13 May

Another NBC show has hit the skids. Outsourced has been canceled by NBC. This was a strange season for Outsourced. In the summer leading up to the fall launch, it got HORRIBLE reviews. No one thought it would make it past 3 or 4 episodes. But it did surprisingly well early on. Then it completely died in the ratings. So it is getting the result it should have from the start. It was a bad show.

On the ABC front, Better With You, Mr. Sunshine, and Off the Map have all been canceled. Off the Map was a terrible show with even worse ratings so there is no surprise there. Mr. Sunshine is disappointing because I had really high hopes for that show. It was just never as funny as it could be. Of the 3 comedies on the bubble…Mr. Sunshine, Better With You, and Happy Endings…I thought Mr. Sunshine would get the nod, due to the ratings and the cast. Once Happy Endings renewal was announced, it wasn’t a good sign for these two comedies. Speaking of which, I am most sad to see Better With You go. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I did. It was an entertaining little show that really got better as the season went on. It started to get some better ratings lately so I thought there might have been a chance. But it wasn’t meant to be.


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