able to see her daughter that our favorite crew of residents rolled her bed down to the NICU so she could finally meet her Sophia.  It was such a sweet moment.  It also gave Callie, even more strength.

She and Sophia are eventually cleared to go home and while everyone is cheering for both of them, Callie is freaking out.  Sophia is in a car seat and Callie burst into tears saying cars aren’t safe and she doesn’t want her daughter in the car and screams at Mark to get her out of the car seat.  Bailey comes over and calms her down and tells her that she’s just taken the first step in becoming a mom.  There are so many dangers out there and she can protect her as best she can but she also needs to live and enjoy life with her.  It was a really terrific speech and it did calm Callie’s nerves to the point where she agreed to take Sophia home.

Now, it’s time for the big day…..the wedding!!!!!  Both Arizona and Callie’s parents are in town and everyone seems to be a having a great time and getting along.   But something seems off with Callie’s mom.  She is polite and social but just off.  Things start to fall apart though.   The major problem is the minister who would marry them couldn’t perform the service (I think his wife was in the hospital or something) and since he was the only minister who would perform the ceremony, they are screwed so Callie wants to call off the day.  Bailey to the rescue again!   She tells her that a wedding is about sharing your love and committing to your partner in front of all your friends, family, and God.  God doesn’t have to be in a church.  He’s everywhere.  So no matter where they profess their love to one another God will be there to support and witness it.  So the wedding is back on and Bailey will be the officient.   Love it!!!  However, we have a few more issues….mainly Callie’s slit ass of a mother.  Callie is trying on her veil which is very similar to the one her mother wore at her wedding and Callie’s mom could care less.   Finally she asks her what is going on.   Why all the nasty stares, indignance, and the fact that she refuses to hold or spend time with Sophia.   Callie’s mom finally admits that it’s because she can’t support a lesbian wedding or a baby out-of-wedlock.  What is this 1950?  Does she not realize that her daughter and granddaughter almost died????   She’s lucky they both survived!   Now, Callie has found someone who makes her incredibly happy, someone she wants to share her life with, and a beautiful and strong baby girl to add to their family.  I’m sorry, exactly what can’t she support?   Shouldn’t her daughter’s happiness trump anything else?  I would think so.  But she is so selfish and cruel and she can’t see beyond the wall of judgement that is blocking the view of her daughter’s happiness.  I’m glad she’s not there to ruin Callie and Arizona’s day.  But I think it’s also a shame that her father (who had his own issues but eventually came around) had to leave and not share this day with his little girl.   But we never should have worried!!!   Calzona gets hitched in a beautiful service and have an awesome reception.   When it comes time for the father daughter dance, Arizona goes to dance with her father and Mark dances with Callie.   But there is Callie’s dad to cut in and have his dance with his girl!!   Oh the tears!!!   So stick it Mama Torres!!!!!!

Everyone Else

The fight for chief resident is still going on with Alex taking a slight lead at this point by using a dying woman’s money (that she gave to him) to bring children over from Africa to be able to save their lives.  Alex is also the only one who knows what Meredith did during her clinical trial with switch the placebo for the active agent in Adele’s case.   So we’ll see how that plays out.

Teddy is still married and dating.  I find it horrible that she goes to her husband’s apartment to share her leftovers with him after every date she goes on.  It’s terrible and heartless!!!   Doesn’t she see how much he has fallen for her and this is probably killing him?  And how come your husband (the adorable Scott Foley) isn’t on your list of potential suitors?  Ugh.  Unfortunately, the shrink is back and he has received a crazy job offer in Germany (I think it was Germany) and he is planning on taking it.  As an added bonus, he made them offer Teddy the chief cardio-thorasic position as well.  So now she has a choice.  Does she stay with hubby or go to Germany?

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